LaVonna Faye STEWART Beulah Faye CLOWER Mini tree diagram

Bill K STEWART2,4,1,5,3

16th Jun 19311 - 10th Jul 19901

Life History

16th Jun 1931


6th Jul 1953

Birth of daughter LaVonna Faye STEWART in Enid, Garfield, Oklahoma.6,7,4,5,3,6

about 1988

Death of Beulah Faye CLOWER in Missouri.3

10th Jul 1990

Died in Sunray, Moore, Texas.1

after 10th Jul 1990

Buried in Berryhill Cemetery, Washburn, Barry, Missouri.2,1,3

Other facts


Married Beulah Faye CLOWER


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    She [LaVonna Faye Stewart] was born July 6, 1953 to Bill and BeulahStewart in Enid, OK. ... I've always heard that they moved aroundoften, as my grandfather was in construction and I believe that hehelped build the Table Rock dam near where I live now in Missouri. ...I do now how or why she, my grandparents and aunts moved to Texas. Mypresumption would be due to my Grandfather's work. ...

    My father, mother, and grandfather's (mother's father) graves arelocated in Berryhill cemetary in Washburn, MO. ... I do not know whatyear my Grandmother died but some time after that my grandfather movedback to Missouri. I believe it might have been in 1988 or 1989 and weeventually followed him, moving there in 1990 the summer between my5th and 6th grades. Granddad died that same summer.   [But he died inSunray, Moore County, Texas 10 July 1990.]
    --  JoAnna Riley Luney, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 25 May 2013

    Billy K Stewart
    Birth 16 June 1931
    Death 10 July 1990 in Washburn, Barry, Missouri
    Burial Berryhill Cemetery Washburn, MO
    --  Fielding,

    Billy's granddaughter gives his name as Bill.  We might figure hisfull name was William, but I have not yet seen a documentation ofthat.  Bill might have been his actual given name.

    Social Security Death Index
    B. K. Stewart
    Born 16 Jun 1931
    Died 15 Jul 1990
    Last Residence Sunray, Moore, Texas 79086
    SSN 495-30-0347 issued Missouri (Before 1951)

    Billy K. Stewart
    Birth Jan. 16, 1931
    Death Jul. 10, 1990
    Wife of Anne ( ? ) Stewart.
    Burial Berryhill Cemetery, Washburn, Barry County, Missouri
    Maintained by JFI, Originally Created by Jody May 12, 2007
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #19348265,


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