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William Walker TERRY

William Walker TERRY1,3,7,5,6,4,2,8

27th Aug 18603,4,5,6,7 - 21st Feb 19191,3,4

Life History

27th Aug 1860

Born in Murray County, Georgia.3,4,5,6,7


Resident in District 103, Milam County, Texas.7

8th Jun 1881

Married Lola Montez CLEMENTS.17

11th Jun 1888

Birth of son Forest Allen TERRY in Mills County, Texas.17,18,6,1,10

8th Mar 1890

Birth of daughter Delma Montez TERRY in Texas.19,20,17,6

17th May 1891

Birth of son Clarence Clyde Walker TERRY in San Angelo, Tom Green, Texas.6,17


Death of Lola Montez CLEMENTS in Buffalo Gap, Taylor, Texas.17

2nd Jun 1896

Married Maris Ida WELLS in Texas.3,9

23rd Dec 1897

Birth of son Ewart Anthony TERRY in San Angelo, Tom Green, Texas.10,11,6,12,9,3

26th Jul 1899

Birth of daughter Tommy TERRY in San Angelo, Tom Green, Texas.3

15th Dec 1900

Birth of daughter Sally TERRY in San Angelo, Tom Green, Texas.13,12,3,9

about 1903

Birth of daughter Clarice TERRY in San Angelo, Tom Green, Texas.9,12

between Apr 1904 and 21st Feb 1919

Residence2: Death Certificate reports Length of residence here 15 years, 4 months[moved here abt April 1904] in Gleeson, Cochise, Arizona

5th Aug 1904

Birth of daughter Ruby TERRY in Gleeson, Cochise, Arizona.14

5th Aug 1904

Birth of son M Rubin TERRY in Gleeson, Cochise, Arizona.15,3,1

between 1905 and 1910

Divorced from Maris Ida WELLS in Arizona.9

23rd Sep 1910

Death of Maris Ida WELLS in Globe, Gila, Arizona.3,1,16,1

21st Feb 1919

Died in Gleeson, Cochise, Arizona.1,3,4

Accidental Injury - Probably fall - Fracture of Skull, Contributory Cause Cerebral Hemorrhage

26th Feb 1919

Buried in Wells Family Cemetery, Douglas, Cochise, Arizona.1,2


  • 1870 Federal Census, Whitfield County, Georgia, 8 July, MilitiaDistrict 872, PO Dalton, Page 86, Hse #279, Fam #275
    Terry, Joseph  56 M W Baptist Minister  b SC
    Terry, Donna 47 F W  Keeping House  b NC
    Terry, William 9 M W  At Home b Georgia

    William married Nancy Constance, whose maiden name has been uncertain. It has been proposed that her maiden name was Walker, but no primarydocumentation has been found.  One secondary evidence is the use ofthe middle name Walker in later generations.  Her son Joseph named oneof his sons William Walker.  The pattern would indicate William WalkerTerry was named for his father and his father's mother,  This name isknown in later generations also, as testified in this personalcommunication from William Walker Terry's great grandson.  ThisWilliam Walker also named his son William Walker Terry.

    "My great grandfather was William Walker Terry, I’m named after him.William Terry moved with the Wells family from Texas to Douglas AZ.You can find information regarding his side of the family  There is a family grave yard outside of Douglas.William Terry [the original William Walker Terry, son of Nancy Connieand Lewis Terry] and my grandfather Reuben are both buried there."
    --  William W. (Bill) Terry, Jr, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 13June 2013

    Bill referred me to a Wells genealogy site that had information abouthis branch of the Terry family.

    Maris Ida Wells (Hilary Mercer ) was born about 1880 in Bedias,Grimes, Texas. She died on 23 Sep 1910.

    Maris married William Walker Terry on 2 Jun 1896. William was born on27 Aug 1860 in Murray Co, GA. He died on 21 Feb 1919. He was buried inWells Cemetery.

    They had the following children:
    M Rube Terry was born about 1905 in Gleeson, AZ. He died about 1950.
    F Sally Terry was born on 15 Dec 1900 in San Angelo, TX. She diedabout Jul 1970.
    M Tommy Terry was born on 26 Jul 1899 in San Angelo, TX. He died on 20Jun 1977.
    M Ewart Anthony Terry was born about 1897 in San Angelo, TX. He diedabout Jul 1930.
    [The name entered in the genealogy as Ewart appears in the 1900 censusas Evart and in 1910 as Evert, which matches the common pronunciationof the name Everett  But the name in some records looks like Ewert,which is the name I find in all the genealogies.]
    --  The Wells Gazette,

    Note that this genealogy reports that William and Maris Ida married on2 June 1896.  They had several other children reported in thecensuses.  Early children reported in the 1900 census were thechildren of William's first wife, reported by other genealogies, LolaMontez Clements.  The following genealogy provides good detail thatappears to come from family sources and appears credible.

    Lola Montez Clements
    Birth 1868
    Death 1894 in Buffalo Gap, Taylor, Texas
    Married 8 Jun 1881 to William Walker Terry
    Birth 27 Aug 1860 in Murray, Georgia, Death 21 Feb 1919 in Arizona
    Clarence Clyde Terry, Birth 17 May 1891 in Texas, Death Dec 1939
    Forest Allen Terry, Birth 11 Jun 1888 in Texas, Death 1955
    Delma Montez Terry, Birth 8 Mar 1890, Death 23 Mar 1942 in Arizona
    --  Elliott,

    Ages of children reported in some genealogies are not reliable,because they give no documentation and several have major errors andcontradictions.  Some report Clarence born as early as 1885, while inthe 1900 census he is reported as 9 years old (born about 1891.  Thebirth dates in the Elliott genealogy match other reports.  Note thatClarence is reported born about 10 years after William and Lolamarried.  I have seen not information about previous children who mayhave died young.

    The child Tommy (Tomy) is reported in two censuses as a daughter andfemale, but one reports the child as a son and male, as the Wellsgenealogy has said.  The 1910 census also reports children born afterEwart Anthony in both Texas and Arizona.

    1900 Federal Census, Tom Green County, Texas, 1 June, San Angelo,District 160, page 1A, Hse/Fam #8
    Terry, William Head W M Aug 1862 37 Married 10 yrs GA GA GA DayLaborer Owns
    Terry, Ida Wife W F  May  1866 34 Married 10 yrs 5 children/5 livingTX TX TX
    Terry, Clarence Son W M May 1891 9 Single TX GA TX
    Terry, Allen Son W M Jan 1893 7 Single TX GA TX
    Terry, Delma Dau W F Mch 1895 5 Single TX GA TX
    Terry, Evart [Everett] Son W M Feb 1897 3 Single TX GA TX
    Terry, Tomy Dau W F Feb 1898 2 Single TX GA TX

    Two different 1910 census enumerations of William's wife with all thechildren report Tommy (Tomy in 1900) with opposite genders.  One saysthis Tommy is a son and male while the other says Tommy is a daughterand female.  It appears Tommy was a girl.

    In 1910, Ida is a divorced head of household, and working as aGardener. Occupation for the children is reported as None.  Since thetwins, the youngest children, were born in 1905, we can say thedivorce occurred between 1905 and 1910.  For more on the children andIda, see Notes for Maris Ida Wells.

    William's Arizona death certificate (see below) reports the length ofresidence reflecting that William and Ida moved here from Texas inabout April 1904.  The last child born in Texas was Claris (Clarice),born about 1903.  Reuben and his twin sister Rubie were reported as 5years old in the 1910 census and thus born about 1905 in Arizona.

    William Walker Terry
    Birth Aug. 7, 1861 Georgia
    Death Feb. 22, 1919 Gleeson, Cochise County, Arizona
    father Joseph Terry born GA
    mother Tabatha Walker born GA
    Delma Montez Terry Wells (1890 - 1942)
    Sallie Terry Jones (1900 - 1970)
    Rubin W Terry (1904 - 1950)
    Note: Marker says he was born 1860 but death certificate says 1861
    [Death certificate also expresses uncertainty about his date of death]
    Burial Wells Family Cemetery, Douglas, Cochise County, Arizona
    Plot: Row 4 plot 95
    Created by plyce Nov 06, 2008
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #31192378,

    The death certificate states the date of death as "(about) February22nd 1919."  The grave has 21 February.  The certificate reportsWilliam's mother as Tabatha (Tabitha?), whose name I did not have fora wife for Joseph Terry, having only the name Dovina Walker forJoseph's wife and William's mother.

    Since this is William's middle name, Dovina appears to be his mother.Perhaps Tabitha was her other name.  No previous sources I had seenhad any name for her besides Dovina.  I notice that the informant forWilliam's death certificate was Rube Wells, a relative of his wife.Rube may not have known for certain about William's family.

    Arizona Death Certificate
    William Walker Terry
    Widowed White Male
    Birth 7 August 1861 Georgia
    Death "(about) February 22nd 1919" Gleeson, Cochise County, Arizona
    Length of residence here 15 years, 4 months
    Previous residence Texas
    Cause of Death Accidental Injury - Probably fall - Fracture of Skull
    Contributory Cause Cerebral Hemorrhage
    Occupation Stockraiser
    Father Joseph Terry born Georgia
    Mother Tabatha Walker born Georgia
    Informant Rube Wells, Gleeson
    Burial 26 February 1919 Wells Plot, Lee Station, Arizona
    Filed 4 March 1919

    The length of residence reported here indicates that William and Idamoved here from Texas in about April 1904.

    This clarifies that the place of burial was in "Wells Plot" (WellsCemetery), Lee Station, an unincorporated place outside of Douglas,Cochise County, Arizona.  Death occurred at home in Gleeson, Cochise,Arizona.  The certificate is uncertain of the date of death.  Familyand the grave report date of death as 21 Feb 1919.  His mother isreported as Tabatha (Tabitha?), supplementing our previous knowledgeof her as Dovina Walker.  Posted by Orville Boyd Jenkins 14 June 2013


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