Hoel LE STRANGE Guy of Metz LE STRANGE Mini tree diagram


about 10261 - UNKNOWN

Life History

about 1026

Born in Brittany, France.1

about 1047

Married Hoel LE STRANGE.1


Birth of son Guy of Metz LE STRANGE in Norfolk, England.2,3,4,1


Death of Hoel LE STRANGE in Norfolk, England.4,1


Death of son Guy of Metz LE STRANGE in London, England.2,3,4,1




  • Several sources report her name as Hawsie.  Knowing the phonetics ofthe period and name-forms generally, it still appears to me that thisform is erroneous, and the form Hawise the more likely original formof the name.

    Hoel Le Strange
    Born in 1022 - Norfolk, England
    Deceased in 1089 - Norfolk, England , age at death: 67 years old
    Married to Hawsie ?
    Son Guy Le Strange 1048-1105
    --  Mitchell BERGER ,http://gw.geneanet.org/index.php3?b=mberger256&lang=en;p=hoel;n=le+strange

    Many genealogies report that Hawise married Hoel V, Count ofCornouaille in Brittany, after the death of Hoel Le Strange.  But acommon death date reported for Hoel Le Strange is 1089, while thesupposed marriage to Hoel V of Cornouaille is reported as being in1066.

    Being Roman Catholics, she could not have married a second husbandwhile her first husband was still living.  Only under the mostexceptional circumstances might the husband be granted the right todivorce, it was rare if not impossible for the wife to gain a divorceon her own suit.  In any case, no genealogiy that purports any ofthese possiblities provides any evidence or documentation at all.

    Others identify Hoel Le Strange as the same person known as Hoel V,the count of Cornouaille of Britanny.  Just for reference it may be ofinterest to note that this name Cornouaille is the name we know inBritain as Cornwall, which was the southwestern peninsula on the southedge of the island of Great Britain, a Celtic-speaking area untilrecently, and now reviving the Celtic speech.  There is a branch ofthe Le Strange family there and some of the Le Strange or Strangelines in the US and Canada migrated to the New World from there.


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