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Manuel PERTUIS3,3,2

24th Mar 17941 - 18442,1

Life History

24th Mar 1794

Born in Arkansas, New Madrid, Louisiana, New Spain.1

about 1825

Married Marie CHATIGNY in Arkansas Post, Arkansas County, Arkansas Territory

about 1826

Birth of daughter Elizabeth L PERTUIS in Arkansas.4,5

11th Apr 1828

Birth of son Pierre Augusta PERTUIS in Arkansas.6,7,8,2,1

about 1834

Birth of son John PERTUIS in Arkansas.9,2

about 1842

Birth of daughter Anastasia PERTUIS in Arkansas.2


Died in Arkansas.2,1


  • Manuel does not appear in the historical references mentioning some members of the Pertuis line in the Arkansas District of Louisiana, under the French before 1763 and the Spanish after that time.  He is mentioned in some family genealogies.

    Manuel Pertuis
    Birth 03/24/1794 in Arkansas County, Arkansas [would have been New Madrid, Louisiana at that time], Death 1844
    Father Pierre Pertuis dit Chevallieur, Birth 1756 in Arkansas Post, Death  Unknown [known from other sources to have died in Dec 1821]
    Mother Unknown
    Son Pierre Augusta Pertuis V
    Birth 04/11/1828 in  Arkansas, USA   Death 03/04/1900 in  Arkansas, USA
    --  Pertuis Family Tree, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/10957347/person/-551305306

    "In the same category [settled at Arkansas Post in the 1700s] were Jean Lavage, Pierre Pertuis, Alexis and Jean Jardales. About two miles from the Post on farms antedating 1800 lived Christian Pringle, Francis Gimblet, John Hadsell and George Leard."
    --  "The Arkansas River," All Arkansas History and Pioneers, http://ancstry.me/10bErRU

    Peter Pertuis, daughter of Mary and brother of John, was born about 1828 in Arkansas, and could be the son of the original Pierre (Petro) Pertuis who settled here before 1800.  But it seems more likely it would be Peter's grandfather who settled here, since he was already on a land grant at Arkansas Post before 1800.  No exact date is known.  But he is listed among early settlers in the 1700s.

    A history of early Arkansas pioneers tells us that Peter's grandfather Pierre was born about 1756.

    "Chevalier Pierre Pertuis ... died at the Post December 2, 1821, at the age of sixty-five [b abt 56] having lived in this region all his life.  His daughter, Nina Pertuis, married Victor Vasseur at the Post in June 1822, the ceremony being performed by Judge Andrew Scott.  I think the name Pertuis is nearly extinct in Arkansas, but the blood of the old Chevalier is still perpetuated."
    --  Pioneers and Makers of Arkansas, p. 97, accessed on Ancestry.com 3 October 2014, http://archive.org/stream/pioneersandmake01shingoog/pioneersandmake01shingoog_djvu.txt

    The Chevalier's father, Manuel's grandfather, appears to be the original Pierre who settled at Arkansas Post under the Spanish or French.  He appears to be the fur trader from Quebec via Detroit who set up a fur trading business at what became St Charles on the White River on a 1797 Spanish Land Grant.

    It was Pierre (or Petro in the old Spanish form) Pertuis that named the new trading post after King Carlos (Charles) of Spain.  The exact date of settlement is not known, but Pierre Pertuis was in place before 1800.  Pierre's son, possibly also named Pierre, was likely born around 1800.

    "Dating back into the eighteenth century were the settlements of Francis de Vaugine, Petro [Spanish form of Pierre] Pertuis, Joseph Trudeau and F. Imbau on the Arkansas river."
    --  All Arkansas History and Pioneers, http://ancstry.me/1okIJRO


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