Geoffrey LE SCROPE Etienne 2nd Lord Scrope of Masham LE SCROPE John LE SCROPE Joan Agnes NOLASTNAME Ivette Juetta DE ROS Mini tree diagram

Henry 1st Lord Scrope of Masham LE SCROPE1,4,3,2,2

29th Sep 13123 - 31st Jul 13911,4

Life History

29th Sep 1312

Born in Masham, York County, England.1,2

(most likely)



(less likely)

about 1345

Birth of son Etienne 2nd Lord Scrope of Masham LE SCROPE in Masham, Yorkshire, England.4


Death of Joan Agnes NOLASTNAME in Ghent, Yorkshire, England.5

31st Jul 1391


(most likely)

after 31st Jul 1391

Buried in York Minster, York, York Unitary Authority, North Yorkshire, England.2

31st Jul 1392


(less likely)

Other facts


Married Joan Agnes NOLASTNAME


Birth of son John LE SCROPE


  • Henry was the First Baron Lord Scrope, but among his children theywent through number 9 Lord Scrope, so many died after a short life.It was a dangerous, perilous period, with plagues and wars.

    The meager records of the Millennium File collection reports one sonof Henry Lord Scrope and his wife Joan, named John, who succeededHenry as Lord Scrope of Masham.

    Millennium File
    Henry (Lord) Le Scrope
    Spouse Joan
    Birth 29 Sep 1312 Masham, York County, England
    Death Date 31 Jul 1392
    Parents Geoffrey Le Scrope, Ivette Juetta De Ros
    Children John Scrope

    Some sources report Henry's his birth around 1315 and death in 1391.

    Dictionary of National Biography, Volumes 1-20, 22
    Henry Le Scrope Baron Scrope of Masham
    Birth 1315
    Death 31 Jul 1391
    Father Geoffrey Le Scrope
    Mother Ivetta de Roos

    Henry LE SCROPE, Died 31 July 1391 Julian
    1° lord Scrope of Masham 1342
    Married Joan ?;  Joan LE SCROPE
    Son Etienne LE SCROPE ca 1345-1404
    Married before 15 December 1376 to Marjorie de WELLES
    --  GeneaNet, Jean-Pierre Masson Josserand,

    Other children are listed by some genealogies, and the following onelacks Etienne, as well as John.  Some genealogies report his birthplace as Clifton Castle, in Clifton-upon-Ure, Yorkshire, England.Some report this as his place of death ,while others report Ghent inYorkshire.  Others report Clifton as Joan's palce of birth and Ghent,Yorkshire as Joan's place of death.

    Baroness Joan Agnes LeScrope
    Birth 1318 in Clifton, Yorkshire, England
    Death 1349 in Ghent, Yorkshire, England
    Marriage to Henry, 1st Lord Scrope of Masham, Le Scrope 1336 Masham,Yorkshire, England
    Geoffrey Scrope 1330-1362
    Jane Scrope 1336-1386
    Isabella Scrope 1337-1405
    William Scrope 1345-1404
    Henry Scrope b 1347
    Richard Scrope 1351-1405
    --  Thompson,

    Other sources report a different Yorkshire location for the death ofJoan.  This appears to be the same location as reported by mostsources for her birth.  I have not found a documentation for thislocation.

    Death 21 September 1349 in Clifton Castle, Clifton-Upon-Ure, Yorkshire

    It seems likely the Ghent location is the correct death place of JoanAgnes LeScrope, since some sources report that Henry also died there.The latter report is somewhat vague, since often only the name of thecity/village is given, and one might think that Ghent, Flanders, isintended.

    Jonathan Scrope in South Africa, brother of Scrope/Scroopresearcher-compiler Mike Scroop, gave me the Scrope genealogy in diskfile form.  Jonathan and Mike are my first cousins many, many timesremoved.  This genealogy provides what could be found at the time ofMike's research.

    Henry le Scrope - 1st Lord Scrope of Masham
    "       Joan
    "       Stephen le Scrope - 2nd Lord Scrope of Masham
    o       Henry le Scrope - 3rd Lord Scrope of Masham
    o       Sir Geoffrey Scrope, Knt.
    o       Maud
    o       John Scrope - 4th Lord Scrope of Masham
    "       Eleanor
    "       Elizabeth - married Henry le Scrope, 4th Baron of Bolton
    "       Thomas Scrope - 5th Lord Scrope of Masham
    "       Thomas le Scrope - 6th Lord Scrope of Masham
    "       Alice - married Henry, 7th Lord Scrope of Bolton
    "       Henry Scrope - 7th Lord Scrope of Masham
    "       Ralph le Scrope - 8th Lord Scrope of Masham
    "       Elizabeth
    "       Geoffrey le Scrope - 9th Lord Scrope of Masham
    "       Margaret - inherited estates at Masham following her brotherGeoffrey's death
    o       daughter
    o       Stephen Scrope
    o       Maud
    o       daughter
    o       William Scrope
    --   The Scroope Family, by Mike Scroope, book of private researchgiven to Orville Boyd Jenkins in 2008

    Years of birth and death are uncertain, with much variation insources.  Etienne in the first source, the only child reported there,matches the birth year of William in the second list.  John Scrope,the only child in the Millennium record above, does not appear by thatname in the other lists.

    Sir Henry Scrope
    Birth Sep. 29, 1312
    Death Jul. 31, 1391
    Father Geoffrey Scrope (1280 - 1340)
    Geoffrey le Scrope (1340 - 1362)
    Richard le Scrope (1350 - 1405)
    Stephen le Scrope (1351 - 1404)
    Sibling Geofrey le Scrope (1319 - 1383)
    Burial York Minster, York, York Unitary Authority, North Yorkshire,England
    Created by Todd Whitesides Nov 24, 2012
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #101224345,


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