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Chester TERRY

Chester TERRY4,1,2,3

10th Apr 19231,2 - 26th Jul 19232,3

Life History

10th Apr 1923

Born in Orange, Orange, Texas.1,2

26th Jul 1923

Died in Coryell County, Texas.2,3

26th Jul 1923

Buried in Coryell County, Texas.2,3


  • Alphonso Brown ( Jack) Terry and Leanora Bland
    Lena Ethel Terry married A.O. White
    James Milton
    Chester Terry
    Lester Terry
    Tempie NMN Terry
    Duncan Lee Terry
    --  Jacque Watkins, Facebook Comment to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 19 September 2014

    Chester and Lester were reported to be twins.  But as I probed the records I found that a search for birth certificates produced only a certificate in the name of Lester.  SImilarly, the Texas Birth Index for 1923, a summary list of certificates issued in all the counties over the year, has an entry only for Chester Terry on that birth date for that county.

    It was looking like the name Lester from the birth certificate and the name Chester in the annual birth index were entries for the same child.  No name of Lester appears on the birth list for 1923, nor has any birth certificate been found in the name of Chester Terry for any date.

    Texas, Birth Certificates, 1903-1932
    Lester Terry
    Birth 10 Apr 1923 Orange, Orange, Texas, USA
    Father Alphonso Brown Terry, age at last birthday 35
    Father born Goalswaith [Goldthwaite], Residence Orange, Texas, Farmer
    Mother Leanora Bland age at last birthday 19
    Mother born Orange, Texas, Residence Orange, Texas, Housewife
    Filed 16 April 1923

    About four genealogies of this family report Chester and Lester were born in Coryell County.  But Texas birth records report it was Orange County, Texas.  No documentation is provided by these genealogies.  As mentioned above, the name Chester Terry is listed on the Texas Birth Index list for 1923, born on 10 April in Orange County.  A birth certificate was issued for one Lester Terry for the same date, also in Orange County.  But two death records are found, one in each name.

    Chester Terry
    Lester Terry
    Birth 10 Apr 1923 in Coryell County, Texas [Texas birth records report it as Orange County]
    Death 26 Jul 1923 in Coryell County, Texas
    Alfonso Brown (Jack) Terry 1887 - 1944
    Leanora Bland 1903 - 1972
    Burial  Coryell County, Texas

    These genealogies may be correct in reporting that Chester died only a few days after birth, on 26 July 1923.  But again, they report his death was also in Coryell County, whereas the report of birth suggests that death also would also have been in Orange County.   But burial is also reported to be in Coryell County.

    A listing in the Texas Death Index was found in both names for Coryell County.  The entry for Chester is date 26 July 1923 and for Lestar {sic] is 27 July 1923.  We do know that the next two children were born in Coryell County.  The family  may have been living there even though Chester/Lester was born in Orange County.

    Texas Death Index, 1903-2000
    Chester Terry
    Death 26 Jul 1923 Coryell County
    Certificate #20482

    Texas Death Index, 1903-2000
    Lestar Terry
    Death 27 Jul 1923 Coryell County
    Certificate #20483


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