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14th Jul 19021,2 - 21st Oct 19083,2

Life History

14th Jul 1902

Born in Chckasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1,2

21st Oct 1908

Died in Love County, Oklahoma.3,2

after 21st Oct 1908

Buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Marietta, Love County, Oklahoma.2


  • No child named Etta was listed in the 1902 census on the card forWilliam Hunter Cochran's family.

    U.S. Native American Enrollment Cards for the Five Civilized Tribes,1898-1914
    25 Sep 1902, Dawes' Roll #4323, Census Card #1617 William HunterCochran, Age 34, Birth Abt 1868, 1/4 Chickasaw
    25 Sep 1902, Dawes' Roll #4324, Census Card #1617 Willie Cochran, Age7, Birth Abt 1895, 1/8 Chickasaw
    25 Sep 1902, Dawes' Roll #4325, Census Card #1617 Vertis Cochran, Age4, Birth Abt 1898, 1/8 Chickasaw
    25 Sep 1902, Dawes' Roll #4326, Census Card #1617 Samuel T Cochran,Age 2, Birth Abt 1900, 1/8 Chickasaw Tribal Affiliation Chickasaw ByBlood

    No child named Etta, likewise, is found in the 1910 census record forthis family.  But note that that census reports that Carry Cochran hashad 5 children but lost 2.  Etta's dates found on  her burial inLakeview Cemetery, Marietta, Oklahoma, fits the period from the 1902census and the 1910 census.

    1910 Federal Census, Love County, Oklahoma, 14 May, Marietta City,District 171, page 24A, Hse/Fam #18
    Cochran, William H Head M Indian (1/4 Chickasaw) 42 Married 15 years[mar abt 1895] OK AL AL US Marshall Owns Farm [b abt 1868]
    Cochran, Carry Wife F White 31 Married 15 years 5 children/3 living ALAL AL No Occupation [b abt 1879]
    Cochran, Verta Dau F Indian (1/8 Chickasaw) 12 Marriage OK OK AL [babt 1898]
    Cochran, Samuel T Son  M Indian (1/8 Chickasaw) 10 OK OK AL [b abt1900]
    Cochran, Vaughn Son  M Indian (1/8 Chickasaw) 7 OK OK AL [b abt 1903]

    Etta Cochran
    Birth Jul 14, 1902
    Death Oct 21, 1908
    Parents Carrie Cochran (1876 - 1974)
    Willie Cochran (1895 - 1906)
    Vaughn Cochran (1903 - 1963)
    Burial Lakeview Cemetery, Marietta, Love County, Oklahoma
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    There is one factor to consider here.  The date on the census card was25 September 1902.  But that date could represent when it was actuallyadded to the formal card, since it appears from some other notes withdates that the census data was actually recorded some time in July.William's whole family, also, was transferred from an older Choctawenrollment card, stemming from the earlier inclusion of Chickasawcitizens in the Choctaw roll until they got the division of the tribescompleted.

    One new child was added to the old Choctaw card before it wastransferred to the new Chickasaw card.  This was Samuel T, enrolled inJuly 1901, reported as 9 months old.  Because of the usual time delaybetween recording and enrollment, it is not exactly clear when Samuelwas born, but probably in late 1900 or early 1901.  But these nameswere not transferred to a new Chickasaw card until October 1902.  Sobirths during that time would not have been included.

    And the final 1902 card names were the only ones included on the"final" roll in 1903.  Others were added at each census date or asbirths were reported, and new enrollments approved.  Going by thedates on the enrollment for Vaughn Cochran, born in 1903, each newbirth apparently had to be reported, then processed in several stagesand finally approved by the Secretary of the Interior.  The period oftime from birth to approval was around 2 years.

    Vaughn was born 10 Feb 1903.  Application for his citizenshipenrollment was received in the government office on 22 March 1905.Final approval was given on 21 June 1905, by the Secretary of theInterior!  And 21st century Americans complain about bureaucracy andred tape!

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