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Ezekiel JENKINS1,2,2

16951,2,2 - 26th Jun 17501,2,2

Life History


Born in Warsaw, Richmond, Virgina.1,2,2

26th Jun 1750

Died in Loudoun County, Virginia.1,2,2

after 26th Jun 1750

Buried in Saint Timothy's Episcopal Church, Herndon, Fairfax County, Virginia.2,2

Other facts


Married Mary GUNNELL


  • "I have traced my family's origins to Shropshire, England to myancestor John Jenkins, 1656-1717, married to Martha Garner, 1656-1752. They settled in Westmoreland County, Virginia. ... They had two sons,Ezekiel Jenkins, 1695-1750, & William Jenkins, 1704-1747.  WilliamJenkins had one son, William Jenkins - 1740-1787, had 4 sons, one ofwhich was James Randolph Jenkins, 1760-1824, who was born in FairfaxCounty, Va., & had 19 children, one of which was Samuel M. Jenkins,1789-1872 ... the first of this set of Jenkinses to be born in UnionCounty, South Carolina."
    --  Joseph H Miller, Ancestry Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 5July 2016

    There are two memorials on Find a Gqrzve for Ezekiel.  On indicatesthey do not kwow where he was buried.  The second gives the buriallocation, but then states that it is not certian this is where he wasburied.  The first also misspells his name as Ezekial.  The two alsodiffere in the birthplace reported.  The second has a more specificlocation and detail.

    Ezekial Jenkins
    Birth 1695 Westmoreland County, Virginia
    Death Jun 26, 1750 Fairfax County, Virginia

    Father John JENKINS
    Mother Martha Garner Rust (1676 - 1729)

    Elizabeth JENKINS b: 18 Mar 1719/20 in Virginia
    Mary Eliza JENKINS b: 2 May 1726 in Westmoreland County, Virginia
    Ezekiel II JENKINS b: Abt. 1728 in Westmoreland County, Virginia
    John JENKINS b: 1730 in Virginia
    Martha JENKINS b: 1734
    William JENKINS b: 1736
    Ann JENKINS b: 1738
    Samuel JENKINS b: 1740
    Charles JENKINS b: 1742
    Simon JENKINS b: 1744
    Thomas JENKINS b: 1745

    Spouse Mary Gunnell Jenkins (1703 - 1773)
    Children Ezekial Jenkins (1728 - 1815)
    Sibling Benjamin Rust (1694 - 1754)

    Burial Cremated, Other
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    Ezekiel Jenkins, Birth 1699 Warsaw, Richmond County, Virginia, USA
    Death Jun 26, 1750 Loudoun County, Virginia, USA

    Born at "Billingsgate" Plantation, near Warsaw, later known asBladensfield Plantation.
    Son of Capt. John Jenkins and wife Martha, said to be Martha Garner,the daughter of John Garner and Susannah Keene (ref., Jenkins of theNorthern Neck by Amelia Cleland Gilreath, former president of theNational Genealogical Society).

    It is not known for certain that he is buried here, just that he diedin Loudoun County and that his daughter Elizabeth Self lived very nearthe Sugarland Chapel at the time of her father's death and is thoughtto be buried here.

    Description of Cemetery:

    John Jenkins (1658 - 1717)
    Martha Garner Jenkins (1665 - 1726)

    Spouse Mary Jenkins (1703 - 1773)
    Daughter Elizabeth Jenkins Self (1721 - 1811)

    Burial Saint Timothy's Episcopal Church, Herndon, Fairfax County,Virginia

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    --  Find A Grave Memorial #148123944,


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