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Wiley WALL2,3

about 18401 - Jan 18992

Life History

about 1840

Born in North Carolina.1

21st Nov 1861

Birth of daughter Martha Wiley WALL in North Carolina.4,2,1,5

about 1862

Birth of son Stephen L WALL

about 1863

Birth of son Will E WALL

30th May 1877

Death of Martha NOLASTNAME.2

Jan 1899


Other facts


Married Martha NOLASTNAME


  • The Wall family name also is recorded sometimes as Walls.  The familysources, complied by Harold Christian, reported the name of MattieWall Terry's father was probably Will Wall.

    In May 2007, my mother, Lou Gregory Jenkins, discovered some old notesshe had made from information given to her by my father's mother,Julia Virginia Terry Jenkins, giving more complete information.Grandmother Jennie gave mom the names of her mother's parents withdeath dates.

    The name of Mattie Wiley Wall's father, as given to us by her daughterJulia Virgina in a list of Terry family members, is Wiley Wall.  It ispossible Wiley was one of his names and Will or William another.Julia Virginia (Jennie), my grandmother, did not Wiley's birth date,only the death date.

    There is a listing in the 1860 census for Anson County, NorthCarolina, that could be our Wiley Wall.

    1860 Federal Census Slave Schedule, Anson, North Carolina, 2 August,Wadesboro District, page 71
    Wiley Wall  Total of 6 slaves, mixed gender

    For some reason I have never been able to find the primary 1960 censusrecords for Anson County, North Carolina to which this pagecorrelates, nor the 1870 or 1880 censuses.

    Some genealogies have combined two families in their endeavor to fillin missing information.  The include an 1880 census for a WilliamWiley Wall in Johnston County, North Carolina, with his wife Mary withtheir children.  Then they also attach Martha Wiley Wall as a child inthis family, thought no documentation has been found to support that.

    The Johnston County family lacks the younger sons Stephen and Will EWall, for whom we have family documentation.  And the mother's name isMary, not Martha, Wiley Wall's wife.  It appears that our Wiley Walllived in Anson County, North Carolina.  Documentation from familysources is spotty.

    The 1880 census reports for his daughter Mattie (Martha) tells us bothWiley and his wife were born in North Carolina.

    1880 Federal Census, McLennan County, Texas, No date, June 1880,District 117, page 16, Hse/Fam #159
    Terry, T D  W M 23 Farmer  b Georgia, no birth place given for parents
    Terry, M M [M W?]  [No relationship stated, Wife]  W F 20 NC NC NC

    Next door to them is a family named Wall.  This would be kinfolks ofMattie Wall Terry, but I cannot figure out exactly how they are kin.We think Mattie's father was born about 1840, while she was born in1861.  So this cannot be her brother.  Perhaps it is an uncle, ayounger brother of her father.  Having initials only in these entriesmakes it harder to discover their identities.  What were the censuspeople thinking!?

    1880 Federal Census, McLennan County, Texas, No date, June 1880,District 117, page 16, Hse/Fam #160
    Wall, E P   W M 30 Farmer  NC NC NC
    Wall, A E  W F 5 Wife AR AR --
    Wall, M P  W F 5 Dau  TX -- --
    Wall, S W  W F 4 Son  TX -- --
    Wall, M E  W F 2 Dau  TX -- --

    Julia Virgina Terry reported that her grandfather Wiley Wall died inJanuary 1899.  Unfortunatley she did not report the place of death.


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