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Margaret E CRISWELL4,1,2,3

Apr 18881 - UNKNOWN

Life History

Apr 1888

Born in Arkansas County, Arkansas.1

between 1900 and 1920

Resident in Prairie, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,2,3




  • It seems there were two children in this family named Margaret.  HereMaggie E is reported at age 12, and with a birthday of April 1888.  Iassume that Maggie here is, as usual, the nickname for Margaret.  Butthere is a child reported as Margaret who is age 3 in 1880.  Thatwould make her age 23 in 1900.  But how could a 23 year old bemistaken for a 12-year-old, as Maggie is reported here.  Thus Iconclude that there wa an earlier child named Margaret, then a secondchild also named Margaret (called Maggie here).  Or maybe it ispossible they named here Maggie, the nickname, as a primary name.  Wasthis because the earlier Margaret had died young?  This was sometiemsthe case with familes in the1800s.  1880 Federal Census, AttalaCounty, Mississippi, 24 June, Beat 4, District 17, p 51, #461, Fam#465 Criswell, William 40    Farmer MS MS MS (b abt 1840) Criswell,Martha W F 38 Wife Keeping House b MS MS MS (b abt 1842) Criswell,Margaret  W F 3 Dau MS MS MS (b abt 1877)  1900 Federal Census,Arkansas County, Arkansas, 16 June, Prairie Township, District 7, Page11B, Hse #192, Family #195 Maggie E Criswell Dau W F  Apr 1888  12Ark Alabama Alabama  1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas,16 April, Prairie Township, District 13, page 1A, Hse/Fam #7,Criswell, William H  Head M W 69 Married 43 yrs SC SC SC Farmer MarthaA  Wife F W 69 Married 43 yrs AL TN GA Criswell, Maggie D Dau F W 20AR SC AL  These two censuses show Maggie born in Arkansas, whereas aSimons family genealogy reports her born in Attala, Mississippi.  Weknow that the family lived in Attala before they moved to Ethel,Arkansas, so perhaps the genealogy generalized that as the birthplaceof all the children as well.  John, the oldest son,  is the only childreported by the genealogy as born in Alabama.  Attala is also reportedas the birthplace of father William H.  I have confirmed that this isan error.  William was born in South Carolina.  The 1900 censuserroneously reports him born in Alabama.  But all other sourcesindicate he was born in South Carolina, and some genealogiesspecifically give his birthplace as Abbeville District.  William'sfather James Henry was born in South Carolina.  It is possible thatthe family resided in Alabama for some time before moving on toMississippi.  Perhaps further information will clarify if thisaccurate.  Maggie is still single and living in her father's householdat age 30, at the time of the 1920 census.  1920 Federal Census,Arkansas County, Arkansas, 5 January, Prairie Township, District 15,page 1A, Country Road, Hse/Fam #4 Criswell, Maggie Dau F W 30 SingleAR SC SC


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