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Thomas WEAVER3,1,2,4,3

16841 - 15th Mar 17261,2,3

Life History


Born in New Kent County, Virginia.1

29th Jun 1715

Married Judith STRANGE in St Peters Parish, Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia.3,5

15th Mar 1726

Died in St Peters Parish, Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia.1,2,3

after 15th Mar 1726

Buried in Saint Peters Episcopal Church, Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia.2


  • Christ Church Parish, Virginia Records, 1653-1812
    Thomas Weaver
    Spouse: Judith Strange
    Marriage Date: 29 Jun 1715

    Christ Church Parish, Virginia Records, 1653-1812
    Thos. Weaver
    Death Date: 15 Mar 1726

    Weaver family researcher James Lee Weaver gave me information onThomas Weaver's family and ancestry, pointing me in November 2011 tohis detailed genealogy and resource site.  Information he has compiledthere from numerous sources provides the Weaver famly tree, some ofwhich I present here.  Note that this compilation expressesuncertainty about the wife of Samuel Weaver I, the grandfather ofThomas Weaver (b 1684).

    Samuel Weaver I was born on 3 Aug 1600 in Cardington, Shro, England.He died in 1670 in York, Va. He married Ann Jackson or ElizabethBygrave about 1628 in Rushbury, Shro, England.

    mustered at Martin's Hundred 4 feb 1624
    came on "Brig Bess"
    indentured to William Harwood
    for 50a each he transported Thomas Darby and Richard Lacy

    WEAVER and BYGRAVE: by 1623 Samwell Weaver and Elizabeth Bygrave areboth listed individually in the list of Living and Dead in Virginia ,Feb. 16, 1623 as living at Martin's Hundred. The Muster of 1624 againlists them, reporting that Samwell was 20 years old and had arrived inthe Bonny Bess, and that Elizabeth was 12 and had arrived in theWarwick. Martin's Hundred had been hit particularly hard in the Indianraids of March 22, 1622. The initial official report said that 77people had been killed, although it later transpired that some womenreported killed were instead being held in captivity. The assault ledto the temporary abandonment of the settlement. By 1623, 24 men andwomen were listed living at Martin's Hundred. Because of her youngage, and the fact that she is listed separately, we know thatElizabeth was an orphan. It is unclear whether she was an orphanpicked up on the streets of London and shipped to Jamestowne as aservant, or whether she arrived with her parents before the raid.Samwell and Elizabeth's son William Weaver (3648) was born about 1628,when Elizabeth would have been only 16. A land grant is recorded onJuly 2, 1635 to Samuel Weaver and is recorded in the Land OfficePatents No. 1, 1623-1643 (v.1 &2), p. 198 and p. 199 (Reel 1) It wasfor 650 acres and though the county was not designated, it was "lyingeasterly upon a creeke called Capt. John Wests Creeke (John West'sPlantation is cited in lists of those killed in 1622 massacre). Samuelis recorded as dying in York County, Virginia.

    Samuel Applied for permissiom to go beyond the seas as is found in theparish records of Cardington Parish in 1620 and in 1621 or 2, heboarded a ship in London as the indentured servant of William Harwoodbound for Virginia. Smuel Weaver is listed in William Harwood'shousehold in the Martin's Hundred muster dated 2/16/1623. He arrivedon the BonyBess. Martin's Hundred muster dated 2/4/1624 shows SamuelWeaver listed as living with the widow Jackson and daughter who wasnamed Ann and was the wife of John Jackson, one of the firstfreeholders in Martin's Hundred. John Jackson and another daughterdied shortly after their arrival in Virginia

    Ann Jackson or Elizabeth Bygrave was born about 1612 in England. Shemarried Samuel Weaver I about 1628 in Rushbury, Shro, England.

    They had the following children:
    M i William Weaver
    M ii John Weaver

    William Weaver was born in 1628 in Jamestown, Charles River, Va. Hedied in Sep 1678 in , York, Va. He was buried in , York, Va. Hemarried Mary Girthings about 1655 in New Kent, Va.

    Mary Girthings was born about 1633 in , Va. She married William Weaverabout 1655 in New Kent, Va.

    They had the following children:
    M i Samuel Weaver II

    Samuel Weaver II was born after 1655 in New Kent, Va. He died on 28Jan 1700 in , New Kent, Va. He was buried in Jan 1700 in , New Kent,Va. He married Elizabeth B. Williams about 1680 in New Kent, Va.

    Elizabeth B. Williams was born about 1665 in Va. She died on 5 Jun1728 in New Kent, VA. She married Samuel Weaver II about 1680 in NewKent, Va.

    They had the following children:
    M i Samuel Weaver III
    M ii Thomas Weaver was born in 1684 in New Kent, Va. He died on 15 Mar1726 in New Kent, VA

    Thomas Weaver
    Birth unknown
    Death Mar. 15, 1726
    New Kent County, Virginia
    Burial Saint Peters Episcopal Church, Putneys Mill, New Kent County,Virginia
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