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Isaac Newton BRISCOE5,1,2,3,4

also known as Newt BRISCOE7,8

15th Apr 18431,2,3,4 - 5th Jun 19205,1,2,6

Life History

15th Apr 1843

Born in Missouri.1,2,3,4

8th Jun 1903

Death of Mary Caruthers MATTOX.1

5th Jun 1920

Died in Caddo Mills, Hunt, Texas.5,1,2,6

after 5th Jun 1920

Buried in Independent Order of the Odd Fellows Cemetery, Hunt County, Texas.1,2

Other facts


Married Mary Caruthers MATTOX


  • Isaac Newton Briscoe is buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in CaddoMills, Hunt County, Texas.  There are several other Briscoes buriedthere, including his wife

    Briscoe, I.N. b 4-15-1843   d  6-5-1920 Section 2 Row 2 Block 11 Lot 1
    Briscoe, Mary C., wife of I.N.  b 12-29-1848   d 6-8-1903  Section 2Row 2 Block 11 Lot 2

    Name  Birth  Death  Section Row Block Lot
    Briscoe, Barney Wray 5-17-1902 9-25-1940 2 2 11 7
    Briscoe, Ben M. 1887  1958  2 2 11 3
    Briscoe, Blanche 7-3-1909  9-28-1917 2 2 7 2
    Briscoe, Clark B. 5-16-1882 3-4-1933  2 2 7 3
    Briscoe, Lillie B. 8-16-1883 8-26-1934 2 2 7 4
    Briscoe, Wray 2-10-1872 11-20-1942 2 2 11 6
    --  Oddfellows Cemetery Registry, Caddo Mills, Texas,

    Another genealogy reports his place of death and burial as CaddoMills, Hunt County, Texas.  He is buried there in the OddfellowsCemetery.  This source reports the same death date as found on hisgrave.

    Isaac Newton Briscoe
    Birth 15 Apr 1843 in Missouri
    Death 5 Jun 1920 in Caddo Mills, Hunt, Texas
    Parents  James R. Briscoe 1820-1863, Rebecca Wray 1816-1852
    --  Cockerham Family,

    Some genealogies report that Isaac Newton Briscoe who was the son ofJames R Briscoe and born in 1843 had a son also names Isaac Newton,born in 1856.  But this is too young for his to be his son.  Somegenealogies report the later birth date for the son of James RunnelsBriscoe.  But his date is on the Civil War Roster and his grave, sothe son of James Runnels was born in 1843, not 1856.  No documentationor explanation is provided on these genealogies, so there is not muchway to evaluate their validity.

    One genealogy with some good information about the Briscoes reportsthat the younger Isaac Newton Briscoe died in the town Y, in Somme,France, but does not have a date.  He would have been about 60 at thetime of the World War I, so it does not seem reasonable he was inFrance related to the war.

    Isaac Newton BRISCOE, Birth 11 May 1856, Death in Y [Somme, France];Parents James Runnells BRISCOE 1820 - 1863, Sarah Jane Walton 1830 -1913
    --  Mead/Cox Family,

    Note the difference of wives for James R and mothers for Isaac Newton. These are reported as two wives of James R.  One genealogy has 4wives for James Runnels Briscoe!  It appears that one of two thingshas happened.  James R had a son with each of these wives and namedthem the same.  The compilers of the genealogists have confused twosimilar Briscoe families.  I see that birth places and dates in Texasand in Missouri are variously reported for the different Isaac NewtonBriscoes with different birth dates.  I am following public recordswhere these occur and continue looking for more of this sort ofinformation to clarify the Briscoe story.

    I found one genealogy which had no dates, but did provide some missingnames.  No other genealogy I had seen had the name of Isaac NewtonBriscoe, other than Mary C, which appears in the cemetery listing.This genealogy gives her full name as Mary Caruthers Mattox.

    Briscoe, Isaac Newton
    Spouse: Mattox, Mary Carruthers
    Father: Mattox, Wiley Ammon
    Mother: McDonald, Sarah Carruthers
    Briscoe, Ida
    Briscoe, Maude
    Briscoe, Marion Wray (Male)
    Briscoe, Henry Alverde
    Briscoe, Benjamin
    Briscoe, Clark Braden
    --  Maddox Family,

    1850 Federal Census, Hunt County, Texas, 16 October, page 194, Hse#41, Fam #43
    John Briscoe 35 M Bell Smith b Tennessee [b abt 1815]
    Rebecca Briscoe 34 F b Virginia [b abt 1836]
    Isaac N Briscoe 6 F b Missouri [b abt 1844]

    1860 Federal Census, Hunt County, Texas, 3 October, Precinct 8, P OFarmersville Collin County, p 39 (scan 340), Hse/Fam #985
    John Briscoe 45 M Stock Raiser $1280 Real Estate $10000 Personal BornVirginia [born abt 1815]
    Elizabeth Briscoe 32 F b Tenn [born abt 1828]
    Isaac N Briscoe 15 M b Mo [born abt 1845]


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