Beatrice of England PLANTAGENET Mini tree diagram

John II Duke of BRITTANY1,3

1239 - 18th Nov 13051,2

Life History



22nd Jan 1260

Married Beatrice of England PLANTAGENET.3

24th Mar 1275

Death of Beatrice of England PLANTAGENET in London, Greater London, England.3,4

18th Nov 1305

Died in Lyons, France.1,2


  • A Jumpp provides some interesting details about John II Duke ofBrittany.

    His sumamry of facts briefly introduces John thus:

    John II, Duke of Brittany
    Birth 1239, Death 18 November 1305
    Parents  John I, Duke of Brittany 1217-1286, Blanche (Princess ofNavarre
    Wife Beatrice of England 1242-1275
    Daughter Marie of Brittany 1268 - 1339
    --  Jumpp Family,

    He provides a story form historical sources that genriches thsioutline considerably, and provides more life facts.

    John II, Duke of Brittany

    John II (in Breton Yann II, in French Jean II de Dreux) (1239 -November 18, 1305) was Duke of Brittany and Earl of Richmond, from1286 to his death. He was son of Duke Jean I and Blanche, princess ofNavarre.

    On January 22, 1260, John married Princess Beatrice of England, adaughter of King Henry III of England and Eleanor of Provence. Theyhad six children:
    Arthur II, Duke of Brittany
    John de Bretagne, 1st Earl of Richmond
    Marie de Dreux, wife of Guy III of Ch√Ętillon (1268-1339)
    Pierre, Viscount de Leon (1269-1312)
    Blanche de Dreux, wife of Philip of Artois (1271-1327)
    Eleonore, Abbess of Fontevrault (1274-1329)

    He was killed during the celebrations surrounding the coronation ofPope Clement V in 1305. John was leading the pope's horse through thecrowd. So many spectators had piled atop the walls that one of themcrumbled and collapsed right on top of the unfortunate duke.
    --  Jumpp Family,

    We are told in other sources that the crowning of Pope Clement V tookplace in Lyons.

    "Pope Clement V was born Bertrand de Got in 1264 CE at Villandraut inGascony. He was crowned as Pope in Lyons, about a year after the deathof Pope Benedict."
    --  Medieval Passion,


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