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Richard BARNETT1,2

27th Aug 17891,2 - before 18361

Life History

27th Aug 1789

Born in Spartanburg, Spartanburg, South Carolina.1,2

before 1836

Died in Spartanburg, Spartanburg, South Carolina.1


  • Richard BARNETT
    Birth 27 Aug 1789 in Spartanburg, Spartanburg, South Carolina
    Death Sep 1836 in Spartanburg, Spartanburg, South Carolina
    Parents Micajah Cicero Barnett 1760-1837, Jane Jene GLENN 1762-1812
    --  Biddy Family,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/5753013/person/-231983202

    Richard Barnett, son of Joseph Barnett and Lucy Wade, was born 9 Oct1773 in Spartanburg County, SC. He died in 1832 in Lawrence County,AL. He married Susannah about 1793 in Spartanburg County, SC. Susannahdied sometime between 1814 (birth of son, Jorial) and 1820 (1820Census). Her maiden name COULD have been White or Smith as Richard andSusannah sold and bought lands from the Whites and Smiths ofSpartanburg Co., SC. It is also possible that Susannah's maiden namewas Lewis. Their children were:

    1-ELIZABETH (probable daughter) born 1802 in Spartanburg County, SCand died about 1880 in Lincoln County, TN. She married Josiah Stovall,son of David Stovall and Mary Wright. Their children were: Mary Ann,Thomas (married Mahulda P. Smith), Stephen Gilbert (married Sarah AnnSanderson), Nancy Jane (md. William Henry Riley), Frances, Susan Hulda(md. John C. Maroney), Alfred David (md. Sarah Jane Maroney, 2nd toMary Jane Riley), Martha (md. Silas Dollar), Sarah (md. Hiram Dollar),and Matthew. Josiah and Elizabeth lived in Lincoln Co., TN all theirlife. Descendants seem to have migrated to Ellis Co., TX.

    2-SUSAN (probable daughter) born 1805 in Spartanburg County, SC anddied before Sep 1857 in Itawamba County, MS. She married David JosephStovall, brother of Josiah. Their children were: Thomas Pinckney(?)(md. Matilda Gillis), Richard Lewis (md. Sarah Tankersly), Francis M.(md. Nancy Jane Lindsey), Elijah George (md. Sarah Ann, 2nd to MarthaAlvis, 3rd to Emma P. McWilliams), John Calvin (md. Mary MarthaAdeline Lindsey), Christopher Charles (md. Eveline), Martha E. (md.Joseph Tyre Mackey), Alfred B., Andrew Jackson (md. Mary FrancesWoodward), William James (md. Mary Jane Walker) and Jorial (md SarahCalista Reeves). David and Susan's family moved from Giles County, TNto Lawrence Co., AL then to Itawamba Co., MS. After Susan's death,David and his new wife, Mary Elizabeth Mackey Thigpen, moved toKaufman County, TX. Many descendants remain in the Kaufman Countyarea.

    3-JOSEPH born 20 June 1807 in Spartanburg County, SC and died 20 Nov1894 in Coleman County, TX. He married Susan Hampton on 1 Sep 1829 inLawrence County, AL. Their children were: James (apparently diedyoung), Rial (md. Mary Jane Thomas), Cynthia E. (never married),Richard Thomas (died in Civil War), George (died in Civil War), Harvey(died in Civil War), Rufus Calvin (never married), Mary Ann, andAlmary Melvina. Joseph and Sarah moved from Lawrence County, AL toItawamba Co., MS then to Kaufman Co., TX then to Coleman Co., TX wherethey are buried in Talpa Cemetery in Coleman, Coleman Co., TX. Theirdescendants lived in the counties of Kaufman, Coleman and Runnels.Descendants of their son, Rial, later moved to Arizona.

    4-GEORGE born 2 Aug 1810 in Spartanburg County, SC and died 3 Dec 1888in Kaufman Co., TX. He married Minerva Green on 11 Mar 1830 inLawrence County, AL. Their children were: Caroline, Elizabeth Jane,James Monroe (md. Sharlotta Smith), Alfred J. (md. Emily FrancesMorrow), Nemia (died young), William J. (died in Civil War), NancyJean (md. John Parker, 2nd to Joseph S. Hart), Martha A. (md. SamuelC. Hampton), Cornelia Frances (md. Joseph Cooper Spencer), Lucy A.(md. A. Bryant Hill), and Robert Henry (md. Elizabeth, 2nd to Susan).George and Minerva moved from Lawrence Co., AL to Itawamba Co., MS andlater to Kaufman Co., TX. George and his family were one of the firstfamilies to settle in Kaufman Co., TX.

    5-JORIAL born about 1814 in Giles County, TN and died after 1880 inBrazos County, TX. He married twice, first to a Martha about 1835.Their children were: Susan E. (md. H. J. Taylor), Mary D.B. (md. DaveAdams??), Richard Lewis (md. Susan Hill, 2nd to Mary Jane Black),James Alfred (md. Mary D. Taylor, 2nd to Vina), George Allison (md.Rebecca E.), Benjamin Augustin (md. Emily C.), and Martha Callie (md.Leonidas W. P. Eubank). Jorial's second wife was Rachel Hill whom hemarried on 23 Dec 1858 in Cherokee County, TX. Their children wereJohn Douglas (md. Mary E. Rawes), Nancy Alice (md. MichaelWeickersheimer, Jr.), Cinder (Cinderella?), Ward (md. Hettie) andLaura. Jorial moved from Lawrence Co., AL to Itawamba Co., MS then toCherokee Co., TX. Sometime after his marriage to his second wife,Rachel, he moved to Brazos Co., TX. His descendants lived in thecounties of Eastland, Coke, Wharton, Matagorda, Freestone, and Brazos.

    Richard and Susannah apparently had four other daughters and two othersons. Does anyone know who they may have been? We suspect that therewas a son named Alfred since almost all of the Barnett siblings nameda son Alfred.

    Jason Gervase
    --  Barnett Discussion List,http://boards.ancestry.netscape.com/thread.aspx?mv=flat&m=679&p=surnames.barnett

    "4 I give and bequeath to my son Richard Barnett decd children seventyfive dollars each."
    --  Will of Micajah Barnett Sr,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/8180737/story/c4359186-7de9-43b4-934a-77a9c2cbae2d?ftm=1


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