Samuel M JENKINS Mini tree diagram


about 18201,2,3 - 17th Jun 18931

Life History

about 1820

Born in Union County, South Carolina.1,2,3

about Dec 1872

Death of Samuel M JENKINS in Attala County, Mississippi.4,5,6

17th Jun 1893

Died in Attala County, Mississippi.1

Other facts


Married Samuel M JENKINS


  • 1860 Federal Census, Attala County, Mississippi, 18 September, PO Attalaville, page 203 (scan #463), Hse #1277, Fam #1396
    Samuel Jenkins 66 M Farmer $800 Real Estate $700 Personal  born SC
    Nancy Jenkins 40 M Housekeeper born SC
    Elizabeth Jenkins 35 F born SC
    William Jenkins 19 M Laborer in Farm b SC
    Joseph Jenkins 16 M Laborer in Farm b SC [b abt 1841]
    Dick Jenkins 11 M b Miss
    John Hawkins 25 M Farm Laborer $100 Personal Estate b SC

    From the ages of Nancy and Elizabeth, I am concluding that Nancy is Samuel's second wife, and Elizabeth's mother was his first wife.  The other children here appear to be Nancy's sons.  I have not identified the laborer John Hawkins, but he could be related to Nancy.  There was no child named Nancy in the 1850 census for Sam and his family and his first wife was also missing

    1870 Federal Census, Attala County, Mississippi, 24 August, Beat 4, PO Kisciusko, page 40, Hse #76, Fam #77
    Jenkins, Sam 81 M W Farmer $500 Real Estate $500 Personal born SC
    Jenkins, Nancy 50 F W  Keeping House born Miss SC
    Jenkins, Bettie 48 F W born SC

    We have discussed how unlikely it seems to be that Nancy is Samuel's daughter, since she does not appear in the 1850 census in his family.  Perhaps she was married, but to man also named Jenkins, not an unusual situation in these counties with large clans of the same surname.  Perhaps then she is his daughter, but already widowed.

    If Nancy was Sam and Catherine's daughter -- for which the age would match -- where was she in 1850?  Nancy would have been about  at that time.  Tobe (John Samuel Jefferson Jenkins) was reported to be born in August 1850.

    I had some correspondence with a man named Wylodean Burrell Edwards a few years back. He related to me that his grandmother lived to be 99 years and 10 months, died in 1985 with a exceptional memory of family history.  Nancy was the subject of my question to him as she was not on the 1850 census but was present on the 1860 & 1870 census.

    I asked him if she was a daughter, daughter-in-law, niece or perhaps a 2nd wife.  He related that "Tobe" was the illegitimate son of Nancy Jenkins, (believed to be) Samuel's daughter.  His grandmother told him that the family believed Tobe's father to be a Burden (possibly William).  William Burden was married to Samuel's daughter Deborah.

    Most family trees have Tobe listed as a son of Ephraim Jenkins, but I have not found him on any census record with Ephraim.

    At any rate, he did not believe my line connected to Samuel as James Richard Jenkins' name did not appear in the Bible record or in court records.
    --  Barbara Jackson, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 7 April 2017


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