Augustus ADAMS John Wilheim ROSE Viola F ROWND Mini tree diagram

Ina Mabel ADAMS1,4,3

22nd Apr 18731,2,3 - 1st Jan 19624,5

Life History

22nd Apr 1873

Born in Kansas.1,2,3


Resident in Prairie Township (Ethel), Arkansas, Arkansas.1

27th Apr 1892

Married John Wilheim ROSE in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.4


Residence2 in Justice Precinct 5, Bell, Texas.3

25th Nov 1945

Death of John Wilheim ROSE in Temple, Bell, Texas.4

1st Jan 1962

Died in Temple, Bell, Texas.4,5


  • We first find Ina Mabel Adams in 1880 in the household of hergrandparents, Silas Paul and Louisa D Rownd, in Ethel, Arkansas.  Hermother Viola Rownd died about 2 weeks after childbirth, likely fromcomplication of childbirth. Viola's husband Augustus Adams moved toMontana after her death.  1880 Federal Census, Arkansas County,Arkansas, 11 June, page 18B, Hse #124, Fam #129 Silas Round W M 49Blacksmith  Indiana Maryland Maryland L D Round W F 46 Wife HouseKeeper  Indiana New York Maryland W S Round W F 22 Son  RaftingIllinois Indiana Indiana Ina Mabel Adams W F 7 Granddaughter KansasArkansas Illinois  In 1930 she is in Bell County, Texas, with herhusband John W Rose, and three children.  The boy's name is uncertain,scrawled by the enumerator.  It is transcribed by asGurath.  But that seemed questionable to me.  It appeared to end in-tle.  I transcribed the census entry as Gurstle.  I later discovereda genealogy in the One World Tree of that lists the nameas Gerstle.  A descendant, Robbi Cline, tells me: "I remember UncleGerstle. My g-mom Zona is not on the below census as she was a grownwoman with two kids of her own, Reverda and James."  1930 FederalCensus, Bell County, Texas, 5 April, District 25, page 3A, Hse/Fam #51Rose, John W  Head M W 58 AR TN AR Farmer Rose, Ina M  Wife F W 56 KSAR IL Rose, Gurstle P Son M W 21 TX AR KS Rose, Bertha Dau F W 17 TXAR KS Rose, Sylvia  Dau F W 15 TX AR KS  The One World Tree genealogyidentifies Ina and John as married in Ethel, Arkansas, and gives Ina'splace of birth as Temple, in Bell County, Texas.  This corroboratesthe listing in the 1930 census in Bell County.  That genealogy showsIna's husband as John Wilheim Rose.  He is listed as John W Rose inthe 1930 census.  I wonder if this spelling is a mis-reading of thename Wilhelm.  Robbi Cline wrote me in February 2008 with moreinformation on the family: "I’m a direct descendant of Ina Mable AdamsRose. I have a few pictures of Ina and John as well as one picture ofJohn’s parents Zachariah and Mary. "My Dad is Reverda Lee Townzen03/29/1919 still living "His Mom was Zona Enola Rose-Townzen01/20/1896 "Grandmother's Mom was Ina Mable Adams-Rose 04/22/1873"  Inanother email Robbi said, "John Emmitt and Zona (John and Ina Rose'sdaughter) are my grandparents.  Zacharia and Mary Rose are John'sparents.   Reverda is my dad and James is his brother.  Marcus "Dick"and Minnie Rozelle are John Emmitt's parents."  From 6 genealogy treesin One World Tree of, we get a full list of the childrenof Wilheim and Ina Mable, and details on some.  Gerstle Paul [b abt1909 in Texas, 1930 census] Sylvia Allena [b abt 1915 in Texas, 1930census] Edith Inola b 27 Jul 1894 in Big Flat, Baxter, Arkansas ZonaEnola b 20 Jan 1896 in Big Flat, Baxter, Arkansas Reverda Lee b 21 Nov1898 in Temple, Bell, Texas Slater Charles b 23 Aug 1899 Curtis Enniceb 17 Nov 1901 Kanoa Annice b 4 Dec 1903 Bernice Mors b 29 Jul 1910 inTemple, Bell, Texas Bertha [b abt 1912 in Texas, 1930 census]


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