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Theobold 3rd Butler BOTILER3,4,1

12231,3 - 26th Dec 12484

Life History


Born in Norfolk, England.1,2

(most likely)


Born in Arklow, Wicklow, Leinster, Ireland.1,3

(less likely)

about 1242

Birth of son Theobold 4th Butler BOTILER in Arklow, Wicklow, Leinster, Ireland.5,4,3


Married Margery DE BURGH.3



(less likely)

26th Dec 1248

Died in Arklow, Wicklow, Leinster, Ireland.3

(most likely)


  • This Theobold (Theobald) is the son of the first Norman "Butler" ofIreland, an office of service to the young Norman dynasty in Englandand Europe, expanding and strengthening its hold on territories sincethe 1066 invasion of England by William the Conqueror.

    It appears that either Hervey Walter (born abt 1150) or his sonTheobald (born abt 1170) was the first FitzWalter to be given thetitle of Butler (Boteler, or Botiler/Botiller) for the King of Englandin Ireland.  This line took the name Butler after this, though thename FitzWalter also continued in both Ireland and England.

    Dates vary considerably, and this presents some problems for thefamily of Theobold 2nd Butler.  Sources indicate he had three wives.Some genealogies have only part of the information for his family,showing only the first wife, with Theobold as the son of Joan.  Othershave two wives, showing Rohese as the mother of the son Theobold whoinherited the Butler responsibilities.  Birth dates don't matchbetween sources.  Some dates for Theobold 3rd Butler would make JoanDu Marais his mother, while others have him later with Rohese as hismother.  See details in the footnotes.

    I have finally followed credible, commented sources indicatingTheobald was the child of Joan Du Marais.  It appears from the datesthat Joan likely died in childbirth.

    One Ancestry World Tree,,reports the birth date of 1223, and specifically says Joan de Marreisis his mother.  Provides details from Butler Family History.  Thissource, however, also reports Theobald 3rd Butler was born in Norfolk,England, rather than Arklow, Ireland, as several other sources report.

    Another old source reports that Margery de Burgh's husband Theobald3rd Lord Butler/Botiler died in 1248, not 1285 as the below sourcereports.  THe latter date is reported elsewhere as the date of deathof their son Theobald 4th Lord Butler, while the source below reportsthe son dying in 1321.

    The following report from a World Family Tree genealogy shows thetransition and early generations of Botelers I show in my genealogy.I note that this genealogy shows dates of birth and death from 12 to40 years earlier than other sources I have seen.  There are alsodifferences in the wives' names, with the same wives' names assignedto husbands in different generations.

    FitzWalters Become Butlers of Ireland 1150-1387 | WFT V4 #1274

    Generation No. 1
    1. Hervey Walter was born Abt. 1150 in of West Dereham, Norfolk,England, and died WFT Est. 1174-1241. He married Maud De Valoignes WFTEst. 1166-1174, daughter of Theobald De Valoignes. She was born Abt.1150 in England, and died WFT Est. 1174-1244.

    Child of Hervey Walter and Maud De Valoignes is:
    2. i. THEOBALD FITZ WALTER, b. Abt. 1170, England; d. Abt. 1206.

    Generation No. 2
    2. Theobald Fitz Walter (Hervey) was born Abt. 1170 in England, anddied Abt. 1206. He married Maud Vavasour WFT Est. 1186-1202, daughterof Robert Vavasour. She was born Abt. 1170, and died WFT Est.1202-1264.

    Child of Theobald Walter and Maud Vavasour is:
    3. i. THEOBALD BUTLER, (BOTILLER), b. Abt. 1200, England; d. 19 Jul1230.

    Generation No. 3
    3. Theobald Butler, (Botiller) (Theobald Fitz Walter, Hervey) was bornAbt. 1200 in England, and died 19 Jul 1230. He married Joan Du MaraisWFT Est. 1216-1228, daughter of Geoffrey Du Marais. She was born Abt.1200 in England, and died Bef. 22 Feb 1246/47.

    Child of Theobald Butler and Joan Du Marais is:
    4. i. THEOBALD BUTLER, (BOTILLER BOTELER), b. Abt. 1225, England; d.26 Sep 1285, 1248?.

    Generation No. 4
    4. Theobald Butler, (Botiller Boteler) (Theobald, Theobald FitzWalter, Hervey) was born Abt. 1225 in England, and died 26 Sep 1285.He married Margery De Burgh WFT Est. 1244-1252, daughter of Richard DeBurgh. She was born Abt. 1230 in England, and died Aft. 01 Mar1252/53.

    Child of Theobald Butler and Margery De Burgh is:
    5. i. EDMOND BUTLER, (BOTELER), b. Abt. 1240, England; d. 13 Sep 1321.


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