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Wiley Carew MCSWAIN

Wiley Carew MCSWAIN10,1,12,3,4,5,6,7,9,2

3rd Jul 187710 - 22nd Jan 194911,8

Life History

between 1877 and 1948

Resident in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.10,1,2,5,9,6,7

3rd Jul 1877

Born in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

(most likely)


Born in Arkansas.10

(less likely)

27th Nov 1902

Married Susan Frances LOWREY in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas, by Rev Cannon.4,8

17th Sep 1905

Birth of son Louis Wirt MCSWAIN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.10,3,1,13,8,14,15

1st Jul 1908

Birth of daughter Gladys Lucille MCSWAIN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.16,10,8,1,17,18

25th Oct 1910

Birth of son Carew Oliver MCSWAIN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.8,3,9,12,19,4,20,1

2nd Apr 1914

Birth of son Logan Morris MCSWAIN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,8,13,9,3,4

10th Dec 1916

Birth of son Roger Fulton MCSWAIN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,8

7th Jun 1919

Birth of daughter Bernice June MCSWAIN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.4,21,22,8,1,3,15,23

1st Oct 1921

Death of son Roger Fulton MCSWAIN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.8

15th Mar 1925

Death of Susan Frances LOWREY in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.12,24

22nd Jan 1949

Died in Pulaski County, Arkansas.11,8


  • Wiley Carew always went by the name Carew.
    He had been sick some time before he died.  An autopsy discoveredcancer and it is presumed that was the cause of death.
    --  Edith Marie McSwain Jenkins

    Carew was 3 years old when he was first enumerated in the census inresidence at Ethel, a small rural community in Prairie Township ofArkansas County, Arkansas.

    1880 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 7 June, PrairieTownship, District 2, page 9A, Hse #52, Fam #55
    Geo McSwain W M 26 Farmer NC NC NC
    Harriett McSwain W F 23 Wife Housekeeping NC NC NC
    Wiley McSwain  W M 3 Son AR NC NC
    (Infant) McSwain  W F 1 Dau  AR NC NC

    In the 1900 Arkansas County, Arkansas, census, Wiley's parents havedied and he is head of the household, with his sister Callie andbrothers Matthew and James living with him.  His father George B diedonly two months before the 1900 census.

    1900 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 15 June, PrairieTownship, District 7, page 11B, Hse #146, Fam #141
    McSwain, Carew W Head W M July 1877  22 AR NC NC Farmer
    McSwain, Callie D  Sister W F Dec 1879  20  AR NC NC
    McSwain, Mathew O  Brother W M July 1882  17  AR NC NC
    McSwain, James A  Brother W M Jan 1885  15 AR NC NC

    A Russell McSwain, age 21, is a boarder in the household of John andJulia Cook 4 houses down from Wiley and his siblings.  For a long timeit was unclear where this Russell came from or how he is kin to them.Like the others he was born in Arkansas, and both his parents wereborn in North Carolina.  This Russell is listed in later censuses asRussell A McSwain, and had a son named Russell also.  In November 2011descendant of John Franklin McSwain told me that John had a son namedRussell, along with John, Charlie and her ancestor George.  I hadfound records for only George.  Russell goes in that slot in thefamily puzzle.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    W C McSwain
    Age: 25, Birth Year 1877
    Residence: Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Spouse Susie F Lowery
    Spouse's Age: 17, Residence Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Marriage License Date 26 Nov 1902
    Marriage 27 Nov 1902 Arkansas County

    In 1910, Wiley Carew is married to Susie Lowery.  The L in her entrySusie L appears to stand for her maiden name, since we know her middlename was Frances.  Carew's brother Matt is still living with thefamily.  Both he and Carew are working in farm labor for other farms.

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 20 April, PrairieTownship, District 13, page 3A, Hse/Fam #37, McSwain
    Carew  Head M W 31 AR NC NC Farm Laborer, Working Out
    McSwain, Susie L Wife F W 24 OK IN AR
    McSwain, Wirt L  Son M W 4 AR AR OK
    McSwain, Gladys  Dau F W 1 OK IN AR
    McSwain, Matt  Brother M W 26 AR NC NC Farm Laborer, Working Out

    Here are the details from Wiley Carew's WWI Draft Registration:
    Wiley Carew McSwain
    Residence Ethel, Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Age 41, born Date: 3 Jul 1877 (place of birth not reported)
    Occupation farming, Ethel, Arkansas
    Wife Susie Francis [sic] McSwain
    Tall, Stout, Blue eyes, Brown Hair
    Registration Stuttgart, Arkansas, 12 September 1918

    1920 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 6 February, PrairieTownship, St Charles Road, District 16, page 8A, Hse #142, Fam #149
    McSwain, Wiley C  Head M W 42 AR NC NC Farmer
    McSwain, Susie F  Wife F W 34 OK IN AR
    McSwain, Louis W  Son M W 14 AR AR OK Farm Laborer
    McSwain, Gladys L  Dau F W 11 AR AR OK Farm Laborer
    McSwain, Oliver C  Son M W 9 AR AR OK Farm Laborer
    McSwain, Logan M  Son M W 6 AR AR OK
    McSwain, Roger F  Son M W 3yrs 0mos AR AR OK
    McSwain, Bernice  Dau F W 6mos AR AR OK
    McSwain, Mathew O  Brother M W 37 AR AR OK

    1930 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 23 April, PrairieTownship, District 25, page 7B, Ethel and Chute Rd, Hse #131, Fam #132
    McSwain, Wiley C Head Owns M W 52 Widowed AR NC NC Farmer
    McSwain, Louis W Son M W 23 Single AR AR OK Barber, Public Shop
    McSwain, Oliver C Son M W 19 Single AR AR OK Farm Laborer
    McSwain, Morris L Son M W 16 Single AR AR OK Farm Laborer
    McSwain, Bernice J Dau F W 10 Single AR AR OK
    McSwain, Matthew O Brother M W 46 Single AR NC NC Farmer, Odd Jobs

    1940 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 4 April, Ethel,District 1-26, page 6A, Belleview Rd, Hse #89, Owns $500
    McSwain, Karue [Carew] Head M W 62 Widowed Grade HS-3 b Arkansas samehouse in 1935 Farmer
    McSwain, Oliver Son M W 29 Single Grade 8 b Arkansas same house in1935 Farm Laborer
    McSwain, Moris Son M W 26 Single Grade 8 b Arkansas same house in 1935Farm Laborer
    McSwain, Matt Brother M W 59 Single b Arkansas same house in 1935Stockman
    Crouch, Merry Housekeeper F W 61 Widow b Tennessee same house in 1935Housekeeper, Own Home

    These are the details recorded in Wiley Carew's WWII DraftRegistration:
    Wiley Carew McSwain
    Residence Ethel, Arkansas
    Age 64, born 3 Jul 1877 Ethel, Arkansas
    Reference person Lewis McSwain, St Charles, Arkansas
    Self-employed in Ethel, Arkansas (no further details)
    Signed W C McSwain

    Wiley Carew's death was recorded in Pulaski County, Arkansas.  Deathprobably occurred in a hospital in the capital Little Rock.

    Arkansas Death Index, 1914-1950, Volume 4, Certificate 777
    Wylie C Mcswain
    Died 22 Jan 1949
    Pulaski County, Arkansas
    Age 71, Estimated Birth Year 1878

    Funeral ceremony performed by Rev. Cannon of DeWitt, Arkansas.
    --  Bertie Lois Dumond McSwain Family Information 27 Feb 1979


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