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Sarah Frances PENTECOST6,4,7,1,2,3

also known as Sally F LOWRY5

Dec 18555 - after 19105

Life History


Born in Arkansas.5

(less likely)

Dec 1855

Born in Arkansas.1,2,3,4

(most likely)

3rd Jul 1872

Married John Tilley LOWREY in Tillar, Desha, Arkansas.4,8

27th Jun 1874

Birth of daughter Infant LOWREY in Arkansas County, Arkansas.8

27th Jun 1874

Death of daughter Infant LOWREY in Arkansas County, Arkansas.8

22nd Sep 1875

Birth of daughter Catherine Eliza LOWREY in Red Fork, Desha, Arkansas.4,3,8

4th Mar 1877

Birth of son Thomas Henry LOWREY in Crystal River, Hernando, Florida.8

Jun 1879

Death of son Thomas Henry LOWREY in Hernando County, Florida.9

24th Sep 1879

Birth of son John Tilley LOWREY in Pithloochescootie River, Pasco County, Florida.8,3

29th Dec 1882

Birth of son Tilley Wirt LOWREY in Belleview, McLennan, Texas.5,4,10,11,12,8

4th May 1885

Birth of daughter Susan Frances LOWREY in Wewoka, Seminole Nation, Indian Territory.13,14,15,16,4

30th May 1887

Birth of daughter Ruth L LOWREY in Wewoka, Seminole Nation, Indian Territory.8,17,18,13,19

28th Feb 1890

Birth of daughter Octavia LOWREY in Indian Territory.8,4,5,20,21

29th Aug 1897

Birth of daughter Lucile Ike LOWREY in Indian Territory.22,8


Resident in Chester, Arkansas, Arkansas.4

3rd Sep 1903

Death of John Tilley LOWREY in St Charles, Arkansas, Arkansas.22,8


Resident in Chester, Arkansas, Arkansas.5

after 1910

Died in Arkansas.5


  • Kenneth Wirt McSwain, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, April-September2008:
    "1900 Dr. John T. (age 60) and Sarah Frances Lowry (Lowery?) (age 44)were in Arkansas County.  He was born in Indiana, and she was born inArkansas.  His father was born in Pennsylvania and his mother was bornin Maryland.  Her father was born in Tennessee and her mother was bornin Arkansas."

    I found Sarah Frances recorded at age 5 in the 1860 census in DeshaCounty, Arkansas, with her parents.

    1860 Federal Census, Desha County, Arkansas, 21 July, JeffersonTownship, PO Campbelle, page 3, Hse/Fam #21
    Jacob M Pentacost 36 M Farmer $10,000 Real Estate $1050 Personal bornTennessee
    Nancy Pentacost 25 F Housekeeper b Arkansas
    Sarah F Pentacost 5 F b Arkansas
    Isaac S Pentacost 3 M b Arkansas
    F J Pentacost 31 M Day Laborer $1600 Real Estate b Tennessee
    Joseph Montgomery 15 M Farm Laborer b Arkansas

    Note that Sarah Frances' mother is named Nancy.  Before the 1870census, Sarah's mother has died and Jacob Pentecost has remarried.His new wife is named Sarah E.  She was apparently previously marriedto a Jones, as there are two Jones children now in the household ofJacob and Sarah Pentecost.  They are listed as son and daughter ofJacob Pentecost, but this is corrected in 1870 to report them asstepchildren.

    In 1870 Sarah Frances is still in her father's household at age 15.The two Jones children are still in the household.

    1870 Federal Census, Desha County, Arkansas, 22 July, JeffersonTownship, PO Cypress Creek, page 13, Hse/Fam #145
    Pentecost, Jacob M 47 M W Farmer $2000 Real Estate $2000 Personal bornTennessee [b abt 1823]
    Pentecost, Sarah E 44 F W Keeping House b Virginia [b abt 1826]
    Pentecost, Sarah F 15 F W At Home b Arkansas [b abt 1855]
    Pentecost, Isaac S 13 M W At Home b Arkansas [b abt 1858]
    Jones, Henry B 13 M W At Home b Arkansas [b abt 1858]
    Jones, Ozella  8 F W At Home b Arkansas [b abt 1862]

    John Lowry and Sarah Frances (Sallie) Pentecost were apparentlymarried in Arkansas, since this is where she was born and their firstchild was born there.  The 1900 census reports they have been married28 years, thus marrying about 1873.  The entries in the censusindicate they moved to Texas at some time between September 1875, whenKate was born, and December 1882, when Wirt was born.  They were inTexas only about 2.5 years before Susie was born in Indian Territory.As of October 2008, I have not found this family in the 1880 census.

    A family genealogy prepared by Octavia was shared with me by John andSallie's grandson Kenneth Wirt McSwain in September 2008.  This shedgreat light on this family.  Octavia reports details of the birthplaces and dates of all the children.  She indicates that afterCatherine was born in Arkansas, the next two children, John Tilley andThomas Henry were born in Florida, before the family moved to Texas.Octavia reports that the next son, Tilley Wirt, was born in Belleview,Texas on 29 December 1882, matching the report we find here in the1900 census.

    1900 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 29 June, ChesterTownship, District 1, page 11A, Hse #369, Fam #375
    Lowry, John F  Head W M  Dec 1839  60  Married 28 yrs  In PennsylvaniaMaryland  Physician
    Lowry, Sallie F  Wife W F  Dec 1855  44  Married 28 yrs  Bore 11children, 6 living AR TN AR
    Lowry, Kate  Dau W F  Sep 1876  24  AR IN AR
    Lowry, Wirt  Son W M  Dec 1882  17  TX  IN AR
    Lowry, Susa [Susie]  Dau W F  May 1885  15  Ind Terr  IN AR
    Lowry, Ruth  Dau W F  May 1888 12 Ind Terr  IN AR
    Lowry, Octava [Octavia]  Dau W F  Feb 1890  10   Ind Terr IN AR
    Lowry, Lucile I  Dau W F  Aug 1897  2   Ind Terr IN AR

    There is some uncertainty about the county in Texas where they wereliving.  I have not found any documents clearly placing the familythere.  We have the birth information for Wirt, which indicates he wasborn in Belleview, Texas.  This is near Waco, in McLennan County.This name might have been confused with another town of Bellevue inClay County, near the Red River.  Octavia also spells the town's nameas Belleview, but does not report what County it was in.

    There is no reason they could not have moved all the way down toMcClennan County, then moved the distance back up to Indian Territory,but it just seemed to fit that they went southwest from Arkansasacross the Red River, and followed the river west, then a few yearslater went north across the river into Indian Territory.

    In 1910, they are back in Arkansas County, Arkansas, living in ChesterTownship for the April census.

    In 1910, Sallie is a widow and is the head of the household, withthree children still at home.  She is reported as 65 years old, but in1900 she was only 44 years old!  Either she forgot and reported thewrong year (she might have felt like she was 65 after her husbanddied) or the enumerator got confused.

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 27 April, ChesterTownship, District 3, page 5B, Hse #74, Fam #75
    Lowry, Sally F  Head F W 65 Widow AR TN KY
    Lowry, Wirt Son M W 27 Single TX IN AR Shell Digger, River
    Lowry, Octavia Dau F W 20  OK IN AR Teacher, Country School
    Lowry, Lucille I  Dau F W 12  OK IN AR None

    I have not found Sallie in any later documentation.  I assume she diedsometime before the 1920 census.


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