Unknown GREEN Jacob Andrew GREEN Oscar Landon GREEN Willie May GREEN Jessie Jewel GREEN Infant Son GREEN Infant Daughter GREEN Norma Helen GREEN Eliza Arilla BRIDGMAN Mary Louise GREEN Infant GREEN Lillie Harriet CAIN Minnie F AKERS Unknown NOLASTNAME Mini tree diagram
James Daniel GREEN

James Daniel GREEN2,3,1,7,4,8,6,5

10th May 18754 - 7th Mar 19341,7,8

Life History

10th May 1875

Born in Indian Territory.2,3,4,5,6

(most likely)

10th May 1877

Born in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1,7,8

(less likely)

6th Dec 1896

Married Eliza Arilla BRIDGMAN in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.7,4,17

26th Feb 1898

Birth of son Jacob Andrew GREEN in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.9,5,3,10,2,7,11,12


Resident in Weatherford Ward 4, Parker, Texas.4

3rd Sep 1901

Birth of son Oscar Landon GREEN in Cooke County, Texas.7,13,2,14,3,9

3rd Feb 1904

Birth of daughter Willie May GREEN in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.7

25th Jun 1904

Death of daughter Willie May GREEN in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.7

21st Mar 1906

Birth of daughter Jessie Jewel GREEN in Parker County, Texas.2,7,15

21st Mar 1909

Birth of son Infant Son GREEN in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.7


Residence2 in Justice Precinct 5, Cooke County, Texas.2

5th May 1911

Birth of daughter Infant Daughter GREEN in Weatherford, Parker, Texas

13th Nov 1912

Birth of daughter Norma Helen GREEN in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.7

15th Nov 1912

Death of daughter Norma Helen GREEN in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.7

27th Jun 1914

Death of Eliza Arilla BRIDGMAN in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.7,8,16


Residence3 in Barry, Navarro, Texas.5

before Sep 1918

Married Lillie Harriet CAIN in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.3,5,7

8th Feb 1923

Birth of daughter Mary Louise GREEN in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.7,6

6th Jan 1926

Birth of daughter Infant GREEN in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.10

6th Jan 1926

Death of daughter Infant GREEN in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.10

4th Feb 1928

Death of Lillie Harriet CAIN in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.7,10

4th Oct 1928

Married Minnie F AKERS in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.7

7th Mar 1934

Died in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.1,7,8

after 7th Mar 1934

Buried in Curtis Cemetery, Weatherford, Parker County, Texas.1

Other facts




Born in Indian Territory.4


  • Betty Jackson Hess mentions in her letters that Jim (James or J D)Green was a son of one of Talitha Green Jackson's brothers.  But noneof the brothers I have info on has a child named James or J D.  Laterinformation obtained in August 2008 from a descendant of James Dfilled out information on the family, indicating that Mollie's fatherwas named James Daniel.

    One or more genealogies have as Jim's birthplace Indian City, Payne,Oklahoma.  There is no such place.  This place is also stated in thesame genealogies as the place of death for several individuals even inmy family, when we know definitely their places of death or burial inother locations.  This appears to be the result simply of sloppymechanical merging with no research verification.

    I have been unable to locate an actual city named Indian City, inPayne or any other Oklahoma County. I am aware of the commercialIndian City, near Anadarko (Caddo County), which is a demonstrationvillage and arts presentation center for tourists. I have also seenthis location listed for certain individuals born in the UnassignedLands of Indian Territory-Oklahoma Territory. This designation is anerror.

    There was no Payne County until 1898, when it was initially created asCounty #6 of Oklahoma Territory.  This same scenario has beenconfirmed by the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce.

    James Daniel Green was understood by his descendants to be afull-blood Chickasaw born in Indian Territory.  However, the censusesrecording J D and his family list them all as White.

    I have noted that in states other than Oklahoma, there are fewenumerations of people with the designation "Indian," with only twodesignations being common, "White" or "Black" (also recorded as"Negro" in some years or locales).  Other families named Green whowere Indian are clearly so designated.  It is not very likley thatJames Daniel was full-blood Native American, with blue eyes (WWI draftregistration).

    This report of J D as a full-blood Indian would indicate that JamesDaniel Green is not related, at least directly, to the Green line ofToliver and his sons and daughter Talitha.  Some of that family alsodid later marry Chickasaw women, which I also report in thisgenealogy.  Others Greens married Choctaws.  However, in somecensuses, J D's father and mother are both reported as born inGeorgia, where the other line of Greens came from.

    The connection of J D with Cooke County might also indicate someconnection we have not discovered, since after migrating from Georgia,Toliver Green lived in Cooke County, Texas, being reported there inthe 1860 census and at least through 1866 on tax and military rolls.

    Betty Jackson Hess reported in Letter 1 and Letter 8 (privatecollection) that she remembered three children of J D Green, Andrewand Oscar and a daughter Mollie.  I had in the meantime foundinformation on J D (Jim) Green in some censuses and burial informationon Jim and two wives in the Weatherford Cemetery registries.  Icontinued working with two cousins on the Jackson side to uncover moredetails on the identity of these Greens.

    In August 2008, Marion Mixon obtained family genealogy informationfrom a descendant of James Daniel, Houston Green.  This informationreported a son named Jacob Andrew and a son named Oscar Landon.  Thesematch the two sons that Betty Jackson Hess remembered.  However, I seeHouston lists one child of Hattie (the maiden name is reported inHouston's information as Cain, while the info on the cemetery registererroneously indicates her parents were named Lane).

    There was no child named Mollie reported, but the daughter of J DGreen and Hattie in this genealogy was Mary Louise.  Mary L is alsorecorded in the household in the 1930 census.  (See below.)  Mollie isa common nickname for Mary and would refer to Mary Louise.

    Betty says of J D:  "He was the same age as my sister Bessie. She wasborn in 1896."  (James D's age in censuses indicate a birth in 1898.The Green family genealogy obtained later from Houston Green reports JD's birth date as 10 May 1877, and this date is reported on hisgravestone.)  Andrew's cemetery listing in the Curtis Cemeteryregister gives his info as b February 26, 1898 d February 18, 1983"husband of Essie."  This matches Andrew's age in the 1910 census, age12 (born abt 1898) and the 1920 census, age 21 (born abt 1899).  Thismatches Betty's information about Andrew Green.

    J D Green's info in the same cemetery (next page in the data sheet)reports:
    J D Green b May 10 1877 d March 7 1934.
    This puts him about age 21 at the birth of Andrew.  This birth datediffers from that reported in 1918 on his WWI draft registration cardin Navarro County, Texas, which reports 10 May 1875.

    J D and Arilla show up in the 1900 census in Weatherford.  Thisinforms us that Andrew was born in Weatherford.  Birth dates heredon't match the family information for James Daniel and Andrew, beingtwo years earlier for both.  Arilla (Arrelia) is reported with thecorrect month and year from the family information.

    1900 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 15 June, Weatherford Ward4, District 67, page 22B, 404 Eureka St, Hse #443, Fam #449
    Green, James Head W M May 1875  24  Married 4 years  Ind TerritoryArkansas  Missouri  Day Laborer Rents Home
    Green, Arrellia Wife W F  Dec 1876  43 Married 4 years  1 child  TX TXTX
    Green, Andrew Son W M Dec 1896  3 TX Ind Terr TX

    In 1910 we find Jim in Cooke County, Texas, married to a wife born inTexas, and all his children are reported born in Texas in both the1910 and 1920 census.  The sons Andrew and Oscar reported by BettyHess are reported in the 1910 census.  In this census the state ofbirth for both paretns has changed to Georgia.

    1910 Federal Census, Cooke County, Texas, 30 April, Justice Precinct5, District 60, page 10A, Hse #126, Fam #130
    Green, James D Head M W 34 Married 13 yrs OK GA GA General FarmLaborer Owns [b abt 1876]
    Green, Liza R  Wife  F W 33 Married 13 yrs  Borne 5 children/3 livingTX TN MO [b abt 1877]
    Green, Andrew  son M W 12 TX OK TX [b abt 1898]
    Green, Oscar L  son M W 8 TX OK TX [b abt 1902]
    Green, Jesse J Dau F W 4 TX OK TX [b abt 1906]

    There is a third child, Jesse J, reported as a daughter, even thoughthe spelling is a male name.  (Later information from Houston Greenindicates her full name was Jessie Jewel.)  Jessie is also in the 1920census, still with Andrew and Oscar, just as Betty said.

    In Letter 8 extra notes Betty Hess refers to Jim Green's wife asRillie Bridgeman:  "I remember Jim Green's wife's name.  She wasRillie Bridgeman."  I found her as well as Jim's second wife inCemetery Records for Parker County.

    Rillie is Arilla, Jim's first wife, buried in City Greenwood Cemetery. Born Dec 6, 1876, died Jun 27, 1914, noted as "wife of J D Green."In 1910 the wife of James D Green is transcribed by Ancestry as LeyaR, but this is probably meant to be Liza R.  The R would be forRillie, a nickname for Arilla, by which Betty Jackson Hess refers toJames' wife in her letters.  Birth year from the age of Liza R in the1910 census is abt 1877, which matches the gravestone birth date ofDec 6, 1876.

    In 1918, when James registered for the WWI draft, his wife is LillieGreen.  This is his second wife, Lillie Harriet Cain

    U.S. World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
    James Daniel Green
    Race White Residence Barry, Navarro County, Texas
    Age 43, born 10 May 1875 (no location reported)
    Farmer, employed by Joe Farmer, Barry, Texas
    Wife Mrs Lillie Green
    Height 5.8", Medium Build, Blue Eyes, Black Hair
    Registered 12 September 1918 (location unreadable) Navarro County

    1920 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 9 January, Weatherford Ward1, District 61, page 8A, 107 Cypress St, Hse #145, Fam #167
    Green, Jim D  Head Rents  M W 44 Married OK OK OK Laborer [b abt 1876]
    Green, Lillie  Wife F W 23 Married at age 23 TX OK TX No Occupation [babt 1897]
    Green, Andrew  son M W 21 Single TX OK TX Foreman, Oil Field [b abt1899]
    Green, Oscar  son M W 18 Single TX OK TX Laborer At Home [b abt 1902]
    Green, Jessie J Dau F W 12 Single TX OK TX No Occupation [b abt 1902]

    The head of the family is listed in 1920 as Jim D Green, matching ourJames D Green of 1910.  No Mollie is listed yet in these censuses, andwe later learn that Mollie must be a nickname for the daughter ofJames Daniel's second wife Hattie Cain.  This daughter is reported inthe Green family information as Mary Louise, born in 1923.

    In the Curtis Cemetery records (Weatherford, Texas) we find Jim'ssecond wife Hattie, which Betty refers to on p 2 of Letter 8.  "JimGreen married Hatty Cane."  (Initially I understood Betty's unsteadyhandwriting to be saying Lane.  Then in September 2008, Houston Green,a descendant of JD Green sent family information that gave Hattie'sname as Hattie Cain.  So I expect the name Betty wrote in her letterwas Hatty Cane.  I will use the spelling Cain in the Green familygenealogy.)

    The Curtis Cemetery register lists Green, Hattie Harriet (and we knowHattie is a nickname for Harriet, also).  Annotation on thegrave/register gives her husband's name as Jim D.

    Hattie/Harriet was born on November 20 1893 and died on February 4,1928.  [This death date matches the date given in family informationfrom Houston Green]  This places her as the second wife of Jim Green,since Rillie died in 1914.

    This would mean that Rillie is the wife (Leya R) in the 1910 censusfor James D Green, and Hatty is the second wife in the 1920 census.The names were different, but I had no way to probe for identity.  Theinteresting thing is the wife in 1920 is called Lillie.  This led meto surmise that was a second name besides Hattie for Harriet.  Maybeshe was Lillie Harriet or Harriet Lillie.  Some genealogies do reporther as Lillie Harriet.

    A problem with this is that the later-obtained information fromHouston Green reports that James Daniel did not marry Hattie until1921.  Perhaps the family recorded the date wrong or misread it intranscribing it from the Family Bible, which is stated to be thesource of the information.  But their daughter Mary Louise (Mollie)was not born until 1923, which matches better with a marriage in 1921.

    Then another factor that further argues against this Lillie beingHattie Cain is the birth date.  Lillie is age 23, meaning born about1897.  But the birth date on Hattie Green's grave is 1893.  But ifthis wife of 1920 is not Hattie Cain, then that means James DanielGreen had another wife between Arilla and Hatty, which the familyinformation does not report.  I cannot find any death information fora Lillie Green.  So this is still uncertain.

    No connection has yet been found between Jim Green and the line ofToliver Green, whose daughter married Abe Jackson, whose descendantsJim Green also seems to be related to.  There is one discrepancy inwhat Betty Jackson Hess says.  She comments that Andrew was born inTennessee.  The children of James Green, Andrew, Oscar and Jessie, areall born in Texas.  This would be consistent with our Greens fromGeorgia.

    All census reports say Jim was born in Indian Territory (Oklahoma).Census vary on the birthplace of his parents.

    1930 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 4 April, Weatherford Ward4, District 4, page 3A, 114 Eureka St, Hse #57, Fam #64
    Green, Jim D Head Rents $5 M W  55 First married at age 22 OK OK OKFarmer [b abt 1975]
    Green, Minnie Wife F W  45 First married at age 16 TX TX MO [b abt1985]
    Green, Mary L F W 7 Single TX OK TX [b abt 1923]
    Green, Felix M W 14 Single TX OK TX [b abt 1916]

    Mary L Green is the daughter of Lillie Harriett Cain.  Felix appearsto be Minnie's son from her first marriage, and should be designatedas Jim's stepson rather than his son, or perhaps an adopted son.

    The birth date on Jim's grave is different from that in earliersources in his life.  His WWI registration gives his birth date as 10May 1875.

    James D "Jim" Green
    Birth May 10, 1877
    Death Mar 7, 1934
    Children Baby Girl Green (1926 - 1926)
    Burial Curtis Cemetery, Weatherford, Parker County, Texas
    Created by B Oct 25, 2011
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #79299187,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=GREE&GSfn=J&GSpartial=1&GSbyrel=all&GSst=46&GScntry=4&GSsr=321&GRid=79299187&&ftm=1


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