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Andrew Jackson WAGNON2,5,1,3,4,1

also known as Jack Wagnon

12th Nov 18555,1 - 10th Sep 19105,1,4

Life History

12th Nov 1855

Born in Greene County, Georgia.2,3,4

(most likely)



(less likely)

18th Feb 1886

Married Irene GATLIN in Mt Enterprise, Rusk, Texas.4

1st Mar 1887

Birth of daughter Annie Josephine WAGNON.6

10th Nov 1888

Death of daughter Annie Josephine WAGNON.6

10th Feb 1890

Birth of son Elma Jackson WAGNON in Anderson, Grimes, Texas.2,7,1,8,9,10

28th Jan 1892

Birth of daughter Cora Etta WAGNON in Texas.2,6

4th Feb 1894

Birth of son Alva WAGNON.6

8th Mar 1894

Death of son Alva WAGNON.6

24th Aug 1896

Birth of son Edward Daniel WAGNON in Garrison, Nacogdoches, Texas.6,2


Resident in Rock Creek, Stephens, Oklahoma.2

10th Sep 1910

Died in Stephens County, Oklahoma.5,1,4

after 10th Sep 1910

Buried in Duncan Municipal Cemetery, Duncan, Stephens County, Oklahoma.1


  • I have not entered previous generations of the Wagnons in thisgenealogy, but others have reconstructed the parentage of AndrewJackson Wagnon.  I include here the report of one of these that iswell-done.

    Descendants of Daniel Monroe Wagnon

    1. Daniel Monroe1 Wagnon was born 1814 in Greene Co., GA, USA, anddied 1859 in Greene Co., GA, USA
    He married (1) Nancy Taylor Lumpkin 1 December 1832 in Ogilthorpe Co.,GA. Nancy has been reported to have died in childbirth no doubt givingbirth to William S
    He married (2) Martha M. Swindelle 18 December 1834 in Greene Co., GA,USA, daughter of Henry Swindell and Anna.

    Notes for Daniel Monroe Wagnon:
    I have census records on Daniel Monroe and Martha (Swindelle) Wagnonin 1850 Greene County, Georgia and of Martha alone with the childrenin 1860 Census of Green County, Georgia. Also I have the death ofDaniel M. from the 1860 Georgia mortality records from microfilm andfrom a printed source of 1860 Georgia Mortality schedules.

    I also have Pittman Monroe's marriage certificates. One with FrancisLeaverett and one with Mary Jane Casey, both in Georgia.

    I do not know who the parents of Daniel Monroe Wagnon are. Itsometimes seems that they are Daniel and Elizabeth and then we hearsomething like we did from one descendant of Daniel that they only hadone child, a daughter, Elizabeth who married Nathaniel Howell.Elizabeth was born a very long time before our Daniel Monroe so itdoesn't seem likely that he is their child.

    He could also be the child of Thomas Poythress Wagnon who marriedElenor Saucer, but again, no evidence.  He could be the son of JohnPeter Wagnon Sr., but again, no proof.

    Children of Daniel Wagnon and Nancy Lumpkin are:
    i. William S. Wagnon, born 4 June 1834 in Greene Co. GA, USA. Hemarried Martha married McLelland 5 July 1860.

    Children of Daniel Wagnon and Martha Swindelle are:
    + 3 i Henry George Wagnon, born 1837 in Greene Co., GA, USA.
    + 4 ii. Pittman Monroe Wagnon, born 17 November 1840 in Greene Co.,GA, USA; died 28 October 1918 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX, USA.
    5 iii. Hinton C. Wagnon, born 1843 in Greene Co., GA, USA.
    6 iv. James Daniel Wagnon, born 11 October 1845 in Greene Co., GA,USA; died 19 December 1932 in Rush Springs, Grady Co., OK, USA. Hemarried Frances Elizabeth.
    7 v. Thomas Crimley Wagnon, born 1846 in Greene Co., GA, USA.
    8 vi. Phebe Emily Wagnon, born 1847 in Greene Co., GA, USA. Shemarried James M. Moreland 15 December 1870 in Greene Co., GA, USA
    Notes for Phebe Emily Wagnon: Marriage in "Green County Marriages."

    + 9 viii. Cornelia Caroline Wagnon, born January 1849 in Greene Co.,GA, USA; died in Smith Co., TX, USA.
    10 ix. Thomas J. Wagnon, born 1852 in Greene Co., GA, USA.
    + 11 x. Andrew Jackson Wagnon, born 12 November 1855 in Greene Co.,GA, USA; died 10 September 1910 in Stephens Co., OK, USA.
    + 12 xi. Anna A. Wagnon, born 1856 in Greene Co., GA, USA; died 8August 1933 in Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co. TX, USA.
    --  Wagnon-Gamblin Genealogy,

    1880 Federal Census, Rusk County, Texas, 29 June, Precinct 5, District77, page 58, Hse #396, Family #406
    Wagnon, Andrew  W M 23  Farmer Single  GA GA GA [b abt abt 1857]
    Wagnon, Thomas  W M 24 Brother Farm Laborer  GA GA GA
    Wagnon, Cornelia W F 20 Sister Keeping House  GA GA GA
    Wagnon, Anna   W F 18  Sister GA GA GA
    Wagnon, Maggie  W F 7 Niece At Home GA GA GA

    1910 Federal Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 20 April, Rock Creek,District 244, page 2A, Hse/Fam #23
    Wagnon, Andrew Head M W 55 Married 23 yrs GA GA GA Farmer Rents
    Wagnon, Rena  Wife F W 51 Married 23 yrs TX TN TN No Occupation
    Wagnon, Elmer  Son M W 20 Single TX GA TX Farm Hand
    Wagnon, Cora Dau W 18 Single TX GA TX No Occupation
    Wagnon, Eddie  Son M W 14 Single TX GA TX Farm Hand

    Since the last child reported here was born in Texas in about 1896, wecan say they moved to Chickasaw Nation (later Stephens County,Oklahoma) no earlier than 1896.

    The Kelly-Winter genealogy lacks requisite documentation for manydates and facts, but provides very credible insider familyinformation, including the full names of the children and the birthand death dates for two additional children including one child whodied at age 1 month.

    Alva Wagnon
    Birth 4 Feb 1894
    Death 8 Mar 1894
    Andrew Jackson Wagnon 1855 - 1910
    Irene (Rena) Gatlin 1860 - 1943
    --  Kelly-Winter,

    Annie Josephine Wagnon
    Birth 1 Mar 1887
    Death 10 Nov 1888
    Andrew Jackson Wagnon 1855 - 1910
    Irene (Rena) Gatlin 1860 - 1943
    --  Kelly-Winter,

    Jack's gravestone reports his birth and death dates as 1853-1910, butother family sources have 1855 as his birth year, with his exact birthdate reported as 12 November 1855.  Some sources previously reportinghim are no longer online.

    Block 6 WAGNON  Irene   1860    1943    SS/W Jack Wagnon
    Block 6 WAGNON  Jack    1857    1910    SS/W Irene Wagnon
    --  Duncan Municipal Cemetery, Duncan, Stephens County, Oklahoma,

    Jack Wagnon
    Birth 1857
    Death 1910
    Jack Wagnon
    1857 - 1910
    Irene Wagnon
    1860 - 1943
    Burial Duncan Municipal Cemetery, Duncan, Stephens County, Oklahoma,Plot: Blk 6
    Created by Jean Nov 18, 2006
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #16699356,


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