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Reuben Wyette BRINKLEY2,3,4,5,6,9

22nd Feb 19171,2,3,4,5,6 - 1st Feb 19827,8,4,5,6,9

Life History

22nd Feb 1917

Born in Parker County, Texas.1,2,3,4,5,6


Resident in Justice Precinct 3, Baylor, Texas.5

21st Dec 1941

Birth of son Gary BRINKLEY in Odessa, Ector, Texas.5

1st Feb 1982

Died in Taylor County, Texas.7,8,4,5,6,9

4th Feb 1982

Buried in Westover Cemetery, Westover, Baylor, Texas.4

Other facts


Married Joyce Faith BOGARD


Birth of son Living BRINKLEY


  • Reuben Wyette Brinkley , born in February 1917 was the only child ofBessie Lee Jackson Brinkley. Reuben's mother died in January 1918,when he was less than a year old. After her death his father movedinto the household of Reuben's grandparents in Baylor County, Texas.Here is the 1920 census report of the family.

    1920 Federal Census, Baylor County, Texas, 8 January, Justice Precinct3 (near Westover), District 13, page 1B, Hse/Fam #5
    Brinkley, Andrew W Head  Owns M W 57 Tennessee Tennessee TennesseeSection Foreman, Railroad
    Brinkley, Frances L  Wife F W 56 TX TX TN
    Brinkley, Reuben Cole Son M W 23 Widowed TX TN TX Barber
    Brinkley, Mollie M  Dau F W 19 TX TN TX
    Brinkley, Martha  Mother F W 75 Widow TN US US
    Brinkley, Reuben W Grandson M W 2yrs10mos TX TX TX

    In 1930, we find that Reuben Wyette's father has remarried and theyhave moved to Houston, where his father is a Baptist minister.  He isenumerated with his stepmother and two younger sisters.

    1930 Federal Census, Harris County, Texas, 5 April, Houston, District23, page 5A, 1302 Tabor Street, Hse #101, Fam #102
    Brinkley, R C Head Rents $27.50mo M W 23 First Married at age 20 TX TXTX Baptist Minister
    Brinkley, Vera P Wife  F W 28 First Married at age 24 TX AR TX
    Brinkley, Reuben W Son M W 13 TX TX TX

    Family sources reported that Reuben died in Coleman, Coleman County,Texas.  But the Texas Death Index reports that he died in TaylorCounty.  It would appear Coleman was his residence at the time ofdeath.  It appeared he was in the hospital in Abilene (Taylor County),north of Coleman, when he died.  This was confirmed in a Seymour newsarticle, an excerpt of which was available on a summary

    "REUBEN W. BRINKLEY Mr. Reuben W. Brinkley. age 64, of Coleman andformerly of Seymour, passed away Monday. February I, at 8:00 p.m. inan Abilene Hospital. Funeral services will be held from CalvaryBaptist Church..."
    --  Seymour Baylor County Banner, Seymour, Texas, 4 Feb 1982,

    One Brinkley family genealogy reports that he was buried was in theWestover Cemetery in Baylor County, Texas.

    Reuben Wyette Brinkley
    Born 22 Feb 1917 in Parker, Texas; Died 1 Feb 1982 in Coleman,Coleman, Texas
    Reuben Cole Brinkley (1896-1957)  Vera Pearl Russell (1902-)[Stepmother]
    Spouse Joyce Faith Bogard (1917-)
    Children David Reuben Brinkley (1930-), Gary Brinkley (1941-2000)
    1917 22 Feb Birth Parker County, Texas
    Age 3 Residence Justice Precinct 3, Baylor, Texas 1920 United StatesFederal Census
    Age 13 Residence  Houston, Harris, Texas 1930 United States FederalCensus 1982 1 Feb Age: 65
    Death Coleman, Coleman, Texas; burial Westover Cemetery, Baylor, Texas
    --  Williams/Brinkley/Mason/Vaughn Family Tree,

    The Westover Cemetery entry has the date of death as 4 Feb, which mustbe the burial date.  Sources cited above report his death on 1February 1982.

    BRINKLEY, REUBEN W.  GRANDSON/FRANCES BRINKLEY  birth 2/22/1917  death2/4/1982  buried WEST SECTION

    The Social Security Death Index reports Reuben's address at the timeof death as Coleman, Texas.  The Texas Death Index reports he actuallydied in Taylor County.  Perhaps he died in an Abilene hospital.

    Social Security Death Index
    Reuben Brinkley
    Born 22 Feb 1917
    Died Feb 1982
    Last Residence Coleman, Coleman, Texas 76834
    SSN 454-12-0375 issued Texas (Before 1951)

    Texas Death Index, 1903-2000
    Reuben Brinkley
    Death 1 Feb 1982 Taylor County

    I find that the Westover Cemetery List reports his death date as 4February 1982, while the Death Index says 1 February.  I wonder if theWestover date is the date of burial?  I assume that the date in thecemetery list is the date of death as reported on the gravestone.  Ina few cases I have found these are wrong.  I found that a familysource also reports death date as 4 February, following the Westoverentry, apparently.  I am reporting death according to the date in theWestover list.


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