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William 1st Earl of Wiltshire LE SCROPE4,1,2,3,5

about 13511,2,3 - 29th Jul 13991,2,3

Life History

about 1351

Born in North Riding, Yorkshire, England.1,2,3

before 1396

Death of Elizabeth TIPTOFT in William married Isabel Russell in 1396.6


Married Isabel RUSSELL in Bolton, Wensleydale, Yorkshire, England.6,3

Jul 1399

Buried in Unknown

29th Jul 1399

Died in Bristol Castle, Gloucestershire, England.1,2,3

Beheaded without trial

Other facts


Married Elizabeth TIPTOFT


  • Birth dates for William Le Scrope and many others of this era areuncertain.  Most sources repeat the birth date of 1350 commonly usedfor William Le Scrope, 1st Earl of Wiltshire, son of Richard LeScrope, 1st Lord Scrope of Bolton.  Wikipedia repeats the common dateof 1350 for his birth.  Tudor place reports more cautiously are "Abt1351."  The birth year of William's brother is also about 1350.

    William was married twice, first to Elizabeth Tiptoft (widow of PhilipLord Despencer), whose two sisters married two of William's brothers.After her death he married Isabel Russell.

    Married 1 Elizabeth TIPTOPF (first married Philip Lord Despencer)(dau. of Robert Tiptoft and Margaret Deincourt)
    Married 2 Isabel RUSSELL
    --  Tudor Place, (1° E. Wiltshire)

    The Bradley Genealogy provied ore specific deails of his marriage withIsabel Russell.

    Sir William le SCROPE Earl of Wiltshire [Parents] 1, 2, 3, 4 was born1350 in Bolton, North Riding, Yorkshire, England. He died 29 Jul 1399in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England. William married Isabel RUSSELLon 1396 in Bolton, North Riding, Yorkshire, England.

    Isabel RUSSELL [Parents] 1, 2, 3, 4 was born 1379 in Dyrham,Gloucestershire, England. She died 1 May 1437 in Hatfield, WestRiding, Yorkshire, England. Isabel married Sir William le SCROPE Earlof Wiltshire on 1396 in Bolton, North Riding, Yorkshire, England.

    Wikipedia introduces William Le Scrope, 1st Earl of Wiltshire and Kingof Mann.

    William le Scrope, 1st Earl of Wiltshire (1350-1399) was a closesupporter of King Richard II of England.


    He was a soldier-adventurer in Lithuania, Italy and France, where heserved with John of Gaunt. Gaunt made him seneschal of Aquitaine in1383. He then joined the household of Richard II, as chamberlain. In1394 he became a Knight of the Garter.

    He was closely involved in Richard's second marriage to Isabella ofValois; and was Isabelle's guardian at Wallingford Castle, of which hewas castellan, when the King went to Ireland.

    He was made Earl of Wiltshire in 1397. He became Lord High Treasurerin 1398. He became effective head of the government in Richard'sabsence. He benefitted from the confiscated estates of Thomas deBeauchamp, 12th Earl of Warwick, kept for a time under his hand in theIsle of Man, and of John of Gaunt; he also accumulated control of anumber of strategic castles.

    He was executed by Henry IV on his successful invasion.


    He was the son of Richard le Scrope, 1st Baron Scrope of Bolton. Hisfather purchased for him the title King of Mann, in 1392.
    --  "William le Scrope, 1st Earl of Wiltshire," Wikipedia,,_1st_Earl_of_Wiltshire

    William was beheaded when he lost a fight for power with the Duke ofHereford, Henry Bolingbroke, later King Henry IV.  He was delivered toHenry by the populace where he has fled and hid, and Henry beheadedhim on the spot at Bristol Castle, Gloucestershire on 29 July 1399.

    More details are given by the Tudor Place Genealogy summary: SCROPE (1° E.Wiltshire)

    Sir William Scrope
    Birth 1350, Death Jul. 12, 1399 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
    Earl of Wiltshire
    Father Richard Le Scrope (1327 - 1403)
    Sibling Roger Scrope (1348 - 1403)
    Burial Non-Cemetery Burial, Executed for treason at Bristol Castle.Head sent to London to be displayed on London Bridge.
    Created by Todd Whitesides Nov 18, 2013
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #120491177,


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