William BARNETT Robert BARNETT John E BARNETT Jennett POWER Catherine VANCE Mini tree diagram

John BARNETT1,3,2,2

also known as 3

16781,2 - 6th Sep 17341,2

Life History


Born in Londonderry, Ireland.1,2

Apr 1701

Birth of son Robert BARNETT in Ireland.1


Birth of son John E BARNETT in Londonderry, Londonderry, Ireland.3,4

Sep 1734

Death of Jennett POWER.1

6th Sep 1734

Died in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.1,2

Other facts


Married Jennett POWER


  • Millennium File
    John Barnett
    Birth 20 May 1678 Derry, Ireland
    [It had been renamed Londonderry by King James I, and unified with the new County Londonderry in 1613]
    Christening 16 Aug 1678 Derry Cathedral Temple, Derry, Ireland
    Death 1 Sep 1734
    Father William Barnett
    Mother Catherine Katharine Vance
    Spouse Jeanette Power
    Children John Barnett
    Spouse Father Patrick Power
    Spouse Mother Jeanette

    Frorm his son's compiled information:
    Family Data Collection - Births
    John E Barnett
    Father John Burnett [sic]
    Mother Jennett Barnett
    Birth 1705 Londonderry, Londonderry County, Ireland

    John Barnett  b. 1678, in the neighborhood of Londonderry, Ireland.  In company with his brother William Barnett, emigrated with his family to Pennsylvania prior to 1730, locating in Hanover township, then Lancaster County, being among the earliest settlers in that township.  He died in September, 1734, his will being probated at Lancaster on the first day of October following.  John Barnett left a wife Jennett, and the following children, all born in County Derry [Londonderry], Ireland [in what is now Northern Ireland]:

    [There was never any county Derry.  The original Irish city was called Derry, and the old county Coleraine.  The new Londonderry County was created in 1613 to include and eliminate Coleraine and Keenaght (Cianachta) and some other areas.  The old city of Derry was combined in the unifired County-City of Londonderry]

    i. Robert , b. 1701 ; m. and removed to Virginia
    ii. James , b. 1703 ; m. and went to Virginia with his brother; from them most of the names in the South have sprung
    iii. John , b. 1705 ; m. Margaret Roan
    iv. Joseph , b. 1708
    v. Mary , b. 1710
    vi. Jennett , b. 1713 ; d. in 1787 ; unmarried
    vii. Jean , b. 1715 ; m. Moses Swan ; (see Swan record)
    --  Chris W Barnett, Ancestry Stories, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/11038875/person/6108580231/mediax/2?pgnum=1&pg=0&pgpl=pid%7CpgNum&ftm=1

    North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000
    John Barnett
    Birth 1678 Londonderry, Ireland
    Death Date Sep 1734
    Father Unknown
    Spouse Jennett
    Jean Barnett
    Robert Barnett
    James Barnett
    John Barnett
    Joseph Barnett
    Mary Barnett
    Jennett Barnett

    Note: His comments on Robert b 1701 and John b 1703, moving to Virginia. Chris comments that "from them most of the names inthe South have sprung."

    I am descended from a Virginia line of Barnetts that came south and other directions from Virginia, but they are connected with the Royal family in Virginia. The name Royal, especailly Joseph Royal and forms of it continue into the late 1800s across the south and southwest. My great great grandfather was Jorile/Jorial Barnett (1802-abt 1880).

    The Virignia Barnetts seem well-documented as deriving from an original line named Bernard/Barnard from France and England, who still continued to use that form of the name alternating with the Barnett form until some standardized on one or other of these forms for their line.

    I have pursued a connection of our Royal-Barnett Virginia with this Irish Barnett line, because various spellings and forms of the well-used name indicate a northern Irish pronunciation of the name Joe Royal. However, searching or several years, I have been unable to find any connection with the Irish Derry Barnetts. The well-documented Barnett ancestors in that very large and prolific line in the south were already in Virgnian long before John Barnett b 1678 migrated from Derry, Ireland to Pennsylvania.

    The pronunciation of Joe Royal as Jorial may also be due to the strong Scots-Irish (northern Irish) influences throughout the Appalachian and southern speech generally. This influence of shifting the OY to I. IN southern speech, the I (which is really like ah-ee) flattens into a simple flat vowel. This OY-I tendency goes throughout the mid-south range east-west into the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas and into the flatlands south of that line into Georgia, Alabama, and points wesward.

    This Barnett-Royal line is found everywhere along this westward migrationpath through the south into the southwest. Our Barnett line are all over northern Texas and Oklahoma. Jorile Barnett came to Hill County, Texas, from Illinois, where he had moved from the corner of North Carolina and Tennessee, where he lost two wives. Many of his desendants went to Indian Territory.

    All the Barnetts I have found seem to be related to his same Barnett-Royal group of Virginia families who derive from the English-French Bernard and related families in the Old World. I'd welcome clues that might shed light on a possible connection between these two lines of Barnetts.

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