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We-rah-re Weyodee PARKER1,2,1,3,4

18801,2,1,3 - 27th Jul 19651,1

Life History


Born in Comanche Reservation, Unassigned Lands.1,2,1,3

27th Jul 1965

Died in Lawton, Comanche, Oklahoma.1,1

She had been ill five months.

28th Jul 1965

Buried in Cache Kiowa Comanche Apache Intertribal Cemetery, Comanche County, Oklahoma.1


  • The first wife was Wec-Keah.
    A. Nau-Nocca (1873-1947), married Emmett Cox (1852-1927). Elevenchildren were born to this union, five of whom died when very young.
    B. Weyodi (variously known as: Wer-Yoh-Ti or Werare) (b.1879) marriedLouis Tamahkera (b. 1879).
    C. Woonardy (Wanada) married Harzy Page. No children. She attendedCarlisle College in Pennsylvania and attended President TheodoreRoosevelt's Inauguration with her father.
    D. Mary Pbutsi Pooche married Edward Hatch Clark.
    E. Topseup "Alice" married Earl Purdy (b. 1878). One son died ininfancy. She raised a niece, Bobby Clark Bradley.
    --   Parker Heritage,http://www.parkerheritage.com/forum/topics/quanah-parkers-wives-and?groupUrl=quanahparkerfamilyhistory&groupId=2004583%3AGroup%3A8614&id=2004583%3ATopic%3A9139&page=3

    In the 1900 census of Oklahoma Territory, which including the ComancheTribe, Weyodee (We rah ra) is enumerated with her Comanche husbandTah-ma-ke-ra and their two children.  Oddly, in this record, theenumerator has put the report of the number of children born andliving on the line for her husband instead of Weyodee.

    1900 Federal Census, Oklahoma Territory, 11 June, Apache, Kiowa &Comanche Reservation, District 12, page 74A, Hse #744, Fam #749
    Tah ma ke ra Head Ind M 1876 24 Married 5 yrs 2 children/2 livingOklaTerr OklaTerr OklaTerr Horse Herd [No rpt of ownership] ComancheComanche Comanche
    We rah ra Wife Ind F 1880 20 Married 5 yrs no children rpt OklaTerrOklaTerr OklaTerr  Comanche Comanche Comanche
    Tah ma ke ra, Samuel Son Ind M 1896 4 OklaTerr OklaTerrOklaTerrComanche Comanche Comanche
    Tah ma ke ra, Saphio Dau Ind F 1898 2 Single OklaTerr OklaTerrOklaTerr Comanche Comanche Comanche
    Weyodee's memorial on Find a Grave is extensive and includes adetailed obituary.

    They are living next in line with several of her father Quanah Parke'swives and some of the children still in their mother's home.  Notethat her Quanah is reported as born in Texas, of paents both bornintExas.  But the father of all the children is reproted as born inOklahoma Territory instead of Texas.  If we had only this reprot to goby, then Quanah could not be the father of the children Honnnie, Lauraand Kelsey reported here.  This is a strange enumerator error.

    1900 Federal Census, Oklahoma Territory, 11 June, Apache, Kiowa &Comanche Reservation, District 12, page 74A, Hse #744, Fam #749
    Parker, Quanah Head Ind M 1852 48 Married 24 yrs TX TX TX Farmer OwnsComanche Father Comanche Mother Comanche 1/2 White
    Parker, To nar sy  Wife Ind M 1865 35 Married 24 yrs 1 children/-living OklaTerr Comanche Comanche Comanche
    Parker, Wick e ah  Old Wife Ind F 1860 40 Married 22 yrs 4 children/-living OklaTerr TX OklaTerr Comanche Comanche Comanche
    Parker, Tope se up  Dau Ind F 1894 6 Single OklaTerr OklaTerr OklaTerrComanche Comanche Comanche 1/4 White
    Parker, Ho pah rah  Mother-in-law W F 1810 90 Widow OklaTerr Unk UnkComanche Comanche Comanche
    Parker, Chony Wife Ind F 1863 37 Married 24 yrs 4 children/2 livingOklaTerr OklaTerr OklaTerr Comanche Comanche Comanche
    Parker, Honnie  Dau Ind F 1892 8 Single OklaTerr OklaTerr OklaTerrComanche Comanche Comanche 1/4 White
    Parker, Mah Che to Wock Ki Wife Ind F 1862 38 Married 18 yrs 3children/2 living OklaTerr OklaTerr OklaTerr Comanche ComancheComanche
    Parker, Laura [Matches Bessie in other lists] Dau Ind F 1895 5 SingleOklaTerr OklaTerr OklaTerr Comanche Comanche Comanche
    Parker, Topay Wife Ind F 1879 21 Married 6 yrs 1 children/1 livingOklaTerr OklaTerr OklaTerr Comanche Comanche Comanche
    Parker, Kelsy Son W F [sic] 1 Single OklaTerr OklaTerr OklaTerrComanche Comanche Comanche 1/4 White

    1905 Indian Census Rolls, Comanche Tribe, Oklahoma, 30 June, KiowaAgency, Comanche Tribe, Page 22
    Ind Name Tah-ma-ke-ra   Male Husband age 30
    Ind Name We-rahre         Female Wif age 25
    Eng Name Samuel Male Son age 10
    Eng Name Sophia Female dau age 8
    Eng Name Benjamin Male Son age 5
    Eng Name Cynthia Female dau age 2

    1914 Indian Census Rolls, Comanche Tribe, Oklahoma, 1 July, KiowaAgency, Comanche Tribe, Page 2
    Tah mah ke ra  7  Head 1875 M
    We rah we Wife 1879 F
    Sophia Tah mah ke ra  Dau 1897 F
    Benjamin Tah mah ke ra  Son 1899 M
    Tah mah ke ra (Cynthia Ann)  Dau 1903 F
    Wilson Tah mah ke ra Son 1905 F
    Lewis Tah mah ke ra Son 1908 F
    Vance Tah mah ke ra Son 1912 F

    Samuel is listed in his household:
    Samuel Tah mah ke ra 7.25 1895 M

    Weyodee Parker Tahmahkera
    Birth 1880 Cache, Comanche County, Oklahoma
    Death Jul. 27, 1965 Lawton, Comanche County, Oklahoma

    The Lawton Constitution, Page 1

    Tuesday, July 27, 1965

    Quanah Parker Daughter Dies

    Mrs. Werahre (Weyote) Parker Tahmahkera, 85, oldest surviving child ofComanche Chief Quanah Parker, died at 12:07 a.m. today in the LawtonUSPHS Indian Hospital.

    A resident of Rt. 2, Indiahoma, she had been ill five months. She wasborn in Indian Territory near the present town of Cache. She wasreared in Quanah Parker's Star House, which was located on his landsbetween Cache and the Wichita Mountains.

    She was born in 1880.

    Prayer services will be held at 7:30 p.m. today at Becker Funeral HomeChapel, Lawton, and will be conducted by Rev. Robert Chaat, of theComanche Reformed Church.

    Services will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday at Comanche Reformed Church,north of Lawton, of which she was a charter member, Rev. Chaat will bein charge.

    Survivors include one daughter, Mrs. Sophia Mahsetky, Apache; threesons, Ben and Lewis Tahmahkera, both of Indiahoma, and Vance T.Tahmahkera, Fort Worth.

    She is also survived by one brother, Tom Parker, Apache, lastsurviving son of the chief, and three sisters, Mrs. Alice Purdy, 414Ferris, Lawton; Mrs. Wanada Page, Lawton, and Mrs. Neda Birdsong,Cache.  She is survived by 20 grandchildren, 68 great-grandchildren,and two great-great-grandchildren.

    She was a daughter of Quanah's wife Weckeah (Hunting For Something).Historians list eight wives of the chief. The family considers Weckeahas the first wife.

    In 1884, four years after Mrs. Tahmahkera's birth, Quanah's 12-roommansion, the Star House with a roof bedecked with stars, was completedon the Parker Ranch 14 miles due west of Fort Sill.

    Her father, Quanah, was the son of a Comanche warrior and the whitecaptive, Cynthia Ann Parker.  Cynthia was captured in Texas when shewas 9 years old, in 1936. She lived as a Comanche, and was recapturedDec. 18, 1860, by Texas Rangers. She returned to the Texassettlements, where she later died.

    Quanah became a chief, fought the whites at the Battle of Adobe Wallsand elsewhere, and finally led his band of 100 warriors, 200non-combatants and 1,400 ponies to Fort Sill and to reservation lifeJune 2, 1875.  He became a cattle baron and a leader of his tribeduring the reservation days.

    Before his death, he had the remains of his mother returned to Indiancountry and reburied at Post Oak Mission Cemetery between Cache andIndiahoma, in 1910.

    Quanah died Feb. 23, 1911. A granite shaft later was placed above hisgrave with the inscription:
    "Resting here until day breaks and shadows fall is Quanah Parker, lastchief of the Comanches, born 1852, died Feb. 23, 1911."

    The cemetery and Star House were removed in the Fort Sill rangeexpansion of the 1950s. Reburial of the remains of Quanah and CynthiaAnn was at Fort Sill, in August of 1957.  Other survivors attended,but Quanah's last surviving wife, Topay, and Mrs. Tahmahkera declined.A military escort went after them, but they did not come to the post.Topay died Nov. 10 (19?), 1963.

    Another child of Quanah, Baldwin Parker, died Oct. 6, 1963."

    Obit provided by Lisa.

    Quanah Parker (1845 - 1911)
    Weckeah Parker (____ - 1923)

    Spouse Tahmahkera (1865 - 1930)

    Samuel Tahmahkera (1896 - 1946)
    Sophia Mahsetky (1898 - 1979)
    Benjamin Tahmahkera (1898 - 1976)
    Cynthia Ann Tahmahkera (1904 - 1960)
    Wilson W. Tahmahkera (1905 - 1961)
    Lewis E. Tahmahkera (1909 - 1977)
    Vance T. Tahmahkera (1913 - 2002)

    Burial Cache Kiowa Comanche Apache Intertribal Cemetery, ComancheCounty, Oklahoma

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    --  Find A Grave Memorial #49710841,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=49710841


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