Marion Janet LEWIS Florence Irene DUMOND Mini tree diagram

Reece Franklin LEWIS5,4,1,1,2,3

16th Mar 19041,1,2,3 - 1st Aug 19625,4

Life History

16th Mar 1904

Born in Mississippi.1,1,2,3

12th Oct 1929

Married Florence Irene DUMOND in Arkansas County, Arkansas.6,1,1,3

23rd Mar 1930

Birth of daughter Marion Janet LEWIS in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.5,6,7,8


Military: enlistment in the Army for WWII; residence was Newton County, MIss in Newton County, Mississippi

1st Aug 1962

Died in Newton County, Mississippi.5,4

after 1st Aug 1962

Buried in Poplar Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Poplar Springs, Newton County, Mississippi.4

Other facts


Divorced from Florence Irene DUMOND


  • In 1929, Reece married Florence Dumond in DeWitt, Arkansas.  He wasliving at that time in Weona, in Poinsett County, near Jonesboro.  Noother records has been found for Reece.  Debra Whiddon's genealogy andone or two others have his name as Reece Franklin Lewis.

    His name later spelled Louis in records for Florence.  It makes usthink Reece died soon after the marriage, but it could be he wasworking away and just happened to miss the census in 1930 and 1940.That does not seem likely.  No death or burial record has been foundfor him.  A death record for Florence is provided by Whiddon, formEllis County, Texas.  But no burial record for Florence has beenfound.

    In 1930, Florence is reported as single, but with the surname ofLouis.  In the 1940 census she is reported as married, but no word isthere about her missing husband.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    Florence Dumont
    Residence De Witt, Arkansas
    Spouse's Name Reece Lewis
    Spouse's Gender Male
    Spouse's Residence Weona, Arkansas
    Marriage 12 Oct 1929

    1930 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 17 April, LaGrueTownship, District 17, page 10B, Point Deluce Rd, Hse #217, Fam #219
    Dumond, Katie  Head  Rents farm  F W 43  Widow AR AR AR [b abt 1887]
    Louis, Florence Dau F W 22 Single [but already has her married named,but no husband in the home] AR AR AR [b abt 1908]
    (other children are her brothers and sisters)

    A 1930 census record for Reece fils in some gaps.  He is living inWeona, Poinsett County, the same town reproted as his residecne in hismarriage record.  He is working as a carpenter the saw mill, boardingin a house with other workers.

    1930 Federal Census, Poinsett County, Arkansas, 5 April, Weona(unicorporated), District 10, page 4B, 112 Main St, Hse #72, Fam #88
    Layman, Anna B H Head  F W 48  Widow First married at 19 KY KY KY [babt 1882]
    Lewis, Reece F Boarder M W 26 First married at 25 MS MS MS Saw MillCarpenter [b abt 1904]

    In 1940, Florence is the head of her household, with her 10-year-olddaughter.  She is reported as Married but no husband is reported.  Hertwo sisters Pauline and Aline are in the home with her.

    1940 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 15 April, DeWitt,District 1-16, page 17B, Improvement County Addition, Hse #443, Rents$8
    Louis, Florence Head M W 31 Married [but no husband in the hsehld]Grade H-1 b Ark same place in 1935 Laundry work in own home
    Louis, Marion Dau F W 10 Grade 4 b Ark same place in 1935 [b abt 1930,after the census in April]
    Dumond, Pauline Sister F W 22 Single Grade H-4 b Ark same place in1935
    Dumond, Aline Sister F W 22 Single Grade H-4 b Ark same place in 1935

    Debra Whiddon has limited documentation, but seems to speak with theauthority of famly insight.  And she has a couple of interestting andhelpful records attached.  She links to what appears to be the correctWWII enlistment record for Reece.  This provdies a bit of insight,reporting his marital status as Separated, with dependents.

    U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946
    Reece F Lewis
    Birth Year 1903 Mississippi
    Residence Newton County, Mississippi
    Enlistment 28 Oct 1942 Camp Shelby, Mississippi
    Education Grammar school
    Marital Status Separated, with dependents
    Height 72, Weight 187

    Whiddon also provides additonal details on Reece and Florence'sdaughter Marion, reporting her full name as Marion Janet and links herSocial Security record which reports her name as Marion J Whiddon.

    U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
    Marion J. Whiddon
    Born 23 Mar 1930
    Died 6 Jun 1992
    SSN 432-44-8245 issued Arkansas (Before 1951)

    There is also a puzzling marriage record Whiddon references, which hadnot come up in previous searches we have done, reported that ReeceLewis and Florence Lewis, both of Dallas, Texas, married in ArkansasCounty, Arkansas, in 1950.  Could this have been a remarriage, as arenewal?  Or after a divorce we have found no record of?

    There are indications of divorce in the 1930 and 1940 censuses whereFlorence is reported under the name Louis, and as married in 1940,but with no husband in the home.  The Dallas residence correlates withFlorence's later death record in nearby Ellis County.

    She links a burial record in Mississippi to Reece.  The birth date forthis Reeece fits Florence Dumond's husband.  Reece is buried in thesame cemetery with his parents and other Lewis family members, butFlorence is not among them.  She has not been found among her Dumondfamly in Arkansas either, nor back in Ellis County, Texas, where adeath record seems to be for her.  Folloiwng Whiddon, we will assumethis is the correct Reece Lewis.

    Reese Franklin Lewis
    Birth Mar 16, 1904 Mississippi
    Death Aug 1, 1962 Newton County, Mississippi
    Willis Wesley Lewis (1876 - 1937)
    Ellie Dearing Lewis (1882 - 1948)
    Burial Poplar Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Poplar Springs, NewtonCounty, Mississippi
    Created by mebauc Sep 01, 2010
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #58008351,

    Whiddon reports that Reece died in Johnson City, Tennessee, but theonly record she attaches is the memorial from Find a Grave, whichreports his palce of death as Newton County, Mississippi, where he isburied.


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