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Seatha SLONE

Seatha SLONE1,5,3,6

about 18311,2,3 - about 18634

Life History

about 1831

Born in Kentucky.1,2,3

about 1858

Married Isom TERRY in Floyd County, Kentucky

25th Mar 1859

Birth of daughter Caroline TERRY in Madison County, Arkansas.7,8,9,9,10,1

about 1863

Died in Johnson County, Arkansas.4


  • In 1850, Seatha was living in her widowed father's household, theoldest of three children.

    1850 Federal Census, Floyd County, Kentucky, 10 August, My District,page 432B, Hse/Fam #305
    Isom Slone 56 M Farmer $1800 Real Estate b Virginia
    Seatha Slone 18 F b Kentucky
    Mary Slone 16 F b Kentucky
    Pleasant Slone 14 M b Kentucky

    Seatha married Isom Terry about 1858.  In the 1860 census, they wereliving in Madison County, Arkansas.  The birth states of the childrenin the 1860 census indicates that Isom and first wife (named Hughes,as reported in Mary's Find a Grave memorial) moved to Arkansas inabout 1854, before the birth of William.  They were living in MadisonCounty, Arkansas, at the time of the 1860 census.  They later lived inJohnson County.

    1860 Federal Census, Madison County, Arkansas, 3 July, PO St Paul,Hilburn Township, page 50, Hse/Fam #326
    Isham Terry 26 M Farmer $0 Real Estate $15 Personal born KY Cannotread or write [b abt 1834]
    Ceatta Terry 29 F born KY Cannot read or write [b abt 1831]
    Rachel Terry 7 F born KY
    William Terry 5 M born AR
    Mary Terry 5mos F born AR
    Caroline Terry 1 F born AR
    Polly Terry 60 F Midwife born KY Cannot read or write

    Several genealogies try very hard to connect Seatta/Ceatta Justice toIsom Terry.  But the best they have done is wedge her in where thefacts do not support her presence.  None of these genealogies provideany documentation for the marriage of Ceatta (or Seatta) Justice toIsom Terry.  Several seem to copy each other to report that Isom Terrymarried Ceatta Justice August 1850 in My District, Floyd County,Kentucky.  But no record or explanation is presented.

    I have found no genealogy that accounts for the name Ceatta as adifferent wife for Isom Terry from his later wife Celia.  Some havethis as another name for Celia, but then link to a Ceatta Justice.  Inthe 1850 census, Ceatta Justice was enumerated with her parents andsiblings in My District, Floyd County, Kentucky.  As we see above,this is the same district where Seatha Slone and her family lived in1850. Her family was living among the Terry households in thatdistrict.

    Marriage records of Floyd County, Kentucky, also report the marriageor Seatta Justice to Rhoades Mead in September 1850.  They are stillmarried in the 1860 census, when Isom is also married to his Ceatta.This alone seems to definitively disprove the possibility of CeattaJustice being the wife of Isom Terry.

    Family Data Collection - Individual Records
    Rhodes Mead
    Spouse Seatta Justice
    Parents Thomas Mead, Mary Polly Hall
    Birth 1830 Floyd Co, KY
    Marriage 30 Sep 1850 Floyd Co, KY

    But the two women are not the same age either.  In the 1850 census,Ceatta Justice is reported as only 15 years old, just before shemarried Rhoades Mead.  In the 1850 census, as Rhoades' wife, Ceatta isreported as age 24, consistent with her young age in the 1850 censusjust before their marriage.

    Meanwhile, in the 1860 census, Ceatta Terry is reported as 29 yearsold, about 5 years older than Ceatta Justice Rhoades.  This means shewas about 19 years old in 1850, in line with the 1850 census of theSlone family above.  So when Seatha/Ceatta Slone and Isom Terrymarried before Ceatta Justice married Rhoades Mead.  These detailsmust be accounted for in a genealogy.

    When we were working on this naming and identification problem forIsom Terry's wives in 2013, one researcher sent her musings to me fromher research up to that point.
    I have started wondering if Isom was married to Seatha Slone.  Theylive very near each other in the 1850 Floyd County census, but of moreinterest to me is an old letter written by a grandson of Isom, statinghe was married four or five times, once to a Sloan and once to aHughes.  Since his spelling was pretty bad, I could easily exchangeSloan for Slone.  [These were both common spellings of the same familyline. -- OBJ]

    According to all the family stories, this Ceatta died during the war,probably around 1863, as the story is that Isom came home from the warand found her dead due to starvation, and the children almost dead.1863 corresponds to the time he is shown to have deserted.  Shortlyafter this they move to Johnson County and live under a cliff.  Ican’t find them in the 1870 census, but have seen where they lived, soit is very possible the census taker missed them.

    It is pretty certain that Isom was married to (or just having a childwith) someone named Margaret.  Their child is Jackson Terry and I cantrace him living with his mother.  They would most likely have beenmarried either in Madison or Johnson Counties.
    --  Barbara Nelson, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 2 June 2013

    If Ceatta/Seatha Slone did die in 1863, that would match the marriageof Isom during the balance of the war with his other reported wifeMargaret.  Margaret bore Isom a son named Jackson born in 1864.  Butthey later divorced.  After Margaret's death Isom married Celia Davis,who appears to be a widow with previous married name of Hanley, in1874.

    A descendant contributed some strong family information to support theidentity of Ceatta Terry.  Their Terry family oral history also claimsthat her name was Ceatta Slone.

    "... in regard to Isom's first wife, Ceatta.  My great grand Aunt Lee(Rachel's child) always told my Dad she thought her grandma was SeattySlone.  All my life (almost 50 years) I grew up thinking my directancestor was Slone.  Only in the last 20 or so years did I entertainthe notion and try to make Ceatta Justice fit.  Just last night Iasked my father again about Isom's first wife's last name and he againrelayed the name Seatty Slone.  I understand this is not proof but itis a valid recollection.  My dad has been talking to "old timers" forabout 50 years."
    --  Jami Sue Yarger Brandt, Geneanet Messaging communication toOrville Boyd Jenkins, 27 April 2015

    Isom married Celia Davis Hanley in 1874.  This seems to mean thatCelia Davis, whom genealogies identify as the wife of Isom Terry, wasfirst married to someone named Hanley,  I have found no marriagerecord or any record of Celia with the surname Hanley other than thismarriage record.  Celia would be the second wife, Ceatta being thefirst, whose family identity has not been determined.

    After Seatha died in 1863 or so, Isom Terry married Celia Davis.Celia Davis-Terry's birth date based on census reports is about 1843or 1844, while Ceatta/Seatha (Slone) Isom's birth is about 1831.

    "Isom Terry's brother William was married to Seatha Slone's sisterAnna. So far my only evidence to support this is William & Anna'scensus records and a birth record of their son Thomas."
    --  Jami Sue Sapulpa, Ancestry Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 26June 2016


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