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Mary Nancy BRIDGES

Mary Nancy BRIDGES2,1

also known as Nancy BRIDGES2

17891 - 23rd Apr 18751

Life History


Born in North Carolina.1

16th Apr 1811

Married William B MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.2


Birth of son Richard E MCSWAIN in North Carolina.3,4

24th May 1813

Birth of daughter Susanna MCSWAIN in North Carolina.5,6,4

about 1815

Birth of son William B MCSWAIN in North Carolina.7,8,9

15th Dec 1815

Birth of daughter Mary M MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.10,11,12,13,1,4

Mar 1819

Birth of daughter Lavinia Nancy MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.14,15,16,17,18

about 1827

Birth of son George Washington MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.4,19,21,22

15th Jul 1829

Birth of son Burwell Blanton MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.23,9,24,25,26,27,28

9th Jan 1864

Death of son George Washington MCSWAIN in Orange County, Virginia.19,20

10th Sep 1869

Death of Benjamin HUGHES.1

23rd Apr 1875


after 23rd Apr 1875

Buried in Boiling Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Boiling Springs, Cleveland County, North Carolina.1

Other facts


Married Benjamin HUGHES


  • I think Bridges or Hamrick sources are mistaken about this Nancy born in 1789 being the daughter of this James Bridges and Elizabeth Hamrick.  Both these parents are reported as born in 1721.  This Nancy or Mary Nancy was born in 1789!  Her mother would have been 68 years old at her birth!  Not very likely!

    Even worse, Nancy's sister Salena is reported by the Hamrick genealogies as born in 1794!  Yikes!  At least one generation is missing in here!  I have not had time to sort these Hamricks and Bridges out.  Her death is reported to have occurred in 1895, which would make her 106 years old.  This is possible, though unusual.

    The children of Nancy's parents are difficult to work out.  Different family sources have different information.  Some have two daughters named Nancy, one born in 1768 and another in 1789, which would be this one.  Some information indicates that this second Nancy's name was Mary Nancy.  However, one source has this Nancy and a sibling Mary with separate birth information and different husbands.  Too many details are missing to be certain.

    A genealogy of Descendants of William Bridges reports three separate sisters, with some information but not all the facts we would like.  Nancy Bridges b 1768 is shown as the first child of James Bridges and Rebecca Hamrick, while Nancy Bridges born 1789 is the 6th child.  This James Bridges is reported as the son of William Bridges, born about 1726 in Prince William County, Virginia.  This James is thought to be the 5th son of William Bridges.

    The Hamrick family data pages, however, reports the wife of this James Bridges to be Elizabeth Hamrick, which appears to be a different person, rather than the same Rebecca with a different or additional name.  The Bridges genealogy does indicate some uncertainty as to whether the name of James' wife was Rebecca Hamrick.

    The William Bridges genealogy reports that Nancy Bridges born in 1768 married Price Hamrick.  The Bridges genealogy reports that the second Nancy born 1789 married Benjamin Hughes.  Another source indicates she was Ben's second wife.The Hamrick information does not have a separate Nancy born 1789, but appears to show this birth date on another entry for Nancy who married Price Hamrick.  The death date in both cases is 1830, the date given in the Bridges genealogy for the first Nancy born 1768.

    The Bridges genealogy reports the third sister to be named Mary and married to William McSwain.  This matches earlier information I had for Mary Nancy Bridges married to William McSwain.  The Bridges genealogy has separate birth and death dates for their second Nancy and their Mary:  Nancy born in 1789 and died 1875 and Mary born in 1892.  This source has no death date for Mary.

    If this is based on firm information, this indicates that earlier information giving the name of William McSwain's wife Mary Nancy should be modified to Mary.  I have not found full information on all these people.  Unfortunately, too many posted sources do not tell how they arrived at what they post.  Thus I have not been able to definitely determine which source is reliable.

    Meanwhile the North Carolina marriage records report the marriage of Nancy Bridges to William McSwian in 1811.

    North Carolina Marriage Collection, 1741-2004, www.ancestry.com
    William, Sr. McSwain
    Spouse Nancy Bridges
    Marriage 16 Apr 1811, Rutherford County, North Carolina

    One of their sisters Salena W (also known as Frances or Frankie) Bridges married another McSwain named Thomas.  This matches William's brother.  Both were sons of William David McSwain and Judith Moore.

    Several genealogies have confused Nancy's husband Wiliam McSwain, born abt 1792, with another William McSwain born 1806 who married Judith Hamrick.  Several have shown the same William married to both these wives, even though the dates and facts for both families and their separate children overlap.

    Mary Bridges
    Birth 27 Jan 1789 in Rutherford, Cleveland, North Carolina
    Death 23 Apr 1895 in North Carolina (age 106)
    Parents James I Bridges 1752-1820
    Rebecca Hamrick b 1753
    Marriage 1806 Rutherford, North Carolina, to William McSwain
    --  TG Davis Family, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/6952036/person/-1194291182

    Note that the date of marriage this genealogy reports is the same year as the date of birth of the other William McSwian, who marreid Judith Hamrick.

    Mary's second husband was named Hughes.

    Nancy Bridges Hughes
    BIRTH   1789
    DEATH   23 Apr 1875 (aged 85-86)
    BURIAL Boiling Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Boiling Springs, Cleveland County, North Carolina
    Aged 86 years 2 months & 27 days
    James T Bridges 1723-1818
    Spouse Benjamin Hughes 1782-1869
    Sallie Hughes Jolley 1810 - unknown
    Sanford Hughes 1811-1893
    Malinda Hughes Durham 1814-1875
    Mary Ann Hughes Hamrick 1831-1894
    Gravesite Details Family links provided by Angela Holley
    John T Bridges unknown-1842
    Nancy Bridges Hamrick 1768-1830
    Aaron Bridges 1784-1852
    Created by Richard Jordan 11 Mar 2008
    --  Find A Grave Memorial 25201194, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/25201194


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