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Georgia A MADDOX1,2,3,4,5,6

about 19061,2,3,4,5 - 29th May 1978

Life History

about 1906

Born in Missouri.1,2,3,4,5

17th Nov 1922

Married Fred Caldwell JOHNSON in Stoddard County, Missouri.4,1

before 1930

Death of Fred Caldwell JOHNSON in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.5

29th May 1978

Died in Missouri


  • 1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 7 May, North PrairieTownship, District 12, page 9, Hse/Fam #161
    Maddox, G A Head M W 50 Married 8 years IL TN TN Farmer Rents
    Maddox, Mary Wife F W 34 2nd Marriage (Married 8 years, not statedhere) 7 children/5 living Indiana Indiana Indiana
    Maddox, Georgia Dau F W 6 Single MO IL IN

    1920 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 7 February, PrairieTownship, District 16, page 8B, Hse #149, Fam #156
    Maddox, George A  Head Owns M W 59 IL TN TN Farmer [b abt 1860]
    Maddox, Mary Wife F W 44 IN IN IN [b abt 1875]
    Maddox, Georgia Dau F W 16 MO IL IN [b abt 1903] Farm Laborer

    1930 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 11 April, PrairieTownship, District 25, page 4A, Ethel Rd, Hse #63, Fam #64
    Johnson, Fred C Head Rents M W 24 Married at age 18 MO MO MO Farmer
    Johnson, Georgia A Wife F W 24 Married at age 18 MO MO MO
    Johnson, Reba L Dau F W 6 MO MO MO
    Johnson, Georgia A Dau F W 4 MO MO MO
    Johnson, Fred M Son M W 3yr11mos MO MO MO
    Maddox, Roy J Brother-in-law M W 14 AR MO MO Farm Laborer
    Maddox, Harold J Brother-in-law M W 10 AR MO MO No Occup

    Note that the first two children were born in Missouri.  ThoughGeorgia was living in Arkansas since she was a little girl, shemarried in Missouri where her parents lived when she was born,according to some genealogies.

    Genealogies identify the following record as belonging to Georgia andher husband Fred Caldwell Johnson.

    Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002
    Fred Johnson
    Marriage 17 Nov 1922 Stoddard County, Missouri
    Spouse Name Georgia Maddox
    Father's Name Arthur Johnson

    This record dates their marriage in 1922, but in the 1930 censusabove, she reported that she was 18 years old when she got married,and 24 years old at the time of the census.  This would mean she wasmarried in 1924 or early 1925.  Or otherwise, she was born in 1904,instead of 1906, making her age in 1930 6 instead of 24.  The 1910census age of 6 matches birth in 1904.  The age of 16 in January 1920would place birth in 1903.  In the 1940 census, Georgia is a widow,living in Arkansas County, Arkansas again.

    1940 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 4 April, PrairieTownship, District 1-24, page 3A, Hwy 17, Hse #23, Rents $5
    Johnson, Georgia A Head F W 34 Widow Grade 8 b Missouri same place in1935 Laundry
    Johnson, Reba Dau F W 16 Grade 12 b MO same place in 1935
    Johnson, Joe G Son M W 14 Grade 6 b Arkansas same place in 1935
    - page 3B -
    Johnson, Fred Jr Son M W 12 Grade 5 b born Arkansas, In Arkansas in1935

    This census reports that the last child was born in Arkansas, and inthe 1930 census, they are living in Arkansas, but Fred Jr is reportedas born in Missouri.  If indeed he was born in Arkansas this wouldmean they moved form Missouri in about 1906.

    There is a discrepancy in the age of Fred Jr, since he was reported as12 years old in 1940, but was almost 4 years old in 1930, at 3 years11 months.  Since they were living in Arkansas in 1930, but Fred isreported born in Missouri, it is likely that the Arkansas report iscorrect, and that the 1930 enumerator just erroneously copied thebirth place of Missouri as for the other children.

    On a facebook photo of three of Mary Crow Maddox' daughters, on anunidentified FB tribute site:

    "Left to Right: Georgia Maddox Johnson Thompson, Carrie McClainCriswell, Ollye Maddox Kratz. They were all the children of Mary Crow"
    --  29 June 2014, "Love Harold, Geraldine & Janet Lynn,"

    Genealogies report that Georgia died in Missouri.  Did she move backup there after her children left home?  But her parents and otherfamily were in Arkansas County.  Since the place of death is notdocumented that may be an error.


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