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Jessie May THOMPSON1,2,3,4,5

12th Jun 18991,2,3,4,5 - 19th Nov 19325

Life History

12th Jun 1899

Born in Indian Territory.1,2,3,4,5

about 1925

Birth of son Robert R STEPHENS


Buried in Rosedale Cemetery, Rosedale, McClain County, Oklahoma.5

19th Nov 1932

Died in Oklahoma.5

Other facts


Married Robert L STEPHENS


  • Jessie May's birth was reported to the Indian Territory authorities.It was important at that time to establish an individual's NativeAmerican identity.  This was a very political affair, decided by theUS government, through the Dawes Commission and other mechanisms, notby the Nations themselves.

    An affidavit was issued by her mother Minnie Lee Green Thompsondeclaring her birth and stating her citizenship.  A problem occurredhere, in that initially they were registered in Choctaw Nation, wherethey living.  When Minnie was registered along with her mother, FannieColbert and the other children, they were living in Choctaw Nation,though they were Chickasaws.  They were registered not as Chickasawcitizens living in Choctaw Nation, but as Choctaw citizens.  This wascorrected by Fannie in later registrations after they had moved toChickasaw Nation.

    In this affidavit it is notable that initially they were correctlylisted as citizens of Chickasaw Nation.  Then "Chickasaw" was crossedthrough, and it was rewritten above as Choctaw in several places wherecitizenship is stated.  Should we be surprised that errors of thistype occur in papers required by and handled by Federal governmentemployees and offices?

    Department of the Interior
    Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes

    In Re:  Application for enrollment as a citizen of the (Chickasaw -changed to) Choctaw Nation, of Jessie May Thompson, born on the 12thday of June 1899.
    Name of Father Jno William Thompson, a citizen of the (Chickasaw -changed to) Choctaw Nation
    Name of Mother Minnie Thompson, a citizen of the (Chickasaw - changedto) Choctaw Nation
    Okra, Indian Territory

    Affidavit of Mother
    United States of America
    Indian Territory, Southern Division

    I, Minnie Thompson, on oath, state that I am 25 years of age and acitizen, by blood, of the (Chickasaw - changed to) Choctaw Nation,that I am the legal wife of Jno William Thompson, who is a citizen, byintermarriage, of the (Chickasaw - changed to) Choctaw Nation, that agirl child was born to me on the 12th day of July, 1899, that saidchild has been named Jessie May Thompson, and is now living.

    (signed) Minnie Thompson
    Subscribed and sworn to before me this 8th day of July 1899, B PHaggard, Notary Public
    Affidavit of Attending Physician or Witnesses
    United States of America
    Indian Territory, Southern Division

    Dr J R Walker, practicing Physician, on oath, state that I attended onMrs Minnie Thompson, wife of Jno William Thompson, on the 12 day ofJune 1899, that there was born other on said date a girl child, thatsaid girl child is now living and is said to have been named JessieMay Thompson.

    (signed) J R Walker, M D
    Subscribed and sworn to before me this 8th day of July 1899, B PHaggard, Notary Public

    The Post Office address of the family at the time of Jessie's birth isstated as Okra, Oklahoma.  This is not an incorporated place, and thepost office no longer exists.

    In McClain Co. near Rosedale. P.O. from July 26, 1898 to Aug. 31,1908. No longer in existence. Named for the vegetable.
    Rosedale is near Wayne, OK
    Okra Post Office (historical), McClain County, Oklahoma
    --  "Okra," RootsWeb,

    Due to the original registration in Choctaw Nation, the 1900 censusfor Indian Territory reports Minnie and her daughter Jessie M asChoctaw.  This is corrected in the 902 enrollment, reported below.

    1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 13 June,Township 4, North Range 2E, District 134, page 22B, Hse #13, Fam #14
    Thompson, Jno W  Head W M June 1846 33 Married 10 years  Mosouri [sic]Mosouri Mosouri Farmer
    Thompson, Minnie G Wife In F (3/4 Choctaw) Jan 1874 26 Married 10years  5 children/5 living Indian Territory Indian Territory Unknown
    Thompson, Jessie M  Dau In (7/8 Choctaw) F  June 1899  11mos IndianTerritory  Mosouri  Indian Territory

    U.S. Native American Enrollment Cards for the Five Civilized Tribes,1898-1914,
    Tribal Affiliation Chickasaw By Blood for All
    25 Sep 1902, Dawes' Roll #4322, Census Card #1616
    Jessie May Thompson, Age 3, Birth Abt 1899, 1/8 Chickasaw

    Chickasaw Roll, Citizens By Blood 1903
    Roll #4315  East, Frances 71 F  1/2  Census Card #1615
    Roll #4316  Green, Daniel 26 M  1/4  Census Card #1615
    Roll #4317  Adams, Charles 22 M  1/4  Census Card #1615

    Roll #4318 Thompson, Minnie Lee 28 F  1/4  Census Card #1616
    Roll #4319 Thompson, Mamie Frances 11 F  1/8  Census Card #1616
    Roll #4320 Thompson, Robert Lee 9 M  1/8  Census Card #1616
    Roll #4321 Thompson, Emma Augusta 5 F  1/8  Census Card #1616
    Roll #4322 Thompson, Jessie May 3 F  1/8  Census Card #1616

    Roll #4323 Chochran, William Hunter 34 M  1/4  Census Card #1617
    Roll #4324 Chochran, Willie 7 M  1/8  Census Card #1617
    Roll #4325 Chochran, Vertis 7 M  1/8  Census Card #1617
    Roll #4326 Chochran, Samuel T 2 M  1/8  Census Card #1617

    1910 Federal Census, McClain County, Oklahoma, 2 May, HoppingTownship, District 185, page 2A, Hse/Fam #7
    Thompson, Minnie Head F Ind (1/8 Chickasaw)  35 Widow 5 children/5living OK US OK Own Income Owns Farm
    Thompson, Jessie M Dau F Ind (1/16 Chickasaw)  10 Single OK TX OK NoOccupation Can Read and Write

    Jessie M Stephens
    Birth 1900 [actual date 12 June 1899]
    Death 1932
    Wife of Robert L and mother of Robert R
    Burial Rosedale Cemetery, Rosedale, McClain County, Oklahoma
    Created by Jane Nov 29, 2008
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #31815763,

    There is a diuplicate memorial on Find a Grave, with what seems to bea misspelling of Jessie's name, as Jessee M Stephens.  Actually, thismemorial was established 2 years before the other, so I guess,technically, the other one with the correct speling is the duplicate.

    Jessee M. Stephens
    Birth 1900
    Death 1932
    Inscription:  Mother
    Burial Rosedale Cemetery, Rosedale, McClain County, Oklahoma
    Created by Cindy Fanning Aug 28, 2006
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #15540636,


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