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Susanna MCSWAIN5,6

about 17934 - 1st Dec 18791,3

Life History


Born in North Carolina.4

(less likely)

about 1793

Born in Rutherford County, North Carolina.1,2,3

(most likely)

1st Dec 1879

Died in Cleveland County, North Carolina.1,3


  • It is noted that with the dates from initial sources, Susannah wasborn in 1818, which would mean that her mother was over 50 years oldwhen she was born.  The dates come from otherwise solid familysources.  I later found another very high-quality source, acompilation of several McSwain family researchers, which does not havethis person.

    I have not been able to identify her with a next-generation or youngersame-generation set of parents.  One source reported a birth year of1788, which seemed too early.

    In July 2007, I found a genealogy that had an earlier birth date of1793 instead of 1813.  This is more reasonable and in line with thebirth dates of the other children of this family.  However, the birthplace reported by that source is Orange County, sources reportRutherford County, and the new source reported the other children asborn in Rutherford County.  That would put Susannah as the odd one outwith three after her born in Rutherford again.  So I am reportingRutherford County as the place, but the date as about 1793.


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