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Joseph Pannell TAYLOR

Joseph Pannell TAYLOR5,4,3,6,7

4th May 17961,2,3 - 29th Jul 18645,3

Life History

4th May 1796

Born in Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky.1,2,3

20th Nov 1827

Married Eveline Aurilla MCLEAN in Washington, DC, USA.8,6,7

between 1860 and 1864

Military service in Brigadier General, United States of America.1,4

29th Jul 1864

Died in Washington, DC, USA.5,3

after 29th Jul 1864

Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Washington, DC.3


  • The middle name and family name it comes from is spelled variouslyPannell, Pannel, Pannill.

    U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Joseph Pannill Taylor
    Birth Year 1796
    Spouse Name Evelyn Mclean

    Capt J P Taylor of USA to Eveline A McLean dau Hon John, PostmasterGeneral, Washington City Tues [Nov 20 1827] by Rev Mr Ryland,(published Monday Nov 26 1827)
    --  New York Marriage Newspaper Extracts, 1801-1880 (BarberCollection) Typed transcription

    The above announcement was published on Monday 26 Nov 1827, indicatingthe wedding took place Tuesday 20 November.  The same short note waspublished in the Richmond, Virginia, newspaper on 27 November 1827 andin a Massachussetts newspaper on 28 November 1827.

    "Married On Tuesday by Rev Ryland, Capt. J. P. Taylor of the US Army,to Miss Eveline A McLean, daughter of John McLean, PostmasterGeneral."
    --  The Richmond Enquirer, Richmond, Virginia, Tuesday, November 27,1827, page 3, column 5, cited by Elizabeth Middleton, note on thisgenealogy on RootsWeb, 21 May 2016, link to record on Library ofVirginia,

    Washington, D.C. Marriages, 1826-50
    JOSEPH P [Cpt] Taylor
    Spouse Evelina McLEAN
    Marriage 20 Nov 1827 Washington, DC

    A Massachussetts paper ran the story on 28 November.

    U.S., Newspaper Extractions from the Northeast, 1704-1930
    Eveline McLean
    Father McLean
    Spouse J P Taylor
    Marriage Abt 1827 Washington City
    Columbian Centinel, Massachusetts, 28 Nov 1827

    United States Of America, Brigadier General
    "As the war dragged on, an increasing number of officers and soldiersencountered varied problems.  On June 29 [1864], in Washington, Brig.Gen. Joseph Pannell Taylor, Zachary Taylor's brother, uncle-in-law ofJefferson Davis, commissary general of subsistence, and former memberof Lincoln's War Board, died of diarrhea and partial paralysis.Taylor died with family and fellow officers at hand."
    --  David J Eicher, The Longest Night: A Military History of the CivilWar (NY: Simon & Schuster, September 4, 2001), p 704, cited inArticle: "Zachary Taylor,"

    American Civil War General Officers
    Joseph Pannell Taylor
    Union Army, Highest Rank Brigadier General
    Birth 1796 Louisville, Kentucky
    Death Date 1864
    romotions: Promoted to Full Colonel (Colonel & Commissary Genl)
    Promoted to Full Brig-Gen


    Taylor, Joseph P., brigadier-general, was born in the state ofKentucky, and from that state entered the regular army service at thetime of the war of 1812. He became third lieutenant in the 28th U. S.infantry in May, 1813, second lieutenant in the same regiment inAugust, first lieutenant in July, 1814, and was honorably dischargedfrom the service June 15, 1815. He was reinstated in the service as asecond lieutenant of U. S. artillery in May, 1816, with brevet offirst lieutenant from July 15, 1814, promoted to first lieutenant onNov. 24, 1817, transferred to the 3d artillery on June 1, 1821, andwas promoted to captain in the same on July 6, 1825. He wastransferred to the 2nd artillery March 18, 1829, and remained withthat regiment until July 7, 1838, acting as commissary of subsistencewith the rank of captain, and was promoted to major July 7, 1838. Hebecame lieutenant-colonel and assistant commissary-general ofsubsistence in the U. S. army Nov. 30, 1841, and was brevetted colonelfor meritorious conduct, particularly in the performance of his dutiesin the prosecution of the war with Mexico. He was commissioned coloneland commissary-general of subsistence on Sept. 29, 1861, and waspromoted to brigadier-general and commissary-general of subsistence,U. S. A., on Feb. 9, 1863.  Gen. Taylor served in this capacity untilhis death, which occurred at Washington, D. C., on June 29, 1864.

    --  Source: The Union Army, vol. 8, cited,

    Note that the above information reports Joseph born in Kentucky.  Somesources report he was born in Virginia.

    American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI)
    Volume: 174, Page Number: 394
    Joseph Pannell Taylor
    Birth 1796 Virginia
    --  Reference: Colonial families Of the southern states of America ByStella Pickett Hardy. Baltimore. 1958. (643p.):509

    Family and Burial Information is found on Find A Grave database

    Joseph Pannell Taylor
    Birth May 4, 1796
    Death Jun 29, 1864

    Civil War Union Brigadier General. Brother of President ZacheryTaylor. Uncle to Confederate Lieutenant General Richard Taylor.

    Spouse Eveline Aurilla McLean Taylor (1809 - 1887)

    John McLean Taylor (1828 - 1875)
    Richard Lee Taylor (1833 - 1836)
    Joseph Hancock Taylor (1836 - 1885)
    Belle Taylor Clarke (1838 - 1936)
    Elizabeth Lee Taylor (1847 - 1848)
    Sarah Rebecca Taylor Jones (1851 - 1917)
    William Bliss Taylor (1853 - 1871)
    Evelyn Taylor Yorke (1857 - 1919)

    Burial Oak Hill Cemetery, Washington, District Of Columbia, Lot 563
    --  Find A Grave,


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