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William Owen TERRY

William Owen TERRY3,5,1,2,4,7

7th Jan 18773 - 21st Mar 19401,6

Life History


Born in Georgia.3

(less likely)

between 1877 and 1900

Resident in Murray County, Georgia.3

7th Jan 1877

Born in Murray County, Georgia.1,2

(most likely)


Residence2: boarding house, working as Railroad Frieight clerk in Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia.4


Residence3 in Murray County, Georgia.5

21st Mar 1940

Died in Cobb County, Georgia.1,6

after 3rd Mar 1940

Buried in Hassler's Mill Cemetery, Murray County, Georgia.1


  • The 1880 census reports William O as 5 years old, which means hisbirthday would have been in 1875 or even 1874.  Yet his exact birthdate is reported by Kaye Nicholson and Richard Bates as 7 January1877.  He should have been 3 in 1880.

    This is not the only date in these two genealogies that fails to matchthe reported ages in censuses.  I comment on discrepancies in thismatter for Grover Cleveland as well as Grover's wife Sarah in thenotes for Sarah Addie Pendley.

    1880 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, 23 June, McDonald,District 155, page 29A (scan 482A), Hse #259, Fam #268
    Terry, Cyrus L W M 34 Farming GA GA NC
    Terry, Emely J W F 28 Keeping House GA GA GA
    Terry, William O  W M 5 Son GA GA GA [born ca 1875]

    In 1900 the 22-year-old Owen appears t be the child reported in 1880as William O.

    1900 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, 4 June, McDonaldDistrict, Enumeration District 71, page 5B, Hse #86, Fam #89
    Terry, Cyrus L  Head W M Jan 1847  53  Married 32 years GA NC NCFarmer Owns
    Terry, Emily  Wife W F  Apr 1862  48 Married 32 years  borne 7children, 7 living  GA GA GA
    Terry, Owen Son W M Jun 1878  22  Single GA GA GA Farm Laborer

    In 1920, a William O Terry is reported as a boarder in Atlanta,Georgie, where he works as a Railroad Freight Clerk.  This William is44 years old, which puts birth at about 1876, matching the earlierreports.  On the other hand, the 1930 census reports that William is39 years old, which would yield a birth year of 1891!  This is 16years different from the 1880 census, and 14 years off from thegenealogy date.

    In 1930, William is single and living with his single brother Cyrus LJr.  Their widowed mother is also living with them.  Cyrus is reportedas age 49, which would make his birth year about 1881.  This alsodiffers, of course, from the birth dates reported by Nicholson andBates in their genealogies, 8 September 1882, but only by about ayear.

    The younger brother of William Owen, Robert Lee Terry, is reported was3 years old in 1880.  This would yield a birth year matching the dateof birth Nicholson and Bates give for William, January 1877!  Butthere are two different conflicting dates of birth for Robert Lee fromNicholson and Bates.  Bates reports the birth date of 13 January 1879,while Nicholson reports 13 January 1878.  I find no notes explainingor citing sources in either of the genealogies.  I have not found anyindependent sources to confirm these exact dates.

    There are two sets of death information for what appear to be thissame William O Terry.  The Georgia Death Index (certificate #9215)reports for Wm O Terry a date of 20 Mar 1940, with death occurring inCobb County.  Richard Bates reports 3 March 1940, with death in MurrayCounty, Georgia.  Bates may have used the place of residence at timeof death.  I have found other cases of official entries for deathdates differing by a few days from the date reported by familysources.  But it is possible the Georgia death registry I found is foranother William O Terry that I have not yet identified.

    William's burial memorial on Find a Grave has a slightly differentdate of death, being 21 March 1940.  Links are given there to thegrave memorials of his parents and siblings.

    William Owen Terry
    Birth Jan. 7, 1877 Georgia, USA
    Death Mar. 21, 1940 Cobb County, Georgia, USA

    Cyrus Lewis Terry (1846 - 1925)
    Emily Jones Bates Terry (1852 - 1931)

    Major Douglas Terry (1869 - 1927)
    H. B. Terry (1871 - 1941)
    Jennie R. Terry (1873 - 1919)
    Robert Lee Terry (1878 - 1908)
    Cyrus Lewis Terry (1882 - 1948)
    Grover Cleveland Terry (1885 - 1962)

    Burial Hasslers Cemetery, Murray County, Georgia, USA

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    --  Find A Grave Memorial #68044528,


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