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Roland LE STRANGE1,2

also known as Roald LE STRANGE5

about 10961,2 - before 11584

Life History

about 1096

Born in Cheswardine, Shropshire, England.1,2

about 1112

Married Matilda LE BRUN.4

about 1135


(less likely)

about 1142

Birth of son John LE STRANGE in Of Ness and Cheswardine, Shropshire, England.6,7

about 1144

Birth of son Hamo LE STRANGE in Knockin, Oswestry, Shropshire, England.2

about 1146

Birth of son Guy LE STRANGE in Knockin, Oswestry, Shropshire, England.2

about 1148

Birth of son Ralph LE STRANGE in Little Ercal, Shropshire, England.4,2

before 1158

Died in Cheswardine, Shropshire, England.1,2,3

(most likely)


  • Various historical sources and reconstructions tell us that Roland, orRoald, first established the family known as Le Strange or L'Estrangein Norfolk, England, in the 1100s, under the rule of the Normans.  TheNormans were Vikings who some generations before had settled in a partof Gaul which had come under the domination of the Franks after theRoman decline.  The section where these Northmen settled came to beknown as Northmandie, known today as Normandy.  His name appears asRoald in some sources.

    It seems that Roland and his friend Alan fitz Flaad came to Norfolkalong with Henry, son of William I, when the heir to the Norman throneof England died in a hunting accident.  The next son Henry became theheir, and established himself as Henry I of England.  Henry was theson of Matilda the Empress of the Holy Roman Empire, husband ofWilliam of Normandy, who became William I of England.

    One source reports Roland born in Cheswardine, in Shropshire (Welshborder area).  But Burke's Peerage reports him born in Mileham,Norfolk (though possibly of Breton origins).  Burke's Peerage (citedby many sources), along with other sources, indicates he came toNorfolk with his friend, Alan fitz Flaad (or Fleald), and was a tenanton lands of Alan in Mileham.  Others report him born in Shrophshire,but I now also doubt that is correct.  Burke also notes that it is noteven certain -- though he came to Britain from Brittany -- that he isactually of Breton origin.

    He married the daughter of Ralph fitz (son of) Herlewin (or DeHunstanton).  Maud is also referred to by the name Matilda.  Hermother was Helwise, daughter of Hugh de Plaiz of Bernham, Suffolk,according to Complete Peerage XII/1:347-8.  His son Hamon was grantedlands in Cheswardine in Salopshire.   His son Guy served as Sheriff ofSalop 1159-60, and owned land in Alveley, Salop.

    Roland's Latin name is given on the family website as Rolleus.  HisLatin name Rolleus Extraneus developed in the common language asRoland Le Strange (with many variations on both names).  This familyname is spelled many ways today. Some common forms are:  Strange,Strang, Straunge, Strong, LeStraunge, Le Straunge, L'Estrange and LeStrange.

    The dates given by the Norfolk Le Strange family are earlier thanthose reported by the Corbet-Le Strange genealogy on the Hart FamilyWebsite.  The former does not report all dates, but shows an estimateddeath date for Roland of about 1135, compared to the date of about1158 given by the latter.

    The Le Strange Website begins the Hunstanton family line with Roland.Even though the early Le Stranges are associated with Hunstanton inNorfolk, children are born in Shropshire, on the border with Wales.The first Barony was established at Knockin in Shropshire.  The Baronyof Hunstanton was established later.

    Dates for this couple given by the Hunstanton Le Strange FamilyWebsite are earlier than those reported by the Hart-Corbet-Le Strangegenealogy and background information.  No birth or death dates aregiven for Matilda, but the marriage date is 1112, compared with 1141given by the Hart Family Website.


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