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Daniel Parker JENKINS1,2,3,4,8,5,6,7

12th Feb 18751,2,3,4,5,6,7 - 12th Apr 19407

Life History

12th Feb 1875

Born in Arkansas.1,2,3,4,5,6,7


Resident in Prairie, Arkansas, Arkansas.1

21st Oct 1896

Married Susie Estella HANNUM in Arkansas County, Arkansas.2,8

Aug 1897

Birth of son Roy JENKINS in Arkansas County, Arkansas.5

28th Feb 1898

Birth of daughter Emma JENKINS in Arkansas County, Arkansas.5,3,8,6,9,10,11


Birth of son Frank Jefferson JENKINS in Arkansas County, Arkansas.3,6,12

24th Apr 1903

Birth of daughter Gertha Bell JENKINS in Arkansas County, Arkansas.6,4,3,13

12th Apr 1906

Birth of son James Garland JENKINS in Arkansas County, Arkansas.2,6,3,14,11,15

9th Nov 1908

Birth of daughter Bertha Viola JENKINS in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.2,6,4,8,3

before 1910

Death of son Roy JENKINS in Arkansas County, Arkansas

about 1919

Birth of daughter Aileen JENKINS in Arkansas County, Arkansas.6,2


Death of son Frank Jefferson JENKINS.12

11th Nov 1934

Death of Susie Estella HANNUM in Pulaski County, Arkansas.16,17

12th Apr 1940

Died in St Charles, Arkansas, Arkansas.7


  • 1880 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 15 June, PrairieTownship, District 2, page 21, Hse #142, Fam #143
    E.J. Jenkins W M 55   Farmer SC SC SC
    Nancy Jenkins W F 36 Wife Housekeeping Ala Va SC
    Dan Jenkins W M 5 Son Ark SC Ala

    A marriage record is found apparently reporting on this Daniel PJenkins and his wife Stella Hannon.  Married in 1896, this matches thereport of marriage in the 1900 census.  But the name of the wife inthe 1900 census is not Stella but Susie.  Perhaps her name was StellaSusie?  We find some comfort in the listings of the 1930 census, whereDan's wife is reported as Estella.  The birth state and age match.  Itis interesting further, because Dan's brother Jacob married a womannamed Stella in 1891.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    D P Jenkins
    Age: 21, Birth Year 1875
    Residence: St Charles, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Spouse's Name: Stella Hannon
    Spouse's Age: 22
    Spouse's Residence: Saint Charles, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Marriage Date: 21 Oct 1896 Arkansas County
    Marriage License Date: 21 Oct 1896

    In 1900, Daniel and his wife Susie are living next door to Dan'sbrother Charles, head of the family for all the younger brothers andsisters, after the death of both their parents about 1899.  On theother side of Charles is their brother Jacob and his wife Stella withtheir children.

    1900 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 14 June, PrairieTownship, District 7, page 10B, Hse #168, Fam #172
    Jenkins, Daniel Head W M  Feb 1875  25 Married 3 yrs AR SC MS FarmerOwns
    Jenkins, Susie Wife W F Aug 1871  28 Married 3 yrs 2 children/2 livingSingle OH OH OH
    Jenkins, Roy Son W M  Aug 1897  2 Single AR AR OH
    Jenkins, Emma Dau W F  Feb 1898  2 (1) Single AR AR OH

    There is apparently an error in Emma's birth date.  Originally theenumerator had born Feb 1898 and age 1.  Another hand has marked outthe 1 and written 2.  The original birth date written here could notbe right if Roy's birth date is correct.  It is only 6 months betweenthe birth dates for the two.  I think the correct birth date for Emmashould be Feb 1899, which would make her 1 year old at the June censustime, as the enumerator originally had.

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 28 April, PrairieTownship, District 12, page 6A, Hse/Fam #103
    Jenkins, D P Head M W 35 Married 14 years AR NC MS Farmer
    Jenkins, Estelle Wife F W 35 Married 14 years 5 children/5 living OHOH OH Farm Laborer
    Jenkins, Emma Dau F W 11 AR AR OH Farm Laborer
    Jenkins, Belle Dau F W 9 AR AR OH
    Jenkins, Jefferson Son M W 7 AR AR OH
    Jenkins, James Son M W 5 AR AR OH
    Jenkins, Bertie Dau F W 1yr5mos AR AR OH

    Note that the number of children reported is 5 children born, 5living.  Five children are listed here.  But what about Roy, thefirstborn in the 1900 census?  We would expect Roy to be about 12years old in 1910.  This must mean he died.  In 1900 Susie has had twochildren, Roy and Emma.  I would have expected the 1910 census toreport 6 children, and 5 living.

    U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
    Daniel Parker Jenkins
    Residence St Charles Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Birth 12 Feb 1874
    Self-employed farmer, St Charles
    Nearest Relative (Wife) Estelle Jenkins, St Charles
    Medium Height, Stout, Blue Eyes, Brown Hair

    1920 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 13 January, PrairieTownship, District 15, page 3A, Country Roads, Hse/Fam #42
    Jenkins, Dan Head Owns M W 45 Married AL AL AL Farmer [b abt 1874]
    Jenkins, Stella Wife F W 45 Married OH OH OH [b abt 1874]
    Jenkins, Emma Dau F W 21 Single AR AL OH [b abt Sept 1898]
    Jenkins, Gertha Dau F W 18 Single AR AL OH [b abt 1901]
    Jenkins, Frank Son M W 16 Single AR AL OH [b abt 1903]
    Jenkins, Garland Son M W 13 Single AR AL OH [b abt 1903]
    Jenkins, Bertha Dau F W 10 Single AR AL OH [b abt 1912]
    Jenkins, Son M W 1 Single AR AL OH [b abt 1918]

    1930 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 9 April, PrairieTownship, District 24, page 2B, Hse #34, Fam #35
    Jenkins, Dan Head Owns M W  55 First married at age 21 AR SC AL CottonFarmer [b abt 1875]
    Jenkins, Estella Wife F W  53 First married at age 21 OH OH OH [b abt1877]
    Jenkins, Garland Son F W  25 Single AR AR AR [b abt 1905]
    Jenkins, Bertie Dau F W 20 Single AR AR AR [b abt 1810]
    Jenkins, Aileen Dau F W  11 Single AR AR AR [b abt 1919]

    Daniel Parker Jenkins
    Birth FEB 1875 in Arkansas 2
    Death UNKNOWN
    Census: 14 JUN 1900 Page 10B, ED #7, Prairie Township, ArkansasCounty, Arkansas
    Census: 28 APR 1910 Page 6A, ED #12, Prairie Township, ArkansasCounty, Arkansas
    Census: 13 JAN 1920 Page 3A, ED #15, Prairie Township, ArkansasCounty, Arkansas
    Census: 9 APR 1930 Page 2B, ED #24, Prairie Township, Arkansas County,Arkansas
    Occupation: 1900 Farmer
    Occupation: 1910 Farmer
    Occupation: 1920 Farmer
    Occupation: 1930 Farmer, Cotton Farm

    Married ABT 1896 Estella Hannum b: 27 MAR 1874 in Van Wert County,Ohio

    Emma M. Jenkins b: 28 FEB 1898 in Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Gertha Belle Jenkins b: 24 APR 1901 in Prairie Township, ArkansasCounty, Arkansas
    Death: BET JUN 1943 AND DEC 1946
    Frank Jefferson Jenkins b: 1903 in Prairie Township, Arkansas County,Arkansas; Death 1925
    James Garland Jenkins b: 12 APR 1905 in Prairie Township, ArkansasCounty, Arkansas
    Death: 29 JUN 1997 in Paramount, Los Angeles County, California
    Bertie V. Jenkins b: 9 NOV 1908 in Ethel, Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Death: JAN 1981 in De Witt, Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Living Jenkins
    --  Willey,http://awtc.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=_dsw_&id=I03304

    Daniel Parker Jenkins
    Birth 12 Feb 1875 in St Charles, Ark, Ark
    Death 12 Apr 1940 in St Charles, Ark, Ark
    Ephriam Jefferson Jenkins 1812 - 1889
    Nancy Ann Jackson b 1844
    Spouse Hannoh [sic] Estella 1875 - 1924
    Jenkins Roy (Ray) 1896 [This is surely an error, since his parentswere not married until Oct 1896.  1900 census says Aug 1897]
    Emma Jenkins b 28 Jan 1899 d 1979
    Gertie Bell Jenkins b 24 Apr 1902
    James Garland Jenkins b 1905
    Bertie Viola Jenkins b 09 Oct 1907
    Frank Jenkins b 1909 d 25 Apr 1925
    --  Jana,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/30852014/person/12317562989?ssrc=&ftm=1

    Jana has some exact dates, such as Dan's day of birth 12 February1875.  We would think her dates come from family sources, but some ofthese differ from records or other genealogy reports.  That date of 12February  is confirmed in his WWI draft registration, but thatdocument reports that the year of birth was 1874, not 1875.  The dateof February 1875 comes from the 1900 census, which is notorious forwrong birth years.  Since Dan himself was reporting the information onthe draft card, I will take that as the correct date.

    Jana's genealogy is the only one reporting a date of death for him.  Ican find no death record for Daniel.   Jana provides no comment ordocumentation, making her data questionable.  So her information mayhelp fill lin some gaps, but where other information is available, wemust give priority to the other source.


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