Alvis Hertsell EAST A Benjamin Scott EAST Frances COLBERT Tessa M SMITHERS Annie Bell SHERMAN Laura E NOMAIDENNAME Mary NOLASTNAME Mary Isabel EAST Emma F EAST Margaret Jane EAST Alvis Hertsell EAST Esther EAST George I EAST Lucy Lavanda EAST Jane RAWLINGS Mini tree diagram
Theophilus H EAST

Theophilus H EAST9,11,12,6,4,4,5,15,7,8

18526,7,8,9 - 19th Mar 191711,8

Life History


Born in Clarinda, Page, Iowa.6,7,8,9


Residence1 in Nodaway, Page, Iowa.9

Oct 1864

Residence2: enlisted in Union Cavalry; served only till Dec 1864 in Fort Kearney, Nebraska.10

between 1868 and 1869

Residence3: enlisted in US Cavalry in Fort Leavenworth, Leavenworth, Kansas.14


Residence4 in Union, Nodaway, Missouri.15

before 1884

Death of Mary NOLASTNAME in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory

13th May 1884

Residence5: First Marriage Ceremony to Frances/Francis Colbert; a second was heldin 1888, due to irregularity in first in a point of Chickasaw Nationlaw in Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1,2,3

12th Apr 1888

Married Frances COLBERT in Berwyn, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.2,1,3,7


Residence6: Veterans Schedule, US Census in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma Territory.13


Residence7: Divorce was obtained here; not clear if this was actual residence in Canadian County, Oklahoma Territory.3

about 1892

Divorced from Frances COLBERT in Canadian County, Oklahoma Territory.7,7

between 1897 and 1907

Residence8: 1852 in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.3,3,4,5

5th Aug 1897

Married Tessa M SMITHERS in Chckasaw Nation, Indian Territory.4,7

between 1899 and 1900

Divorced from Tessa M SMITHERS in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.3,4,7

5th Nov 1900

Married Annie Bell SHERMAN in Chickasha, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.4

20th Jan 1903

Death of Annie Bell SHERMAN.17

after Feb 1904

Death of Tessa M SMITHERS in Oklahoma.4

5th Feb 1904

Naturalized in Muskogee, Creek Nation, Indian Territory.7

about 1907

Married Laura E NOMAIDENNAME in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.12

11th Sep 1911

Residence9: Physician, licensed in Oklahoma, later in New Mexico, also practicedin Sonora, Mexico: 11 Sep 1911 is probably the date of his newOklahoma licensing. He had previously been practicing when it wasIndian Territory in Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma.11,12

18th May 1914

Residence10: Licensed in Oklahoma, New Mexico; also practiced in Sonora, Mexico,later in Cloudcroft, Otero, New Mexico.11

20th Jun 1915

Death of Frances COLBERT in Love County, Oklahoma.16,3,8

13th Dec 1915

Residence11: Served as Medical Doctor; Chickasha, OK, Sep 11, 1911, Cloudcroft,NM, May 18, 1914, Sonora, Mexico, Dec 13, 1915 in Sonora, Mexico.11

19th Mar 1917

Died in La Junta, Otero, Colorado.11,8

after 19th Mar 1917

Buried in La Junta, Otero, Colorado.8

Other facts




  • 1860 Federal Census, Page County, Iowa, 18 June, Nodaway Township, POClarinda, page 26 (scan 936), Hse/Fam #205
    A H East 40 M Farmer & Physician $4000 Real Estate $300 Personal bNorth Carolina [abt 1820]
    Jenny East 31 F b Illinois [abt 1829]
    Scott East 11 M b Iowa [abt 1849]
    Theopolus H East 10 M b Iowa [abt 1850]
    Mary I East 8 F b Iowa [abt 1852]
    Emma F East 6 F b Iowa [abt 1854]
    Margaret J East 4 F b Iowa [abt 1856]
    A H East Jr 3mos M b Iowa [abt Feb 1860]
    Hannah Cumming 27 F Domestick b Ohio
    May Wall 19 F School Teacher b New York

    A few genealogies provide information on T H's parents.  One is theMaschewski genealogy.  This reports his birth as in 1849.  Probably onthe basis of a census.  Theophilus himself testified to the DawesCommission in 1904 that he was born in 1852.  Some records say about1851,

    Theophilus H. EAST
    Birth 1849 in Iowa
    Death 1910 in Chickasaw [error copied from Ancestry for Chickasha],Grady, Oklahoma
    Alvis H EAST 1820-1870
    Jane RAWLINGS b 1825
    --  Maschewski,

    In 1864, Theophilus enlisted in the Union Army in Nebraska.  He wasonly 15, according to all documentation except his military records,which shows he reported his age as 18 (and thus born in 1848).However, he was in the service only a few weeks.

    American Civil War Soldiers
    Theophilus East
    Residence Fort Kearney, Nebraska
    Enlistment 15 Oct 1864
    Union Army, Company F, 1st Cavalry Regiment Nebraska on 14 Oct 1864
    Enlisted as a Private on 15 October 1864 at the age of 18 [accordingto other records, he was only 14 or 15]
    Discharged from Company F, 1st Cavalry Regiment Nebraska on 20 Dec1864

    His record for later enlistment and service in the Spanish-AmericanWar reports an age that would make him born in 1846.  (See below.)This is the oldest birth date proposed for Theophilus.  All othersources indicate a birth some time from 1849 to 1851.  He himselftestified to the Dawes Commission in 1903 that he was born in 1852.

    1870 Federal Census, Nodaway County, Missouri, 14 July, UnionTownship, PO Maryville, p 33, Hse #255, Fam #251
    East, Theophales H 19 M W Farm Laborer $0 Real Estate $250 PersonalEstate b Iowa (b abt 1851)
    East, Mary 17 F W Keeping House b Illinois (b abt 1853)

    This Mary is the same age as Theophilus' sister Mary I.  But hissister was born in Iowa, and this Mary is reported as born inIllinois, so this must be his wife.  We can estimate that they marriedabout 1869.  An oddity about this, however, is that in his testimonybefore the Dawes Commission of Indian Affairs in 1904, he stated thathe had not been married before he married Frances Colbert in 1884.

    Despite this, Mary must have been his first wife, because in the 1910census, after he has divorced Fannie and had three subsequent wives,the census reports this is his 6th marriage.  Counting Mary here ashis first wife, there are 5 wives (with two ceremonies of marriage toFannie Colbert, as explained below, this makes 6 marriages).  Butthere were also two marriages to Tessa Smithers, then a divorce and athird marriage.  Tessa M Smithers and TH were divorced in 1899 or1900.  In his Dawes testimony, he said 1900, but Tessa's Dawestestimonial timeline says 1899.

    He then married Annie Bell Sherman.  In 1903, Theo and Tessaremarried.  They were married in 1904 when they testified to the DawesCommission.  It appears they divorced again after that, but this isunclear.  There was another wife named Laura E on whom I have fewdetails.  (See details below.)

    Next door to Theophilus in 1870 is a Benjamin East, age 21, and hiswife Martha age 20, and two children.  There was no Benjamin in T H'sfamily in 1860, but the difference in age between Theophilus and thisBenjamin is just one year different from that of TH and his brotherScott in the 1860 census.  Later information confirms that Benjaminwas Theo's younger brother.  His full name was Benjamin Scott East.He later moved to Washington state and died there.

    1870 Federal Census, Nodaway County, Missouri, 14 July, UnionTownship, PO Maryville, p 33, Hse #256, Fam #252
    East, Benjamin 21 M W Farm Laborer $0 Real Estate $75 Personal Estateb Iowa (b abt 1859)
    East, Martha 20 F W Keeping House b Missouri (b abt 1850)
    East, Alvis  3 M W b Missouri (b abt 1867)
    East, Louisa 1 F W b Missouri (b abt 1869)

    Theophilus East became a medical doctor like his father.

    U.S. Army, Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914
    Theophilus H East
    Enlistment 6 Sept 1868 Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
    Enlistment Age 22, for 5 years
    7th Cavalry, Company A
    Discharged upon Application 11 January 1869
    Birth abt 1846 Davis County, Iowa, United States
    Occupation Farmer
    Eyes Blue, Hair Brown, Complexion Dark
    Height 6 feet 0 inches

    There are two records of marriage for Theophilus East and FrancesAdams (formerly Colbert, Cochran and Green).  The record numbers arethe same, but two ceremonies are recorded 4 years apart.  One sourcereports that there was some irregularity with the first marriage andFannie and Theophilus were remarried.  I found these transcriptionsonline in about 2008, but did not see copies of the actual documentsuntil September 2010, when I found them posted by researcher CindyPannell.

    Marriage License, Lebanon, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, IndianTerritory
    Marriage Record of 1884, pages 71 and 130, May 13th, 1884
    "T.H. East and Francis Adams was joined together in Holy Bonds ofMatrimony by the Honorable County Judge of Pickens County C.N. IndianTerritory, Abijah Colbert Fannie's uncle], Judge, P.C.C.N."

    Marriage Record
    National Archives, Lebanon, IT
    Marriage Record of 1884, pages 71 and 130
    May 13th, 1884, T.H. East and Francis Adams was joined together inHoly Bonds of Matrimony by the Honorable County Judge of PickensCounty C.N. Indian Territory.
    Abijah Colbert [Abijah Colbert, Fannie's uncle]
    Judge, P.C.C.N.

    Marriage Record
    Location: Lebanon, Pickens, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory 189
    Author: Willis Dickerson, County Judge P.C.C.N.
    Place: page 71 & 130, Marriage Record
    Date: 4/12/1888
    Text: T.H. East and Francis Adams issued to the above names parties,by the County Judge, Pickens, C.N.

    Certificate of Marriage
    J. Willis Dickerson, hereby certify on the 12th day of April A.D.1888I united in marriage T.H. East and Mrs. Francis Adams, the partiesabove named.
    Witness my hand, this 12th day of April A.D. 1888
    Willis Dickerson, County Judge P.C.C.N.

    Another cousin and coresearcher Kati Jackson Cain located the 9-pagetranscript set of testimony before the Dawes Commission in 1904.  Thistestimony concerns his application to become a Chickasaw Indian, or bereinstated and confirmed in that status, by virtue of his marriage toFannie Colbert Adams.  It is after their divorce, but he is confirminghis application to the Chickasaw Tribe along with his current wifeTessa M Smithers East, whom he married in 1897.  (See below.)Questions come up also about  other matters that affected his marriagerelationship with Fannie.  Tessa also gives testimony about her twomarriages to T H and the divorce in between.

    In this testimonial document Theophilus testifies about his secondmarriage ceremony, due to some legal complication related to the firstceremony, explaining the second ceremony for the same marriage.Theophilus testifies that the first marriage was performed by Fannie'suncle Abijah Colbert, who was both a minister of the gospel and acounty judge in Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation.

    When this was discovered 4 years later, a new ceremony was held.  Thesecond wedding ceremony was held in April 1888 (see transcriptionsabove).  Theophilus says that the Chickasaw authorities told him hisfirst "marriage was good enough to hold the woman but not the land."The question came up in regard to a piece of land he was buying andwanted to attach to his farm he already owned.

    He went with Fannie to testify before the Dawes Commission inTishomingo.  In this testimony, he also explains about a legal problemhe had, when Fannie left him to go away with a man named Tom Little inthe time before their second marriage.  Tom took Fannie to ChoctawNation, then, according to Theophilus, came back to kill himTheophilus testifies that this Tom Little had shot him, but he foughtTom and killed him. He was arrested Gainesville, Texas, and Federalmarshals came from Fort Smith to get him.  In the trial he wasacquitted.

    There his Chickasaw status was confirmed, and he was also acquitted ofmurder.  The Chickasaw governor, attorney general and Chickasaw Policeappeared at the trial on Theophilus' behalf, testifying that he was acitizen of the Chickasaw Nation, and Judge Parker read the marriagerecord from the original marriage, and confirmed that this was validfor documenting Theophilus' citizenship in the Chickasaw Nation.

    The land matter occurred and second ceremony were held in April ofthat year.  I found that the date on the court docket for the murderis 1887.  This murder occurred between July and October 1887, since adocument is introduced in the case that indicates a conveyance of landto T P Little.  This T P Little is Tom Little, as Theophilus testifiedto the Dawes Commission in 1903.  This bill of sale is dated 15 July1887.  The court filing date on this document is October 1887.

    Dr Theophilus East had several charges in the Ft Smith CriminalRecords.
    1885  Larceny  1887 Murder  1889 Contempt

    The Larceny charges stem from an event with a yoke of oxen T H said hebought from William Cox, but Cox reported he had stolen them.  Therewere witnesses, including one of his step sons, William Cochran, thatsaw him rebrand them and turn them out into his herd.  So they weresubpoenaed to appear to testify in the case in Fort Smith, Arkansas,the seat of U S justice for Indian Territory, attached to the Westerndistrict of Arkansas.

    The case file contains no disposition on this case!  But from otherevents and records, we know he was not jailed, so they resolved it insome way.  There were numerous cases like this of disputedtransactions coming before the courts.  This really was the Wild West.

    T H was enumerated in the 1890 census in Oklahoma Territory, one ofthe few partial sets of records from the 1890 census that survived thegreat fire in an archive building.  He was in Oklahoma City, just alittle outside the northern border of Chickasaw Nation, where most ofhis activities occurred.

    1890 Federal Census, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma Territory, June,Enumeration District 25
    Veterans Schedules, Oklahoma City, page 3, Hse/Fam #270
    Veteran's Name East, Theophilus H, No service details reported,Re-enlisted Veteran

    He was also reported in the Oklahoma City City Directory for 1890.

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Directories, 1889-90
    T. H. East
    1890 Oklahoma City, OK
    Location r s s 3d e of Limit

    Theophilus East and Frances Colbert were divorced in 1892.

    "Theophilus was divorced from Francis Colbert in Canadian Co., OT,circa 1892. ... he married Tessa M. Smithers in Chickasaw Nation, IT,5 AUG 1897. Married under Chickasaw law & Marriage License"
    --  Chickasaw History, "Francis Colbert"
    --  Chickasaw History, "Francis Colbert" [ChickasawHistory is unfortunately no longer online]

    U.S. Native American Enrollment Cards for the Five Civilized Tribes,1898-1914,
    Chickasaw Nation, Marietta, Census Field #1615, 25 Sep 1898, AllEnrolled 1896 Pickens Co, p 26 (updates through 1902)
    1 Dawes' Roll #4315, Frances East, Age 67, Birth Abt 1831, 1/2Chickasaw, Father David Colbert Dead Chickasaw, Mother Mamie ColbertDead Chickasaw
    No 1 on Chickasaw Roll as Francis East
    Nos 1,2 & 3 origially enrolled on Choctaw card # 336 and transferredot this card Oct 13, 1902
    2 Dawes' Roll #4316, Daniel Green, Age 24, Birth Abt 1874, 1/4Chickasaw, 26 Father Daniel Green Dead Non-Citizen, Mother No 1
    3 Dawes' Roll #4317, Charles Adams, Age 18, Birth Abt 1880, 1/4Chickasaw, Father Charles Adams ---- Non-Citizen, Mother No 1
    4 Dawes' Roll #648, Theophilus East, Age 50, Birth Abt 1848,Intermarried White, Father Alvis H East Dead Non-Citizen, Mother JaneEast Dead Non-Citizen
    No 4 Enrolled by Department 1907, Transferred from Chickasaw Card NoC-209
    Nos 1,2 & 3 hereon approved by the Secretary of the Interior Mar 6,1903
    No 4 hereon approved by the Secretary of the Interior Mar 4, 1907

    The Chickasaw History reports that Theophilus served with the army (asa physician) in Cuba during the Spanish-American War in 1898.Theophilus and Tessa were divorced in 1900, according to a familygenealogy source.

    Tessa M. Smithers
    Marriage 5 Aug 1897 Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory
    to Theophilus H. EAST
    Married under Chickasaw law & Marriage License
    1900 Divorce from Theophilus H. EAST Chickasaw Nation, IndianTerritory [no source cited for this information]
    --  Maschewski,

    No source records are cited for this information, but the informationis credible, and the genealogy is otherwise extensively documented.The same section of the Chickasaw History also reports the divorcefrom Tessa and further that TH was reported in the Chickasaw census of1907.

    But in the 1900 census both Fannie and Tessa are reported not asDivorced, but as widows, both living in Chickasha.  Perhaps Fanniereverted back to her widow status that she had before she marriedTheophilus.  Some genealogies also tell us that Tessa and T H werepreviously married, then divorced not long after he returned form hisservice in the Spanish-American War in Cuba.  They both testifiedabout this in their 1904 Dawes testimony.

    "Theophilus served in the military in CUBA - Spanish-American War,1898. Theophilus was divorced from Tessa M. Smithers 1900.  Theophilusenrolled in Chickasha, Pickens Co, Chickasaw Nation, IT for the DawesChickasaw Roll on 4 MAR 1907 and appears on Dawes card number 1615."
    --  Chickasaw History, Francis Colbert,

    The divorce is reported as occurring in 1900, and Tessa is boardingwith another family in Chickasha in 1900.  She is reported as a widow. Despite these two facts, Tessa is named as a joint petitioner withTheophilus in the testimony transcription of the application forChickasaw Nation Citizenship in 1904.  (In T H's case, it is actuallyconfirmation of Citizenship, since in his testimony, he provides theevidence for his previous enrollment as a Chickasaw citizen.)

    1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 23 June,Chickasha, District 153, page 32B, Texas Ave, Hse #674, Fam #686
    Maddox, John Head  W M Oct 1856 43 Married 14 years MO MO MO TeamsterOwns
    Maddox, Estella Wife W F  Sept 1869 30 Married 14 years 2 children/2living KS MO MO
    Maddox, Georgia Dau W F Apr 1888 12 TX MO KS
    Maddox, Harry  Son W M Dec 1890 9 TX MO KS
    East, Tessa Boarder W F Feby 1874 26 Widow [divorced] MO IL IL

    A couple of genealogies report a wife named Annie Bell Sherman,reported to have died in 1903.  Theophilus's divorce from Tessa isreported as occurring in 1900.  In the June 1900 census, Tessa isreported as widowed, but it should be divorced.  I have found nocensus for Theophilus in 1900.

    Theophilus married Annie Bell in November 1900, according to CindyPannell.

    Annie Bell Sherman
    Marriage to Theophilus H East
    5 Nov 1900 Chickasha, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory
    --  Pannell,

    Annie Bell died 20 January 1903, according to some genealogies.  Thisseems to derive from Theophilus' testimony in 1904 to the DawesCommission on the factors in his application for Chickasaw Citizenshipby marriage, in which he gives this date for the death of his wifeAnnie Sherman.

    We find a later record for Theophilus and another wife named Laura E.They are reported in the 1910 census, with Laura's daughter Ellen Ereported as T H's stepdaughter, but with the last name of East.  The1910 census reports that this is the 6th marriage for Theophilus.

    I have found records for these 5 wives (6 marriages) of Theophilus:
    Mary (1870 census)
    Fannie (1884 first Chickasaw marriage record) and 1888 (2nd Chickasawmarriage record)
    Tessa (1897 Chickasaw marriage record) and
    Annie Bell Sherman (married 1900, Various genealogies)
    Laura (1907, per 1910 census below)

    U.S. Native American Enrollment Cards for the Five Civilized Tribes,1898-1914
    Theophilus H East
    Roll #688, Census Card #1615
    25 Sep 1902
    Age at Census Enrollment 49
    Birth abt 1853
    Tribal Affiliation: Chickasaw By Marriage

    In February 1904, Theophilus and his wife Tessa Smithers testified inregard to their status as Chickasaw Citizens.  Theophilus testifiedthat he had been granted Chickasaw citizenship on the basis of anapplication while he was married to Francis East, on the basis of hercitizenship by blood.  This was appealed by the Nation, but hisapproval by the Dawes Commission was upheld by the District Court.  Inthe meantime, he and Francis divorced, and he married Tessa MSmithers.

    Tessa and Theophilus were married first in 1893 under an OklahomaTerritory license, then again on 5 August 1897 under a Chickasawlicense.  Tessa testified that she and Theophilus divorced in 1899after he returned from his medical service in Cuba, consistent withher divorced status in the 1900 census.  But then they remarried in1903.

    In 1902, while Theophilus was married to Annie Bell Sherman, theChickasaw-Choctaw Citizenship court canceled Dr East's status as aChickasaw citizen.  This interview deposition indicates he is stillclaiming such status on the basis of the original grant of citizenshipin his original application, while he was still married to Francis.

    Theophilus states in his 1904 interview with the Dawes Commission thathe and Annie were married until she died on 20 January 1903.  Afterher death he remarried his 2nd wife, Tessa M Smithers East.  In herFeb 1904 testimony before the Dawes Commission, Tessa stated that theyremarried in 1903, Theophilus married Annie Bell Sherman in Nov 1900and Annie died in Feb 1903.  Dr East testifies this 3rd marriage toTessa was on 25 May 1903.  They were still married at the time oftheir deposition before the Dawes Commission in February 1904.

    In their testimony before the Dawes Commission, Tessa was asked andaffirmed that she is also seeking status as a Chickasaw Citizen bymarriage, by virtue of her marriage to Dr East.

    I am puzzled by the record of Theophilus' Dawes Commission interviewin 1904, because the overall heading of these records is Chickasaw byBlood. But other records indicate he was Chickasaw by marriage.  Hishearing was about his application (reapplication) for ChickasawCitizenship by intermarriage to Francis Colbert, to whom he wasmarried when first granted citizenship.

    Native American Applications for Enrollment in Five Civilized Tribes,1898-1914
    Theophilus H East
    Application 5 Feb 1904 Muskogee, Indian Territory
    Chickasaw, Chickasaw by Blood
    Applying for and reconfirming earlier status of Chickasaw Citizen byintermarriage.
    Census Card Number 1615

    Somewhere along in here, there was another legal case in Oklahoma Cityconcerning another shooting.  The newspaper clipping does not identifythe paper or the year, but have the date January 20.

    T H was charged with the murder of a negro man in Oklahoma City.  Thestory appeared on 20 January, unknown year, from an unidentifiednewspaper clipping.

    Sensational Arrest

    El Reno, OK -- Jan 20 -- Dr T H East, of this city, was arrested bythe sheriff of Oklahoma county, charged with the murder of a negro atOklahoma City.  The murdered negro was the only witness against thenotorious Clyde Mattos, under sentence to be hanged at Kansas City,Kan.  Clyde Mattos was at one time the associate of East as a deputyUnited States Marshal of the territory.  It is not known what evidencehas been secured against East, but the general opinion here is that heis innocent.
    --  Newspaper story, El Reno Okla Territory, paper unknown, 20January, no year mentioned; clipping courtesy of Cindy Pannell, aGreen cousin and researcher

    In their interview with the Dawes Commission on this case, bothTheophilus and his current wife Tessa Smithers testified that werecurrently living in Chickasha, in Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation.(These administrative divisions of Chickasaw Nation are also referredto as Districts.  They appear with the name of District, rather thanCounty, on at least one map.)  This was Dr East's residence when hewas enumerated in the 1910 US census.  It appears that Tessa diedbefore this census, or they divorced again.  No death record has beenfound for her, and no reference to a later divorce.

    In 1909 there was a story about Theophilus' reconciliation with hiswife after a divorce and considerable publicity over their domesticproblems.  The story was published in an unidentified newspaper inChickasha, Indian Territory (currently Grady County, Oklahoma).  Theywere moving to their residence in Sulphur Springs (currently on I 35in Murray County, Oklahoma).  This story amazingly fails to give thename of the wife!  The last one we have record of was Tessa MSmithers, also recently remarried to T H in 1903, according to theirDawes Commission interviews in 1903.  But the next year, in the 1910census, his wife is named Laura E.

    Eight TImes Married and Has Concluded to Patch Up Peace With DivorcedWife --

    Chickasha I T -- Jan '9 -- Dr T H East returned to Sulphur Springslast night in company with his recently divorced wife.  Dr and MrsEast has [sic]
    become reconciled and will live together at Sulphur Springs.  This isEast's eighth wife, and a great deal has been in the papers of lateabout the domestic difficulties of this pair.  Mrs East stated thatthe interviews, which have been publish [sic], while containing sometruth, were gross exaggerations.
    --  Newspaper story, paper unknown, no date, January 1909, clippingcourtesy of Cindy Pannell, a Green cousin and researcher

    In the 1910 census, Theo's wife is named Laura E.  I have found nofurther info, either, on Laura E.

    1910 Federal Census, Grady County, Oklahoma, 21 April, Chickasha CityWard 1, District 95, page 9B, 1517 10th St, Hse #189, Fam #192
    East, Theophilus Head M W 57 6th Marriage Married 3yrs Iowa NC KYPhysician Owns
    East, Laura E  Wife  F W 37  2nd Marriage Married 3yrs  4 children/1living IL OH KY
    East, Ellen E  Stepdau F W 8  Single OK MO IL

    His listing in the Directory of Physicians reports he died in 1917 inColorado.  In the meantime after the 1910 census in Oklahoma, he isreported serving as a medical doctor in Chickasha, Oklahoma.  Themeaning of the dates of service in each location is unclear in thisdirectory.  He is listed in Chickasha on 11 September 1911.  The nextentry is in 1914, so perhaps that means he was in Chickasha until thenext date, 18 May 1914 in Cloudcroft, New Mexico.  The next entryreports him in Sonora, Mexico, on 13 December 1915.  It is not clearwhen he went to La Junta, Colorado, where he died of complications insurgery for an unstated problem 19 March 1917.

    Directory of Deceased American Physicians, 1804-1929
    American Medical Association
    Theophilus H. East
    Birth 1851 IA, Death 19 Mar 1917 La Junta, CO
    Medical School, University Medical College of Kansas City, KansasCity, 1900
    Type Practice: Allopath
    Practice Dates Places:
    Chickasha, OK, Sep 11, 1911
    Cloudcroft, NM, May 18, 1914
    Sonora, Mexico, Dec 13, 1915
    Licenses OK, NM, 1912
    Cause Of Death surgery, complications, laparotomy, shock

    I was able to provide some detail missing from T H's memorial on Finda Grave when I found it on 1 July 2015.

    Dr Theophilus H East
    Birth 1852 Clarinda, Page County, Iowa, USA
    Death Mar. 19, 1917 La Junta, Otero County, Colorado, USA
    Alvis H. East (1820 - 1872)
    Jane East (1829 - 1898)
    Spouse Francis Colbert Green East (1831 - 1915)
    Sibling Samuel T East (1842 - 1880) Half-sibling
    From Civil War Military Records:
    Theophilus East age 15 of Clarinda, Iowa nativity Iowa enlisted Oct 151864 into Co F 1st Nebraska Infantry. Retained by Civil authoritiesfor being under age.
    Death information comes from a listing in the Directory of DeceasedAmerican Physicians, 1804-1929, American Medical Association:
    Theophilus H. East
    Birth 1851 IA, Death 19 Mar 1917 La Junta, CO
    Courtesy of Orville Jenkins 47363648
    Non-Cemetery Burial, Burial site and death date, location unknown
    Created by K L Bonnett Sep 10, 2010
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #58459891,

    The military information reported here says he was 15 in 1864, so bornabout 1849, which seems to be the source of his birth date as 1849stated in the memorial.  This memorial reports that in his enlistmentrecord, his place of birth and age are reported, but no place or dateof birth was included in the transcription we found of this record.


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