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Louella Lucille JENKINS

Louella Lucille JENKINS7,6,1,2,3,4,5,6

30th Nov 19171,2,3,4,5,6 - 3rd Dec 19912,5

Life History

30th Nov 1917

Born in Cass County, Texas.1,2,3,4,5,6

13th Nov 1935

Married Homer S SELLERS in Union County, Arkansas.5,4

25th Sep 1937

Birth of son Earl Dean SELLERS in Smackover, Union, Arkansas.8,7,3,9

after 1940

Birth of son Homer Ray SELLERS in Arkansas.3

after 1940

Birth of son Charles SELLERS in Arkansas.3

30th Nov 1941

Birth of son Harold Gene SELLERS in Smackover, Union, Arkansas.10,9

14th May 1986

Death of Homer S SELLERS in Smackover, Union, Arkansas.2,7,5,11

3rd Dec 1991

Died in El Dorado, Union, Arkansas.2,5

after 3rd Dec 1991

Buried in Crossroads Cemetery, Louann, Ouachita County, Arkansas.2


  • An earlier version of a family genealogy on the Cass County familyreported that Ebby Jenkins and Lula Harraman had a daughter Lucileborn in 1905.  Many related family genealogies have picked this up andrepeated it, all without any documentation or reference.  I alsoreferenced this source for this child, getting my first information onthis branch of the Jenkins family from the Cass County genealogy,whose residents were unknown to our branch of the Jenkins lineage

    But I can find no basis or record for such a child, who has now beenremoved from the Cass County genealogy, but not from those who copiedthis error from that one and ours.  Ebby and his second wife HarriettCharlton had a daughter named Lucille in 1917.  This daughter wasreported as Louella in the 1920 census and as Lucile in the 1930census.

    Louella was reported as the first child of Ebby Elijah Jenkins and hissecond wife Harriet Charlton Tefteller.  In the 1920 census she islisted as Louella Jenkins, and in 1930 as Lucile Jenkins.  That seemsto indicate that these were her two given names.  I have not seen thename Louella in other records or family sources.

    I have put these names in the order Louella Lucile just for euphony.This seems the most likely sequence of names given the geographicaland cultural context.  I have not seen any single source with boththese names.  The family genealogy by Dottie Wommack has her name onlyas Lucille Jenkins.  Did the 1920 enumerator just mistakenly writeLouella for Lucille?

    1920 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 20 June, Justice Precinct 3,Enumeration District 3, page 7B, Naples and Dalton Rd, Hse/Fam #124
    Jenkins, Ebb Head Rents  M W 34 TX TN GA Farming [b abt 1886]
    Jenkins, Harriet Wife F W 27 TX US TX [b abt 1893]
    Jenkins, Emma Fay Dau F W 12 TX TX TX  [b abt 1908]
    Jenkins, Louella Dau F W 2 months TX TX TX [b abt Oct 1919]

    With the census date of 1 January, assuming the enumerator wasfollowing that, Louella's age at 2 months would put her death in aboutOctober 1919.  But in 1930, the child Lucile who seems to match herotherwise is reported as 12 years old in April 1930.  This would placeher birth in 1918.

    1930 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 9 April, Justice Precinct 3,District 14, page 4A, Naples Bryans Mill Rd, Hse/Fam #77
    Jenkins, E E Head Rents  M W 44 First married at age 21 TX GA GAFarmer [b abt 1886]
    --  page 4B --
    Jenkins, Harret [sic] Wife F W 38 First married at age 21 TX TX AL [babt 1892]
    Jenkins, Lucile Dau F W 12 TX TX TX [b Mar 1918]

    This individual is known as Lucile in the family.  Lucile's marriagerecord reports her age as 18 in 1935, which would mean about 13 in1930, which is a rough match for the census report of age 12 in 1930.This brings into questions the age reported in the 1920 census,supposedly by her parents.  That could be an enumerator error.

    A birth date in October 1818 would better fit which would mean she was1 year and 2 months, not just 2 months in January 1920.  But her gravereports her birth date as 30 November 1917.  So on 1 January 1920, shewould have been 2 years and 1 month.  (The census taker was actuallyat their house in June 1920.  The enumerators often ignored thetechnical census date in reporting age.)  The enumerator might haveerred by putting 2 months when the parents said two years.

    I have not seen any information on why she would have been inEldorado, Arkansas, at age 18, when her family was in Cass County,Texas (east Texas).

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    Lucille Jenkins
    Age 18, Birth Year abt 1917
    Residence Smackover, Union, Arkansas
    Spouse's Name Homer Sellers
    Spouse's Age 22
    Spouse's Residence Smackover, Union, Arkansas
    Marriage Date 13 Nov 1935 Union County
    Marriage License Date 13 Nov 1935

    1940 Federal Census, Union County, Arkansas, 12 April, Smackover,District 70-39, page 10B, Old Camden Rd, Hse #245, Rents $75
    Sellers, H S Head M W 26 Grade H-1 b Arkansas same place Auto SalesBody Work
    Sellers, Lucille Wife F W 22 Grade 7 b Texas same place in 1935
    Sellers, Earl Dean Son M W 2 Single Grade 0

    Lucille Jenkins Sellers
    Birth Nov. 30, 1917
    Death Dec. 3, 1991
    Note: Wife of Homer Sellers
    Burial Crossroads Cemetery, Louann, Ouachita County, Arkansas
    Created by Anonymous (inactive) Nov 30, 2004
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #10005217,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=SE&GSpartial=1&GSbyrel=all&GSst=4&GScntry=4&GSsr=4161&GRid=10005217&&ftm=1

    This same birth date was the one she reported to Social Security.  TheSS Death Index reports that her residence of records was El Dorado atthe time of her death, but she and her husband were buried in OuachitaCounty, Arkansas (Camden area to the north).

    U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-Current
    Lucille Sellers
    Born 30 Nov 1917
    Died 3 Dec 1991
    Last Residence El Dorado, Union, Arkansas 71730
    SSN 431-29-4813 issued Arkansas (1975)


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