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Sir Stephen LE SCROPE

Stephen LE SCROPE1

about 1350 - 10th Sep 1405

Life History

about 1350

Born in Bentley, Yorkshire, England

23rd Nov 1385

Married Millicent TIPTOFT in Castlecomb, Wiltshire, England.1


Birth of son Stephen LE SCROPE.2

10th Sep 1405

Died in Castledermot, Kildare, Ireland

after 10th Sep 1405

Buried in Saint Agatha, Richmond, Yorkshire, England


  • The Tudor Place Data provides a summary of Sir Stephen Le Scrope's life:


    Stephen SCROPE (Sir)
    Born ABT 1350, Bentley, Yorkshire, England

    Died 10 Sep 1405, Castledermot, Kildare, Ireland
    Buried Saint Agatha, Richmond, Yorkshire, England

    Notes: 3rd son of Richard, 1° Lord Scrope, was charged with imprisoning the Earl of Warwick on the Isle of Man. In 1401 he accompanied Thomas of Lancaster, the King's son, to Ireland as his deputy. It is said that his wife, having heard the complaints made about him whilst he was Justice of Munster, Leinster and Uriell, his maladministration of justice, 'except that he would make a solemn oath on The Bible, that willingly he would wrong no 'Christian creature' in that land, that truly and duly, see payment made for all expenses. She finally did consent to go with him. Thomas of Lancaster gives him a glowing reference in a letter written from Drogheda on 18 th Feb 1401. Scrope himself wrote at about the same time, asking for the monies owed to him, if not for 'A Grant of The Isle of Man, forfeited by my brother'. He died in Ireland in 1408. Millicent, his widow, married Sir John Fastolph (Falstaff in Shakespeare). Millicent's son Stephen became Fastolph's ward. Fastolph enjoyed Stephen's inheritance for 51 years before he finally died.

    Father Richard SCROPE (1° B. Scrope of Bolton)

    Mother Blanche De La POLE (B. Scrope of Bolton)
    Married Millicent TIPTOPF (dau. of Robert Tiptoft and Margaret Deincourt) 23 Nov 1385, Castlecomb, Wiltshire, England

    1. Stephen SCROPE
    2. Elizabeth SCROPE
    --  Tudor Place, SCROPE1



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