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Alexander JONES

Alexander JONES1,2,8,3,9,10,4,5,6,7

20th Oct 18991,2,3,4,5,6,7 - 20th Nov 19792,3

Life History

20th Oct 1899

Born in Arkansas County, Arkansas.1,2,3,4,5,6,7

about 1919

Birth of son Clyde JONES in Louisiana.10

about 1920

Birth of son Claude JONES in Louisiana.10

about 1927

Married Ethel JONESWIFE in Dallas County, Arkansas.4,10

about 1936

Married Fannie Lee FULLER.4,13

9th Jun 1937

Birth of daughter Mamie Lee JONES in Dallas, Dallas, Texas.8

24th Mar 1939

Birth of son Herbert Allen JONES in Dallas County, Texas.11,12

20th Nov 1979

Died in Crandall, Kaufman, Texas.2,3

Multiple Myeloma

23rd Nov 1979

Buried in Crandall Cemetery, Crandall, Kaufman County, Texas.2


  • 1900 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 21 July, Prairie Township, District 7, page 15B, Hse #255, Fam #262
    Jones, Robert F  Head  W M Aug 1878 21 married 2 years  AR AR AR Farmer Owns
    Jones, Cisly (Cicely?) E  Wife W F Aug 1882 17 married 2 yrs 1 child/1 living MS MS MS
    Jones, Alexander Son  W M Oct 1899 7mos  Single AR AR MS

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 18 April, Prairie Township, District 13, Page 1B, Hse/Fam #16
    Jones, Robert Head M W 32 Married 12 years AR VA AR Farmer Owns
    Jones, Sisely Wife F W 28 Married 12 years 7 children/5 living MS MS MS
    Jones, Alexandre [sic] Son 11 Single AR AR MS Farm Laborer

    Alex listed his mother as his nearest relative on his WWI draft registration.

    U.S. World War I Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918
    Alexander Jones
    Birth Date 20 Oct 1899
    Residence Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas, USA
    Farming for Ciscela Jones (mother)
    Nearest Relative Cisela Jones (mother) Ethel, Arkansas
    Gray Eyes, Medium Build, Medium Height, Light Hair
    Registered 12 September 1918, Stuttgart, Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Signed Alexander Jones

    Alexander was still in Ethel, Arkansas, in his mother's household for the 1920 census.  His mother Ciscela (Cisley) was a widowed head of household.

    1920 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 6 January, South Prairie Township (Ethel), District 16, page 9A, By road, Hse #160, Fam #169
    Jones, Cisley [Ciscela] Head Owns F W 37 Widow MS MS MS Farmer
    Jones, Alexander Son M W 20 AR AR MS Farm Laborer
    Jones, Levi Son M W 19 AR AR MS Farm Laborer
    Jones, Joseph W Son M W 15 AR AR MS Farm Laborer
    Jones, Clyde P Son M W 11 AR AR MS Farm Laborer
    Jones, Mamie B Dau F W 14 AR AR MS Farm Laborer
    Jones, Robert F Son M W 8 AR AR MS Farm Laborer

    In the 1930 census, Ciscela is again reported as a widow, is head of her household and has a 10-year-old daughter named Velma Criswell, though her name is Ciscela Jones. Velma was born in Arkansas, & probably her father died there.

    Her son Alexander is enumerated in Dallas in a separate household with his wife Ethel and two sons.

    1930 Federal Census, Dallas County, Texas, 7 April, Dallas, District 57-52, page 18A, 1908 Clarence St, Hse #160, Fam #204
    Jones, Alexander Head Rents $24 M W 31 [No report of age at marriage] AR AR AR Ditch Digger, City Construction
    Jones, Ethel Wife F W 26 TX TX TX Cafe Waitress
    Jones, Clyde Son M W 11 LA AR TX
    Jones, Clyde Son M W 10 LA AR TX

    Alex has two 1930 enumerations, one with his mother and another under his own household, with a wife named Ethel in Dallas in the 1930 census, with two sons born in Louisiana, agaes 11 and 10.  So the oldest, Clyde, would have been born about 1919, while Alex was enumerated in his mother's household in Arkansas, as a single man.  Clyde is also his brother's name which supports this being the correct Alex Jones in 1930, besides the fact that Alex and Ethel were also first reported in his mother's household in Dallas, then marked through, and reported later in their own household.

    Note that in Alexander and Ethel's record, there is no report of the age at which they were married.  We do have that information, howver, because In the enumeraton of Ciscela's household, Alexander and Ethel were at first also reported as members of her household.  Their listings are makred out, though radable.  Apparently the enumarator realized they lived in a separate home (on Clarence St), so should not be listed in his mother's household.

    But the age at which they were married was included on his report in his mother's household.  There is also a difference in the age reported for Ethel.  Since the age at which Ethel is reported first married is greater than the current age reported on her own record, I will use the age reported in her record with Ciscela.  But the difference between the age at whcih each is reported first married and the current age don't match.

    1930 Federal Census, Dallas County, Texas, 7 April, Dallas, District 57-52, page 12A, 2216 S Ervay St, Hse #112, Fam #153
    Jones, Ciscela Head Rents $20 F W 47 Widow MS MS MS No Occupation
    Jones, Clyde Son 22 M W 47 AR AR MS Farmer
    Jones, Robert Son M W 19 AR AR MS Laborer
    -- Jones, Alexander Son M W 30 First married at 27 [mar 1927] AR AR MS Laborer, City Construction [entered then marked through]--
    -- Jones, Ethel Dau [Dau-in-law, wife of Alexander] F W 28 First married at 27 [mar 1929] TX TX TX Cafe Waitress [entered then marked through] --
    Jones, Jones [sic] Son M W 28 First married at 27 AR AR MS Miller
    Jones, Leona Dau-in-law F W 21 First married at 20 TX TX TX
    Jones, Freda Granddau F W 6mos TX AR TX
    Jones, Joe W Son M W 25 First married at 24 AR AR MS Laborer City Construction
    Jones, Willie Dau-in-law F W 15 First married at 14 TX TX TX
    Jones, Billie Joe Grandson M W 3mos TX AR TX
    Criswell, Velma Dau F W 10 AR MS AR Laborer

    One anomaly in these 1930 records is that the age of Alex and Ethel's first son Clyde would place his birth before 1920, when Alex was enumerated in his mother's home and single in Ethel, Arkansas.

    Since Ciscela also tried to report him in 1930, along with his wife, when they were living in their own household, it may indicate his listing with her in 1920 was an error.  No details have been found of Alex's and Ethel's marriage or the birth of these two boys.  No birth records have been found in Louisiana searches, and no marriage record has been found in Louisiana or Arkansas.  No divorce record has been found in Texas, whre a few years later Alex is married to Fannie Lee Fuller.

    Alexander was again enumerated in Dallas, Texas, in the 1940 census, and his wife was reported as Fannie Lee.  From other records we know this was Fannie Lee Fuller.

    Fanny Lee first married Julius Lester Ford in 1923.

    Fannie Lee Fuller
    BIRTH 30 AUG 1906 Van Zandt Co, Texas
    DEATH 6 JUL 2002 Rockwall, Rockwal, Texas
    Marriage 30 Sep 1923 Gregg Co, Texas to Julius Lester Ford
    Marriage 1930 (location unknown) to Alexander E Jones
    --  Jerry Robnette,

    Alex and Fannie's daughter Mamie Lee was born there in 1937, attested by her Texas birth certificate and her reported age of 3 in the 1940 census.

    In 1940 Alex and Fannie are married but this census reported no period of time or age of marriage.  In their household is Mamie, her 1-year-old brother Herbert, and two chidlren named Ford, Julian and Elizabeth.  Elizabeth's birth certificate reports her father waa Julius Ford, matching other genealogy reports and public records.  No record has been found for Fannie Fuller Ford in the 1930 census, either her maiden name or her first married name of Ford.

    No record of Julius and Fannie's marriage or divorce have been found, but Julian had two othe marriages and at least one of these ended in divorce.  We will not try to reproduce those records here.  The Robnette genealogy rpeorts their mariage, but with reference to no record, probably from family knowledge.

    Jerry Robnette reports that Alexander and Fannie married in 1930, in an unknown location.  Maybe he meant after 1930.  No marriage record has been found.  But in reference to the birth record of their daughter Mamie Lee, it appears they married about 1936.  Mamie was born 9 June 1937, according to her Social Security records.  Her birth record has also not been found.  Assuming they married before Mamie was born, her parents would have been married about June to September 1936.

    U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
    Mamie Lee Jones [Mamie L Jones]
    Birth 9 Jun 1937 Dallas, Dallas, Texas
    Death Date 29 Jan 2001
    Father Alexander Jones
    Mother Fannie L Fuller
    SSN 461194089
    21 Mar 1973 Name listed as MAMIE LEE JONES; 02 Feb 2001 Name listed as MAMIE L JONES

    1940 Federal Census, Dallas County, Texas, 8 April, Dallas, District 255-159, page 5B, 2700 Holmes St, Hse #148, Rents, $12
    Jones, Alexander E Head M W 40 Grade 7 b Arkansas  Same Place in 1935 Farm Laborer [b abt 1900]
    Jones, Fannie Lee Wife F W 33 Grade 4 b Texas  Same Place in 1935 [b abt 1907]
    Ford, Julian W Stepson M W 15 Grade 5 b Texas  Same Place in 1935 [b abt 1925]
    Ford, Elizabeth Ann F W 12 Grade 5 b Texas  Same Place in 1935 [b abt 1928]
    Jones, Mamie Lee F W 2 Grade 0 b Texas [b abt 1938]
    Jones, Herbert A Son M W 1 Grade 0 b Texas [b abt 1939]

    Texas Death Certificate
    Alexander (No Middle Name) Jones
    Residence 207 Fifth St, Crandall, Kaufman County, Texas
    Age 80, born 20 October 1899
    Cabinet Maker, Home Construction
    Father Robert Jones, Mother Cisly [sic] Holden
    Social Security #452-03-5230
    Informant Mrs Fannie Jones (Wife)
    Died 20 November 1979 at home, Crandall, Kaufman County, Texas
    Cause of Death Multiple Myeloma
    Burial 32 November 1979 Crandall Cmetery, Crandall, by Anderson-Clayton Funeral Home
    Certificate #87057 filed 27 November 1979, filed State 7 Dec 1979

    U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
    Alexander Jones
    Born 20 Oct 1899
    Died Nov 1979
    Last Residence Crandall, Kaufman, Texas 75114
    SSN 452-03-5230 issued Texas (Before 1951)

    Gravestone of Alex and Fannie Lee Jones
    Jones Alex,  Oct 20, 1900, Nov 20, 1979
    Fannie Lee,  Aug 30, 1906,  July 6, 2002
    Crandall Cemetery, Crandall, Kaufman County Texas
    Photo courtesy Joan N Buis, Ancestry, originally posted on 19 Jan 2013, accessed 8 June 2017


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