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William Henry BRADSHAW

William Henry BRADSHAW1,1

30th Jun 18451,1 - 19th Aug 18901,1

Life History

30th Jun 1845


9th Feb 1886

Birth of son John Paulett BRADSHAW in Jefferson City, Jefferson, Tennessee.2,3,4,5,6,1

19th Aug 1890

Died in Jefferson County, Kansas.1,1

Inflammation of the bowels

after 19th Aug 1890

Buried in Lamar-Rogers Cemetery, Jefferson County, Kansas.1,1

Other facts


Married Cassandra Elizabeth CLINE


  • W H Bradshaw
    Birth Jun. 30, 1845
    Death Aug. 19, 1890
    Inscription:  "In Memory"
    Memorial monument in Strawberry Plains Cemetery, Strawberry Plains,Jefferson County, Tennessee
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    There are two different grave memorials in different states with thesame dates of birth and death.  The other burial is in Kansas, and hasthe name of W H's wife as Elizabeth Cline, matching a grave in theStrawberry Plains Cemetery.  There is no matching grave for ElizabethCline in the Kansas cemetery.

    The Kansas grave has his full name as William Henry Bradshaw.  It isin a group of Bradshaws, and the obituary says he was resident thereand had taught in the school the previous year.  So this must be theactual place of death.  The grave in Tennessee is likely a memorial.His wife and son must have moved to Tennessee after William's death.But his son John was born in Tennessee in 1886, two years after theirmarriage.

    Some genealogies report that William married Cassandra Elizabeth Clinein Tennessee on 10 March 1884.  This makes sense, because of multipledocumentation of the birth of their son John P Bradshaw in JeffersonCity, Jefferson County, Tennessee.  But it makes us wonder what theobituary meant about William living most of his life in JeffersonCounty, Kansas, near Winchester, and teaching school there and servingas superintendent of schools.  With his teaching there the year beforehe died, this sounds pretty permanent.  It sounds like at least thelast 3 years (2 as superintendent and one as teacher at Center) he wasdefinitely resident in the Winchester, Kansas area.

    William Henry Bradshaw
    Birth Jun. 30, 1845
    Death Aug. 19, 1890

    William was the son of Lewis Bradshaw & Catherine Lamar. William wasthe husband of Elizabeth Cline. (Cemetery book)

    Winchester Herald, August 22, 1890
    "DIED - Wm. Bradshaw, August 19, 1890, at his home northwest ofWinchester. He was for two years county superintendent of Leavenworthcounty, and taught the Center school last year. Mr. Bradshaw has longbeen a resident of this county, and is well-known in this vicinity.After three weeks of suffering with inflammation of the bowels, hedied, leaving a wife and two children to mourn their loss. The remainswere interred in the Lamar cemetery on Crooked Creek, which is nearhis old home."

    Lewis Bradshaw (1811 - 1865)
    Catherine Lamar Bradshaw (1806 - 1881)
    Sibling John Bradshaw (1836 - 1875)

    Burial Lamar-Rogers Cemetery, Jefferson County, Kansas

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