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James Milton WALKER

James Milton WALKER1,7,2,2,8,3,4,6

10th Aug 18611,2,3,4,5,6 - 8th Mar 19421,2,3

Life History

10th Aug 1861

Born in Somervell County, Texas.1,2,3,4,5,6

14th Aug 1878

Married Sarah Mary Jane BROWN in Parker County, Texas.17,8

Sarah (Mary) Jane Brown died in 1907.

18th Jan 1880

Birth of son Robert Milton WALKER in Parker County, Texas.4,9,2

18th Jan 1882

Birth of daughter Rosie Lee WALKER in Parker County, Texas.3

25th Dec 1886

Birth of daughter Pearl Maude WALKER in Parker County, Texas.10,5,2,6

19th Oct 1888

Birth of daughter Izella WALKER in Parker County, Texas.8,11,2,6

May 1891

Birth of son Charles M WALKER in Colorado.12

11th Mar 1893

Birth of son James Martin WALKER in Custer County, Colorado.10,2,8,6,13,14

11th Apr 1895

Birth of son Calvin Martin WALKER in Parker County, Texas.8,15,6

10th Mar 1907

Death of Sarah Mary Jane BROWN in Parker County, Texas.1,2

before 1920

Married Verda E SMITH.1

James Milton Walker's death certificate originally designated hismarital status as Married, but then that word was marked out andWidowed was written.  But hIs wife Verda Smith Walker lived until1968.

7th Jan 1931

Death of daughter Pearl Maude WALKER in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.5,2

28th Mar 1939

Death of son Calvin Martin WALKER in Parker County, Texas.15,16

8th Mar 1942

Died in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.1,2,3

Cardio Renal Disease for 4 years, Chronic Nephritis and contributory  Prostatic Hypertrophy

9th Mar 1942

Buried in East Greenwood Cemetery, Weatherford, Parker County, Texas.2,3


  • U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Mary Jane Brown
    Birth Year 1862 TX
    Spouse James M Walker
    [No marriage year in this index record]

    Texas, Marriage Collection, 1814-1909 and 1966-2011
    J M Walker
    Gender Male
    Marriage 14 Aug 1878 Parker, Texas
    Spouse S J Brown
    Source Texas Marriages, 1851-1900

    In the 1880 census, James and Sarah Jane were reported with theirfirst son Robert at 4 months old.

    1880 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 10 June, Precinct 1,District 135, page 24, Hse #198, Fam #202
    Walker, J M  W M 18 Husband Farmer TX TX AL [b abt 1862]
    Walker, S J  W F 18 Wife Keeping House T X TX IL [abt 1862]
    Walker, Robert M  W M 4mos Son TX TX TX [Jan 1880]

    Walker Family Bible
    Births of First Children:
    Robert Milton Walker Jan 18, 1880
    Rosie Lee Walker Jan 18, 1882
    Izella Walker Oct 19, 1888
    James M Walker March 11, 1893
    Calvin Martin Walker Apr 11, 1895
    J M Walker was married to Miss Sarah Jane Brown Aug 1878
    She was born Aug 2, 1861
    Died 1905 at the age of 43 yrs

    This Bible was  originally owned by Verda Walker, copy of recordprovided by Elizabeth Walker Brandon, daughter of Verda & James M.Walker. Copy in possession of Melinda Dean Chrestman.  Accessed 4 March 2016.

    Two children are missing form this list that are reported in censuseswith this famliy.  Daughter Pearl and son Charles M were reproted inthe 1900 census.  Charles is reported there as born in Colorado.  Alsoreproted born in Colorado was James and Calvin, the next two chidlren. In some later sources, Pearl, born before Izella, is also reportedborn in Colorado, but in the 1900 census, she and Izella, and theother chdilren, wre all reported born in Texas.

    1900 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 13 June, Weatherford,District 63, page 6A, Hse/Fam #89
    Walker, Jas A Head W M Aug 1861  38 Married 21 yrs TX GA AL No OccupRents
    Walker, Sarah J Wife W F Aug 1861  38 Married 21 yrs 8 children/8living TX AL IL
    Walker, Rosa Wife W F June 1891  13 36 yrs TX TX TX
    Walker, Pearl Dau W F Dec 1886 11 TX TX TX
    Walker, Isila Dau W F Oct 1888 11 TX TX TX
    Walker, Charles M Son W M May 1891  9 Colorado TX TX
    Walker, James Son W M March 1893  7 Colorado TX TX
    Walker, Calvin Son W M April 1895  5 TX TX TX
    King, Sarah E Mother W F Feb 1824 66 Widow 6 children/4 living AL ALAL

    James Walker is reported in the 1920 census in Weatherford, Texas,with his young wife Berdie and two chidlren.  Other sources give usher name as Verdie.  His son Jim and daughter Pearl are living nextdoor.  James' wife Berdie is 4 years younger than his daughter Pearl.Note that Pearl is not listed in the birth list above.  On Pearl'sdeath certificate she was reported as Pearl Maude Walker, born on 25December 1886 in Custer County, Colorado.

    In 1920 Jim is still single, but Pearl is reported as married, eventhough her husband James Martin is not in this household.

    1920 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 17 January, WeatherfordWard 4, District 64, page 14B, Hse #310, Fam #332
    Walker, James Head Owns M W 55 Married TX US US No Occup
    Walker, Berdie [Verda] Wife F W 27 Married TX AL TX Keeper SmallGranary Store
    Walker, Fritz Son M W 6 TX TX TX [b abt 1913]
    Walker, Lizzie Dau F 5 TX TX TX [b 1914]

    Pearl Martin is reported as married, but her husband James is not inthe home.  They did divorce at some time before 1925 when Jamesmarried again in Oklahoma.  They might have been already divorced atcensus time, or separated before the divorce.

    1920 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 17 January, WeatherfordWard 4, District 64, page 14B, Hse #311, Fam #333
    Walker, Jim  Head  Rents  M W 26 Single TX TX TX Cotton Laborer
    Martin, Pearl Sister F W 31 Married [but husband James not in thehousehold] Colorado TX TX [b abt 1889]
    Martin [Parsons], Leon Dau [Son of Pearl] F [Male] W 7 TX US Colorado[b abt 1912]
    Martin, Ruby  Dau [of Pearl] F 3yrs8mos TX US Colorado [b abt Apr1906]

    Texas, Death Certificates, 1903-1982
    James M Walker
    Birth 10 Aug 1861 Somerville County, Texas
    Residence 421 Eureka, Weatherford, Parker, Texas
    Age at Death 80, Widowed
    ["Married" was written, then crossed out and "Widowed" written; buthis wife Verda Smith Walker did not die till 1968]
    Father, Mother Unknown, Informant R M Walker
    Death 8 Mar 1942 Weatherford, Parker, Texas
    Cause of Death Cardio Renal Disease for 4 years, Chronic Nephritis andcontributory  Prostatic Hypertrophy
    Burial 9 March 1942 East Greenwood Cemetery, Weatherford, ParkerCounty, Texas by Fred Cotten
    Filed 1 April 1942, filed state 4 April 1942

    Rev James M Walker
    Birth Aug. 10, 1861 Somervell County, Texas, USA
    Death Mar. 8, 1942 Weatherford, Parker County, Texas, USA

    Verda E Smith Walker (1893 - 1968)
    Sarah Jane Brown Walker (1861 - 1907)

    Rosa Lee Walker Lee (1882 - 1973)
    Pearl Maude Walker Martin (1886 - 1931)
    Izella Walker Williams (1888 - 1970)
    James Martin Walker (1893 - 1958)
    Calvin M Walker (1895 - 1939)

    Burial East Greenwood Cemetery, Weatherford, Parker County, Texas, USA

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