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Gilbert 3rd Lord TALBOT

Gilbert 3rd Lord TALBOT7,5

about 13326 - 24th Apr 13874,6,3,5,2

Life History

about 1330


(less likely)

about 1332

Born in Goodrich Castle, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, England.1,2,3,4,5

(most likely)

about 1351

Birth of son Richard 4th Lord Talbot of Goderich TALBOT

Sep 1352

Married Petronilla BUTLER.2,4


Birth of daughter Elizabeth Baroness Grey of Wilton TALBOT in Goodrich Castle, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, England.8

about 1355

Birth of son Gilbert TALBOT

23rd Apr 1368

Death of Petronilla BUTLER.7,4,9

16th Nov 1379

Married Joan Baroness Cherleton STAFFORD.3,2,4,4

24th Apr 1387

Died in Roales del Pan, Valladolid, Castilla-Leon, Spain.4,6,3,5,2

Died of the Plague


  • The following excerpt from Burke's Complete Peerage provides a brief but rich overview of Gilbert 3rd Lord Talbot.


    GILBERT (TALBOT), LORD TALBOT, son and heir, was born about 1332. He served in Gascony with the Prince of Wales and was still there in the King's service, 1 February 1356/7. He was summoned to Parliament from 14 August 1362 to 8 August 1386. He did homage to Richard II at his Coronation, 16 July 1377, and was about to cross the seas, September following. On 6 June 1380 he had a pardon of outlawry for not appearing to answer John Sewal, citizen and mercer of London, touching a debt of £300. At the time of the Peasants' Revolt in 1381, he was a Commissioner for co. Hereford, 7 July, to array the lieges against the insurgents.

    He accompanied Edmund of Langley, Earl of Cambridge, on his expedition to Portugal, 1381-82, taking part in the capture of Higuera-la-Real (province of Badajoz); was summoned, 13 June 1385, to be at Newcastle-on-Tyne, 14 July, for service against the Scots; and served from July 1386 in John of Gaunt's unsuccessful expedition to Spain and Portugal, being present at the capture of Vigo and the affair at Noya, and accompanying the Duchess Constance to visit the King of Portugal at Oporto.

    He married, 1stly, before 8 September 1352, Pernel, daughter of James (BUTLER), 1st EARL OF ORMOND [IRL], by Eleanor, daughter of Humphrey (DE BOHUN), 4th EARL OF HEREFORD and 3rd EARL OF ESSEX, Constable of England, by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of EDWARD I. She was living, 28 May 1365, and is said to have died in 1368. He married, 2ndly, before 16 November 1379, Joan, widow of John (CHERLETON), LORD CHERLETON, feudal LORD OF Powis (died 13 July 1374] daughter of Ralph (DE STAFFORD), 1st EARL OF STAFFORD, by Margaret, daughter and heir of Hugh (DE AUDLEY), EARL OF GLOUCESTER. He is said to have died 24 April 1387 of the pestilence at Roales, in Spain, aged about 55. His widow died before 1397.

    Marriage Notes:
    1st Wife
    Gilbert married Petronella Butler, daughter of James Le Botiller Earl Of Ormond and Eleanor De Bohun, before 8 Sep 1352.  (Petronella Butler was born about 1332 in Ormonde, Kerry, Ireland, christened in Policott, Buckinghamshire, England, died on 23 Apr 1368 and was buried in 1368.)
    2nd Wife
    Gilbert next married Joan Stafford Baroness Cherleton, daughter of Ralph De Stafford Earl Of Stafford and Margaret De Audley Baroness Audley, before 16 Nov 1379.  (Joan Stafford Baroness Cherleton was born about 1336 in Staffordshire, England and died before 1379.)

    --  Complete Peerage XII/1:614-16, transcribed by Dave Utzinger

    Gilbert Talbot, 3rd Lord of Talbot
    Birth 1332 Goodrich Castle, Goodrich, Herefordshire, England
    Death April 24, 1386 in Roales del Pan, Kingdom of Castille and Leon, Spain
    Immediate Family:
    Sir Richard Talbot, 2nd Lord Talbot, of Goodrich and Elizabeth Comyn
    Wife Petronella Talbot and Jane de Stafford, Baroness of Cherleton
    Elizabeth Grey
    Baroness Grey of Wilton
    Richard Talbot, 4th Baron Talbot
    Gilbert Talbot
    Thomas Talbot
    Jane Talbot
    Catherine Talbot, Lady of Eccleswall
    Sir Richard Talbot, of Wyke
    Title 3d Baron Talbot, 3rd Lord Talbot
    --  Geni,


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