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Joseph HORTON1,2,3,4,5,10,6,7,8,9,9

17801,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 - 22nd Dec 18762,3,4,5

Life History


Born in Grayson County, Virginia.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

23rd Nov 1799

Resident Joseph transferred membership there.  Fruit Hill does not seem to havebeen the name of an incorporated town or established community.  Noreference has been found to a town of that name in Virginia. in Fruit Hill, Grayson County, Virginia.9

26th Aug 1800

Married Mary WEBB in Grayson County, Virginia.3,10

21st Nov 1801

Religion The Westfield Meeting in Surry County confirmed the decision by theFruit Hill Monthly Meeting to dismiss Joseph for marrying "contrary todiscipline." in Fruit Hill, Grayson County, Virginia.9


Birth of son Henry S HORTON in Grayson County, Virginia.11,3


Death of Mary WEBB in Carroll County, Virginia.4

22nd Dec 1876

Died in Carroll County, Virginia.2,3,4,5

after 22nd Dec 1876

Buried in Webb Cemetery, Hillsville, Carroll County, Virginia.4


  • Family Data Collection - Individual Records
    Joseph Horton
    Spouse Mary Webb
    Parents Anna
    Birth 1780 Surry County, NC
    Marriage Date 26 Aug 1800
    Death 22 Dec 1876 Carroll County, VA

    This Family Data Collection reports Surry County, North Carolina, asJoseph's place of birth.  This is reinforced by the census reports of1850, 1860 and 1870.  However, the Virginia  Deaths and Burials Indexreports his birth and death both in Virginia.  The place of birth hereis reported as Grayson County, Virginia.  This is also the location ofhis and Mary's marriage.  This report of birth in Virginia conflictswith virtually all other family facts.  But he could have been born inGrayson County, since this is the neighboring county north of Surryacross the border into Virginia.

    Before their marriage Joseph had been living in the area of FruitHill, the location of which is not clear.  There was another meetingthere referred to as a preparative meeting.  In November 1799, theminutes also refer to Westfield Meeting as a Preparative Meeting, butthe Fruit Hill and Chesnut Hill metings are associated with Westfield,also as Preparative meeitngs.  (Westfield was later called New Garden,then Guilford College.)  In their November 1799 meeting, the Westfieldgroup approved the transfer of Joesph Horton's membership  to theFruit Hill meeting.

    U.S., Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1935
    Joseph Horton
    Residence 23 November 1799
    Residence Fruit Hill, Grayson County, Virginia
    "Joseph Horton 's Request having been for some time under the Cear[care] of Fruit Hill Preparative Meeting and now Request [sic] to beJoind [sic] in membership which this meeting grants."
    [It is not clear where Fruit Hill is (also referrred to in someminutes as Fruithill.]
    Westfield Preparative Monthly Meeting, Surry County, North Carolina,North Carolina Yearly Meeting, Records p 192

    Fruit HIll was in Virginia, across the border from Surry County whereWestfield was located.

    "At this point let us point out the Quarterly Meetings of whichWestfield Monthly Meeting has been a part. It was originally foundedin 1786 as a member of the Western Quarterly Meeting. It wastransferred to the newly organized New Garden Quarterly Meeting in1787. Within the next few years, Westfield itself branched out andformed new Monthly Meetings at Lost Creek in Tennessee in 1793, at NewHope in Tennessee in 1795, Mount Pleasant and Fruit Hill in Virginiain 1797, at North Providence in 1801, and so in 1803 the WestfieldQuarterly Meeting set off."
    --  "Westfield Meeting," Quakers RootsWeb,

    It is this Fruit Hill meeting that requested Westfield Meeting toconfirm their dismissal of Joseph for marrying contrary to theirprocedures.  Joseph Horton was censured for this marriage anddismissed from membership in the Westfield Friends Monthly Meetingminutes in 1801.  In November he is reported and dismissed, and in theDecember 1801 meeting, a reference is made to a report of thedecision.

    U.S., Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1935
    Joseph Horton
    Residence 21 November 1801
    Residence Place Surry, North Carolina
    "Fruithill Preparative Meeting Complains of Joseph Horton forAccomplishing his Marriage contrary to discipline for which thismeeting tiestifies [sic] against and Disowns the sd [said] JosephHorton from being a member of our Society until his condemn the Sameto the Satisfaction of this meeting which that he may is Desired[sic].  Robert Commons is appointed to give him a Copy of thisproceeding of the meeting against him and report his Care to the nextmeeting"
    Westfield Preparative Monthly Meeting, Surry County, North Carolina,North Carolina Yearly Meeting, Records p 219

    U.S., Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1935
    Joseph Horton
    Residence 19 December 1801
    Residence Place Surry, North Carolina
    "The friends appointed to give Joseph Horton a copy of the proceedingsof the meeting against him Report that it is complyd with." [refNovember 1801 meeting minutes: for marrying "contrary to discipline"apparently because his wife was not a Quaker]
    Westfield Preparative Monthly Meeting, North Carolina Yearly Meeting,Surry County, North Carolina, Records p 220

    The date of the Virginia marriage record is August 1800, but thecensure and dismissal did not occur until November 1801.  Some havereferenced the 1801 date as the date (year) of marriage, but theVirginia marriage records indicate it was over a year before theWestfield Meeting acted on it.

    The article below refers to the marriage as occurring in 1801,probably in reference to the Quaker records, not the Virginia marriagerecord.

    Mary WEBB was born about 1785.  She died about 1876.  She was alsoknown as Mary Horton. She was buried in Webb-Thompson Cm, Snake Creek,Carroll County, Virginia.
    Mary is believed to be buried in an unmarked grave at theWebb-Thompson Cemetery.

    Mary WEBB and Joseph HORTON were married in 1801 in Grayson County,Virginia. Joseph HORTON (son of John HORTON and Anna (HORTON)) wasborn about 1780 in Grayson County, Virginia.  He died on 22 Dec 1875in Carroll County, Virginia. [Alternate date from some sources:]  12He died on 22 Dec 1876.  He was buried in Webb-Thompson Cm, SnakeCreek, Carroll County, Virginia.

    Joseph Whorton and Mary Web on marriage register. Parents listed asJohn and Anna on the death register. The conflict in death dates mustbe the two different registers. Death register lists birth place asGrayson, not North Carolina.

    Joseph Horton was "born a Quaker and went from Westfield, N.C. toCarroll County, Va., and was the first of the name to go to thiscounty.  He fought in the War of 1812 and his father was killed in theRevolutionary War.  [Other sources report his father moved to Missouriand died there in 1827.]  All of his family left to go West and werenever heard from again.  It was thought that they were killed by theIndians.  I have heard my grandmother say that he had to build firesaround his flock of sheep to keep the wolves away, the country was sowild and unsettled at that time.  He married the daughter of HenryWebb, the ancestor of the Snake Creek Webb family.  I have heard mygrandmother recite the poem in which he asked Henry Webb for the handof his daughter, Mary....  When he married outside of the Quakerreligion, he was dropped from the meeting." (Tillinghast, Some ThingsI Learned)

    They were dismissed from the Westfield Meeting in November 1801.

    It is believed he spent most of his life with his in-laws and that heand Mary are buried in the Webb-Thompson Cemetery on Snake Creekalthough there are no grave markers. (Alderman, The Settlements, p.82)

    The first records from the Snake Creek Primitive Baptist Church datedSat. Oct. 1848 (the first Saturday of the month) stated that JosephHorton and his wife Mary W. Horton were two of the thirty founders ofthe Snake Creek Primitive Baptist Church. It is possible that theypreviously belonged to the Laurel Fork Primitive Baptist Church. (fromArchie Goad).
    Joseph's death record says he was born in Grayson County. Most writersbelieve he was from North Carolina.

    --  Janice K Smith, Rootsweb Trees, (Thanks to Lynne Burgess for this source)

    1850 Federal Census, Carroll County, Virginia, 3 September, District11, page 346, Hse/Fam #412
    Joseph Horton 68 M Farmer $100 Real Estate Value b North Carolina
    Mary Horton 65 F b VA Cannot read & write
    William R Horton 18 M Farmer b VA Cannot read & write

    In th 1960 census they are living in the household of their sonWilliam and his family.

    1860 Federal Census, Carroll County, Virginia, 7 July, page 53, Hse#34, Fam #351
    William R Horton 28 M Farmer $500 Real Estate $165 Personal born VA [babt 1832]
    Anici Horton 20 F born VA Cannot read or write [b abt 1840]
    Pauline C Horton 4 F born VA [b abt 1856]
    Ellis F Horton 1 M born VA [b abt 1859]
    Joseph Horton 78 M Farmer born NC Cannot read or write [b abt 1782]
    Mary Horton 75 F born VA [b abt 1785]

    1870 Federal Census, Carroll County, Virginia, 1 August, Laurel Fork,PO Hillsville, page 1 (scan 423), Hse/Fam #2
    Horton, Joseph Sr 90 M W Farmer $360 Real Estate $500 Personal born NoCarolina cannot write [b abt 1780]
    Horton, Mary 85 F W Keeping House b VA [b abt 1785]

    Their son William's family was next door, enumerated as family 1 onthe page.

    1870 Federal Census, Carroll County, Virginia, 1 August, Laurel Fork,PO Hillsville, page 1 (scan 423), Hse/Fam #1
    Horton, William R 38 M W Farmer $500 Real Estate $275 Personal born VA[b abt 1832]
    Horton, Annis 30 F W Keeping House b VA [b abt 1840]
    Horton, Paulina C 14 F W At Home born VA [b abt 1856]
    Horton, Ellis F 11 M W At Home born VA [b abt 1859]
    Horton, Mary A 9 F W At Home born VA [b abt 1861]

    Virginia, Select Marriages, 1785-1940
    Joseph Wharton
    Marriage 26 Aug 1800 Grayson County, Virginia
    Spouse Mary Webb
    Register 1, p 41

    U.S., War of 1812 Service Records, 1812-1815
    Joseph Horton
    Roll Box 103

    Virginia, Deaths and Burials Index, 1853-1917
    Joseph Horton
    Birth abt 1780 Grayson County, Virginia
    Death 22 Dec 1875 Carroll, Virginia
    Age 95, Occupation Farmer, Widowed
    Father John Horton
    Mother Anna Horton

    Joseph Horton
    Birth 1780
    Death 1876

    Pvt - Va Militia War of 1812

    Spouse Mary Webb Horton (1785 - 1876)
    James Horton (1803 - 1893)
    Rachel Horton Gardner (1807 - ____)
    Jacob Horton (1820 - 1890)
    Andrew  Horton (1828 - 1864)
    William Riley Horton (1831 - 1920)

    Other children born to Joseph & Mary Webb Horton:
    Benjamin Horton 1804-1887
    Susanna Horton Brisendine 1808-?
    Henry Horton 1811-?
    Lucy Horton 1813-?
    Isaac Horton 1815-?
    Mary Horton 1821-?
    Joseph Horton, II 1825-1915
    Johanna Horton 1827-?
    John Horton 1833-?
    Abraham Horton

    Burial Webb Cemetery, Hillsville, Carroll County, Virginia

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