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Jesse Quitman CRISWELL

Jesse Quitman CRISWELL1,2,3,11,4,6

also known as Jesse B CRISWELL8,7

also known as Jessie CRISWELL1,10

9th Sep 18958 - 16th Jun 197510,4,6

Life History

Sep 1892

Born in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.8

(less likely)

9th Sep 1895

Born in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,2,3,4,5,6,7

(most likely)

between 1900 and 1942

Resident in Prairie Township (Ethel), Arkansas, Arkansas.1,3,8,9,5

about 1920

Married Lavada Mae WEST.1,3

16th Jun 1975

Died in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.10,4,6

after 16th Jun 1975

Buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Ethel, Arkansas County, Arkansas.6

Other facts


Birth of son Living CRISWELL


  • The Simons genealogy gives the name as Jesse B.  No source is givenfor the name or date of birth in this source.  The gravestone hasJesse Q, and the Essex Funeral Home burial registry gives the fullname as Jesse Quitman.  I have not found information that wouldindicate two different persons named Jesse Criswell.

    The names of Jesse (Jessie) B and Jesse (Jessie) Q (Quitman) seem torefer to the same person.  But it is not clear what the initial Bmeans or why it appears sometimes.  Only one child named Jesse appearsin the Criswell or Simons genealogies I have found.

    The greatest difference, however is in the birth date.  Simons reportsJuly 1892, while the grave has 9 September 1895, a difference of 3years and 2 months!  I have found no sources in the Simons onlineinformation, so I have gone with the firm date I have seen.

    The other information of this individual and family are so similarthis must be the same family, despite the great discrepancy of birthdates.

    Also the age of the mother is a bit of a problem.  Simons is the onlysource where I have found the family as a whole, originally online butno longer posted.  Others I found later are similar.  If the dates ofbirth and ages of parents are correct, Martha A Jackson Criswellremained fecund into her fifties.  This is quite unusual, but theinformation seems to make sense otherwise.  Martha would have been 52when Jesse was born.

    The 1900 census reports Jessie and his siblings in their parents' homein Prairie Township of Arkansas County Arkansas.  This census reportsbirth month and year of birth:
    1900 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 16 June 1900, PrairieTownship, District 7, Page 11B, Hse #192, Family #195
    William H Criswell Head  W M  Mar 1840  60  Alabama Alabama Alabama
    Martha A Criswell Wife W F  Apr 1840  60  Alabama Georgia Georgia
    Thomas Criswell   Son  W M  Mar 1881  19  Miss Alabama Alabama
    Robert F Criswell Son  W M  Aug 1882  17  Miss Alabama Alabama
    Joseph L Criswell Son  W M  Jul 1884  15  Miss Alabama Alabama
    Edward M Criswell Son  W M  Jun 1886  13  Miss Alabama Alabama
    Maggie E Criswell Dau W F  Apr 1888  12  Ark Alabama Alabama
    Lee R Criswell Son  W M  May 1890  10  Ark Alabama Alabama
    Jesse B Criswell Son  W M  Sep 1892  7  Ark Alabama Alabama

    This census reports both William and Martha born in Alabama.  Mostsources report his birth place as South Carolina.  The latter seems tobe correct.  The Simon Family genealogy reporting on the Criswellsgives his and his wife's birth as Attala, Mississippi, where many oftheir children were born.  In several of the children's censusreports, their father's birthplace is reported as South Carolina, andonce in Harvey's record, it is North Carolina.  Martha's birth stateis usually reported as Alabama.

    In the censuses for 1910 and 1920, William is reported as born inSouth Carolina.  In 1880, the record for his son James indicated thatWilliam (James' father) was born in Alabama, as the 1900 census.Subsequent censuses, however, reported James' father born in SouthCarolina, matching the earlier reports for William himself.  I findthat family genealogies usually report William was born in SouthCarolina, Abbeville District, specifically.

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 16 April, PrairieTownship, District 13, page 1A, Hse/Fam #7
    Criswell, William H  Head M W 69 Married 43 yrs SC SC SC Farmer
    Martha A  Wife F W 59 Married 43 yrs AL TN GA
    Criswell, Maggie D Dau F W 20 AR SC AL
    Criswell, Lee J  Son  W M  18  Ark SC AL
    Criswell, Jesse B  Son  W M  15  Ark SC AL [born abt 1895]
    Cochran, Hal  Hired Man  W M  18  Ark Miss Miss

    I also find another entry for what seems to be the same person.  JesseCriswell, age 14, is listed in the household of his brother Thomas, 4days later.  Thomas is a son of William and Martha, so this must bethe same Jesse (Jessie, Jesse B or Jesse Q).  Jesse's information isthe same in this entry as for that for Jesse B in the household of hisparents, except for one small difference.

    The age for Jesse B is 15.  the age for Jesse in Thomas' householdappears to have been entered as 15, then a 4 written over the 15.  Ifhis birthday was in September, then his age was actually 14 at thetime of this April census.  I have found several double enumerationsfor persons in Prairie Township families in the 1910 and 1920censuses.

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 20 April, District 18,Sheet 3A, Prairie Township, Ethel & Point Rd, Hse/Fam #121
    Criswell, Thomas  Head  Male W 30  Marriage1 4years  MS SC AL
    Criswell, Lida    Wife  Female W 24  Marriage2 4years  Ark  MS MS
    McSwain, Albert  Step-son  Male W 5  Ark  Ark  Ark
    Criswell, Jesse  Brother Male W 14  Single AR AR AR Farm Laborer

    In 1920, Jesse's name is spelled Jessie, which is usually the femalespelling of the name.

    1920 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 5 January, PrairieTownship, District 15, page 1A, Country Road, Hse/Fam #4
    Criswell, William H  Head  Rents Farm  M W 74 Widowed SC SC SC Farmer
    Criswell, Jessie [sic]  Son M W 24 Single AR SC SC Farm Laborer
    Criswell, Maggie Dau F W 30 Single AR SC SC
    Criswell, Woodrow Grandson M W 4 Single AR AR AR

    After finding him in all these censuses, I found Jesse's DraftRegistration for both WWI and WWII.  For WWI, he is registered assimply Jesse Criswell, and he signed it as Jesie Criswell (only oneS).  But for WWII, his name is Jessie Quitman Criswell and he signedit Jessie Criswell.

    For both Draft Registrations he is living at Ethel, Arkansas County,Arkansas.  Ethel is his birthplace.  His birth date is given as 9September 1895.  He is described as being of medium height, andslender build, having Grey eyes and Brown hair.  In 1917, he is asingle Farmer.  he says he is supporting his father, although thecensus for 1920 reports that William is Head of the house and aFarmer.  The 1942 registration gives his wife's name as LavadaCriswell.  He is self-employed, but his occupation is not given,presumably a Farmer.

    1930 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 16 April, District 7,Sheet 5A, Prairie Township, Ethel & Point Rd, Hse #88, Fam #89
    Criswell, Jesse Q  Head  M W 34  Married at 24  AR SC AL Farmer
    Criswell, Nevad (Lavada) M   Wife  F W 28  Married at 18  TX ARIndiana
    Criswell, W H  Son  M W 8 AR AR AR
    Criswell, Nora M  Dau  F W 4yrs 1mo AR AR TX

    Notice that the birthplace of the mother of the two children isdifferent.  But the information indicates that this couple have beenmarried for about 10 years, and that Lavada is the mother of bothchildren.  Jesse and Lavada must have married in 1920.

    1940 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 18 April, PrairieTownship, District 1-18, page 9B, Oak Flat Rd, Hse #146 Rents $500
    Criswell, Jessie Head M W 45 Grade 3 b Ark same place in 1935 Farmer
    Criswell, Lavada Wife F W 37 Grade 8 b Ark  same place in 1935Housekeeper
    Criswell, W H Son M W 18 Grade 3 b Ark same place in 1935 Farm Laborer
    Criswell, Nora Dau F W 14 Grade 6 b Ark  same place in 1935
    Criswell, Jessie Jr  Son M W 4 Grade 2 b Ark same place in 1935
    Criswell, Audrey Dau F W 4 Grade 0 b Ark
    Criswell, Woodrow  Nephew M W 24 Grade 0 b Ark same place in 1935

    Jessie Quitman Criswell
    Birth Sep. 9, 1895 Ethel, Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Death Jun. 16, 1975 Ethel, Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Father William Henry Criswell (1841 - 1924)
    Spouse Lavada May West Criswell (1902 - 1997)
    Burial Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Created by Susan Criswell Ecker Aug 07, 2013
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #115058481,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=115058481


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