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Culbertson PARKER1,2

about 19041 - before 1910

Life History

about 1904

Born in Comanche Reservation, Oklahoma Territory.1

before 1910

Died in Comanche County, Oklahoma


  • VI. The sixth wife was Toe-Pay (b. c. 1866) the last surviving wife(d. after 1956).
    A. Kelsey Parker died when a young child.
    B. Ghee [Chee] Parker died when a young child.
    C. Infant that died. [Culberson]
    D. Infant that died. [Goverson]
    VII. The seventh wife was Tonarcy, who bore Quanah no children. Shewas also known as To-Nas-Sah (Too Nicey).
    --  Parker Heritage,http://www.parkerheritage.com/forum/topics/quanah-parkers-wives-and?groupUrl=quanahparkerfamilyhistory&groupId=2004583%3AGroup%3A8614&id=2004583%3ATopic%3A9139&page=3

    1905 Indian Census Rolls, Comanche Tribe, Oklahoma, 30 June, KiowaAgency, Comanche Tribe, Page 22
    Ind Name Quanah Eng Name Quanah Parker Male Husband age 64
    Ind Name To-pay         Female Mother age 27
    Eng Name Kelsey Parker Male Son age 7
    Eng Name Culberson Parker Male Son age 1

    Culberson does not appear in the 1910 census, which reports that Topayhas borne 4 children, but only 2 are living.  Another name missinghere is another child born between 1905 and 1910.  Other sources tellus his name is Goverson.

    Most genealogies spell his name Culbertson.


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    • 30 June, Kiowa Agency, Page 22
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