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Anna Belle MILLER1

about 19131,2 - UNKNOWN

Life History

about 1913

Born in Missouri.1,2



Other facts


Adopted in Adopted by stepmother Emma Cornelia Dumond Miller, after death of George Miller, date uncertain


  • Bertie McSwain tells us that George's stepdaughter was age 12 when hiswife Emma Cornelia adopted her after George's death.
    --  Bertie Lois Dumond McSwain, Family Information 1979

    George died in 1925, so this would put Anna Belle's birth year atabout 1913.  The census of 1930 reports her as age 16, so it couldhave been in 1914.

    It was thought that Anna Belle was a child of George's previous wife.I have not found an actual marriage date for George and Emma KinardDumond.  A Dumond genealogy by Ralph Dumond reports they married in1913.  This is problematic for the status of Anna Belle as thedaughter of George's previous wife.

    If Anna Belle was only 16 in 1930, and George was her step-father, hecould not have married her mother before 1914, perhaps in 1913 rightafter Anna Belle was born or even while her mother was still pregnantwith her.  The only way I see that George could also have married EmmaKinard Dumond in the same year when Anna was born is if her motherdied in chidlbirth and he mariried Emma immediately.  In this caseEmma raised her, but did not adopt her until George died, as familytradition tells us.

    It is unclear where this child was in 1920, since she was notenumerated with George and Emma.  The census reports no children intheir home.  And I can find no record of her elsewhere under the nameMiller.

    I finally found her in the 1930 census, with Emma, designated as anadopted daughter.  She is reported born in Missouri, and both herparents born in Missouri.  This confirms that she was not George'sdaughter, since George was born in Mississippi.  I have not discoveredthe name of George's first wife or of Anna Belle's father.

    1930 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 18 April, PrairieTownship, District 24, Page 11B, Hse #225, Fam #226(?) (Some familynumbers are duplicated)
    Miller, Emma Head Owns F W 62 Widow First married at age 18 AR GA GANo Occupation
    Miller, Anna Belle Adopted Dau F W 16 Single MO MO MO

    Anna Belle is 16 here, and the family knows that she was about 12 whenGeorge died and Emma adopted her.  This means that George died about1925.  This is consistent with George's known death date, 27 January1925.


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