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John Miles BARNETT1,1,2,5,3,4,6

23rd Nov 18091,2,3,4 - 1st Apr 18911,2

Life History

23rd Nov 1809

Born in York County, South Carolina.1,2,3,4

before 1855

Death of Martha NOINFO.2

27th Feb 1855

Married Jackie J HARP.2

12th Feb 1859

Death of Jackie J HARP.1

20th Mar 1860

Married Lavenia FERGUSON in Hardeman County, Tennessee.2,5

1st Apr 1891

Died in Claybrook, Madison, Tennessee.1,2

after 1st Apr 1891

Buried in Bethlehem Presbyterian Cemetery, Independence, Henderson County, Tennessee.1

Other facts


Married Martha NOINFO


  • John H Barnett
    Birth 11 Apr 1785 in  Prince Edward, Virginia
    Death 3 Nov 1844 in  Madison, Tennessee
    John Barnett 1763 - 1807
    Mary Carter 1765 - 1810
    Marriage 08 Jan 1807 to Elizabeth Robertson
    Birth 8 Jan 1788 in Georgia
    Death 29 Nov 1875 in Madison, Tennessee
    William R Barnett 1808 - 1885
    John Miles Barnett 1809 - 1891
    Albert Gallatin Barnett 1811 - 1852
    John B Barnett 1815 - 1897
    Elijah T Barnett 1821 - 1859
    Harriet Minerva Barnett b 1824
    Richard Beard Barnett b 1830
    Samuel Davidson Barnett b 1833
    --  Hicks-Boren,

    Another genealogy has more details on Jackie, and information on two other wives.  The wife who bore all the reported children is Martha, but no details are provided.

    John Miles Barnett
    Birth 23 Nov 1809 in York District, SC
    Death 01 Apr 1891 in Claybrook, Madison Co., TN
    First Wife Martha (no information)
    Marriage to Jacky J Harp 27 Feb 1855 (no children)
    Marriage to Lavanda Ferguson 20 Mar 1860 in Hardemon Co., TN (no children)
    --  Wilhite,

    The frustrating interchange of the names York District and York county is clarified soemwhat by a statement on FamilySearch.

    "In 1800, South Carolina abolished overarching administrative court districts and went with the county-only concept. However they continued to call their counties districts until 1868, after the Civil War. "
    --  FamilySearch,,_South_Carolina

    In the 1850 census John is enumerated as head of the first family on a page that includes his widowed mother and what appears to be one of her brothers with their mother.  John's wife here is his first wife Martha, whose maiden name I have not discovered.

    1850 Federal Census, Madison County, Tennessee, 25 October, District 12, Hse/Fam #567
    John M Barnett 34 M Farmer Real Estate Value $2500 b SC [b abt 1816]
    Martha M Barnett 31 F b NC [b abt 1822]
    Sarah E Barnett 15 F b Tenn [b abt 1835]
    Emily T Barnett 13 F b Tenn [b abt 1837]
    Mary M Barnett 11 F b Tenn [b abt 1839]
    John W Barnett 9 M b Tenn [b abt Sept 1841]
    Martha J Barnett 2 F b Tenn [b abt 1848]
    John Roberson [Robertson] 18 M Farmer b NY [b abt 1832]

    John Roberson appears to be John Robertson, a young cousin.   Robertson was Elizabeth Barnett's maiden name.  John's mother Elizabeth is enumerated two doors away, with John's brother Richard.

    1850 Federal Census, Madison County, Tennessee, 25 October, District 12, Hse/Fam #567
    Elizabeth Barnett 62 F [No Occup Rptd] Real Estate Value $2000 b SC [b abt 1788]
    Richard B Barnett 19 M b Tenn [b abt Sept 1831]
    Eunicy Mason 18 F b Tenn [b abt 1832]
    R M Mason 18 M Merchant b NY [b abt 1832]

    Two doors on the other side of Elizabeth is a John Roberson (Robertson), who appears to be Elizabeth's brother, reported as the same age of 62.  Mary Barnett, in John Robertson's household, appears to be Elizabeth and John's mother.

    1850 Federal Census, Madison County, Tennessee, 25 October, District 12, Hse/Fam #567
    John Roberson [Robertson] 62 M Farmer Real Estate Value $300 b NC [b abt 1788]
    Mary Roberson [Robertson] 83 F b England [b abt 1767]

    In 1860, John Miles Barnett is reported with his new wife Lavenia, married within the last year.  His mother Elizabeth is the sole member of her household, living next door to her Miles.

    1860 Federal Census, Madison County, Tennessee, 23 July, P O Spring Creek, District page 12, Hse #1523, Fam #1554
    Miles Barnet 50 M Farmer $6000 Real Estate $23,000 Personal born SC Married within the year
    Lavenia Barnet 40 F born VA Married within the year
    Mary 19 F born TN
    Jno 18 M born TN
    Martha 12 F born TN

    1860 Federal Census, Madison County, Tennessee, 23 July, P O Spring Creek, District page 12, Hse #1524, Fam #1555
    Elizabeth Barnet 72 F [No Stated Occup] $3000 Real Estate $12,000 Personal born SC

    John Miles Barnett
    Birth Nov. 23, 1809
    Death Apr. 1, 1891
    Spouse Jackie J. Barnett (1812 - 1859)
    Burial Bethlehem Presbyterian, Independence (Henderson County), Henderson County, Tennessee
    Created by A Frye Aug 17, 2012
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #95521825,

    John Miles Barnett has a second uncorrelated memorial on Find a Grave.  Here the cemetery is called "Old Bethlehem/Campground," using the old word "Graveyard."  This appears to be the same cemetery, but it is reported to be in Madison County, not Henderson County.  This cemetery is near or on the line of the two countries.  It appears the cemetery proper is in the county of Henderson.  It is associated with the Bethlehem Cumberland Presbyterian Church.  Interestingly, there is also a Bethlehem Cemetery in Marshall County, Tennessee, also associated with a Bethlehem Cumberland Presbyterian Church.  (Cumberland Presbyterians baptize by immersoin, like the Baptists.)
    --  Tennessee GenWeb,

    John Miles Barnett
    Birth Nov. 23, 1809 South Carolina
    Death Apr. 1, 1891 Tennessee
    Burial Old Bethlehem Church/Campground Graveyard, Madison County, Tennessee
    Created by Anonymous Dec 02, 2009
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #45021172,

    Here is the full burial list from the Bethlemhem Cemetery.  Note that one of the persons here is John W Barnett, son of W R and E T Barnett, whom I have not identified.  There is also  a John Wesley Barnett, whose familly I have not identified.


    From Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, Tennessee, 1976), p.190.

    Second District
    Researched by: Lee McCarver, Mark Autry, and Jeff Tyler
    Location: Turn right off Highway 20 West near Madison County Line. Cemetery near Bethlehem Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

    U.S. Army
    Civil War

    U.S. Army
    Civil War

    (Dau. of G. & N. J.)
    Aged 2 yrs., 26 das.

    (Dau. of Zadid W.)
    Apr. 5, 1833 - Aug. 22, 1845

    (Son of J. & Mary)
    Apr. 11, 1785 - Nov. 3, 1844

    (Wife of John)
    Jan. 8, 1788 - Nov. 29, 1875

    1764 - Dec. 25, 1855

    1767 - 1840

    Nov. 23, 1809 - Apr. 1, 1891

    (Son of W. R. & E. T.)
    May 20, 1843 - July 30, 1859

    (Consort of J. M.)
    Sept. 25, 1812 - Feb. 12, 1859

    Aug. 27, 1842 - Nov. 20, 1892

    Aug. 15, 1782 - Sept. 16, 1857

    (Wife of J. E.)
    Dec. 28, 1818 - Apr. 24, 1883

    (Wife of J. M.)
    Oct. 22, 1829 - Mar. 26, 1884

    Dec. 24, 1795 - Jan. 11, 1859

    (Consort of W. B.)
    July 10, 1795 - Oct. 6, 1857

    (Wife of Council)
    Mar. 25, 1815 - Oct. 31, 1893

    (Dau. of M. J. & C.)
    May 3, 1863
    Aged 18 mos.

    Dec. 4, 1815 - Sept. 20, 1875
    --  Tennessee GenWeb,


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