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Edmond KENDALL1,1

UNKNOWN1 - 1st Apr 18911,1,2

Life History

21st Feb 1858

Birth of son Charles Edgar KENDALL in North Carolina.1,3

1st Apr 1866

Death of Emmeline O WATKINS in Arkansas.1,1,2

1st Apr 1891


after 1st Apr 1891

Buried in Mount Zion Cemetery Rison, Cleveland County, Arkansas.1,2



Other facts


Married Emmeline O WATKINS


  • Charles was the son of Edmond Kendall, whose familiy moved to Arkansasfrom North Carolina in 1855.

    Here's Edmond Kendall's account of the move to Arkansas in 1855 asretold by his son, Benjamin Franklin "Frank" Kendall sometime about1945. His niece, Anna Kendall Watts Moore wrote it down in a notebook.Anna was my maternal grandmother's sister.

    Several months after Reuben Kendall’s death in 1855, his sons,Alexander Franklin and Edmond, took their inheritance and moved theirfamilies to what is now Cleveland County, Arkansas. Edmond told hischildren that the move from North Carolina to Arkansas was quite anendeavor:

    "Alexander and Edmond Kendall with their families came to Arkansas in1855, leaving Stanly County, North Carolina on October 15th. As eachowned ten or fifteen slaves and as they brought most of theirhousehold goods, it took quite an outfit. I remember Father said eachof them had two ox teams of two yokes, one mule team, and a team ofhorses to pull the family carriage, and he and Uncle Frank [A. F.Kendall] rode horseback. After being on the road two days, littleWillie was taken seriously ill and died. Father and Mother had to turnback and take Willie back to the old home for burial and then rejointhe others on the road. No other bad luck happened on the trip andafter fourteen weeks on the road, they reached Pine Bluff. [They wouldhave actually arrived, then some time in January or possibly February1856.]

    After resting a few days, they decided to rent homes for that year.This gave them time to select permanent homes. They soon found twofarms for rent within six miles of each other. They would visit eachother once or twice a week and on the way home would kill a deer ortwo and maybe a turkey, thus providing meat for their tables for boththeir families and their slaves. He and his brother killed over 300deer that year but didn’t keep a count of the turkeys. 1856 was a yearthey never forgot as crops were very short on account of a killingfrost every month-a thing unheard of before or since. The next year,each purchased a farm. Father bought near Kedron about eighteen milessouth of Pine Bluff; his brother bought a farm five miles from his.

    All went well for a few years. In the election of 1860, AlexanderKendall was elected sheriff of Jefferson County and served all duringthe Civil War. Father did not join the army being rejected three timeson account of his health, but he joined the home guards and at timesacted as scout for southern troops whenever any were in the area.

    Edmond’s wife, Emmeline, died on 1 April 1866 and was buried at Mt.Zion near their home. Uncle Frank Kendall [Alexander F. Kendall]persuaded father to bring his four children to his home instead oftaking us to North Carolina to one of his sisters to raise. Then inAugust, Uncle Frank was returning home from Pine Bluff and was waylaidand shot to death by a man whom he had put in jail, leaving a wife andsix children. Father then sold his farm and bought half interest inhis brother’s farm, agreeing with his brother’s wife to look after thefarm if she would take care of the ten children-her six and his four.So the two families remained together until all were grown just likeone big family. Edmond was elected sheriff and served from 1874 to1876. He died on 1 April 1866 at 4 p.m.-the same day and the same timeas his wife died twenty-five years before."
    --  Lea Harville Morgan, Ancestry Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins,17 April 2016

    Edmond Kendall
    Birth unknown
    Death Apr 1, 1891
    Spouse Emmeline O Watkins Kendall (1830 - 1866)
    Charles Edgar Kendall (1858 - 1915)
    Benjamin Franklin Kendall (1862 - 1945)
    Rosa Lee Kendall Lockhart (1864 - 1923)
    Burial Mount Zion Cemetery Rison, Cleveland County, Arkansas
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    --  Find A Grave Memorial #63233335,


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