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Winchester Daugherty COLBERT2,1,3,4

18101 - 18801

Life History


Born in Monroe County, Mississippi.1


Died in Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.1


Buried in Family homestead, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1

Other facts


Married Annica KEMP


  • Most genealogies have his name as Winchester Daugherty Colbert, butthe memorial on Find a Grave has reversed the name order.  Wikipediareports his name from Chickasaw Nation sources as simply Daugherty.Various records refer to him also as simply Daugherty or Dougherty.Annica's grave, however, styles here as "Annica Wife of W Colbert."  Ahistory, however, which reports he was adopted by Levi, refers toDaugherty (originally Darrity) as his first name (see below).  We aretold he adopted the name Winchester later in life.

    Note that Annica is reported here as the mother of Daugherty's sonGeorge.  Most, if not all, genealogies also report Annica Kemp as themother of all or most of his children, even though they also reportthat Annica and Daugherty did not marry until 1875.

    This, plus other anomalies, multiple mothers for the same children,and wild variations of birth and death dates for the same children,even in the multiple entries for the same children in the samegenealogy, along with the lack of sources and documentation, make ahuge number of the posted genealogies unreliable as witnesses we canuse here.  There is a smaller set of documented and well-presentedgenealogies.

    Analysis of the birth dates indicates that Annica was the last wifeand mother of none of Daugherty's children.  This is verified by thesmall set of carefully constructed genealogies that do report aconsistent and documented picture of Daugherty's family.

    Mississippi, Homestead and Cash Entry Patents, Pre-1908
    Dougherty Colbert
    Land Office: Pontotoc
    Document #619
    Issued 6 Oct 1840
    1598.88 Acres
    Chickasaw Treaty: October 20, 1832
    Land Description:
    1 CHICKASAW No 16S 5E 1; 2 CHICKASAW No 16S 5E 15; 3 W CHICKASAW No16S 5E 14

    U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Annica Kemp
    Spouse Name Winchester Colbert
    [no date in this compiled record, married in Chickasaw Nation, IndianTerritory]

    For more details on Daugherty's wives and children, see the followinglinks:

    Daugherty Winchester Colbert
    Birth 1810 Monroe County, Mississippi
    Death 1880 Atoka, Atoka County, Oklahoma
    [it was Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory at that time, Atoka Countywas not formed until 1907]
    Second Governor of the Chickasaw Nation. He is buried beside his wifeAnnica Kemp Colbert (____ - 1884)
    Children George Colbert (1857 - 1911)
    [George's mother was likely Silsey Ibbahfoquatubby1810 -, this birthand death date also differs from most sources, reporting 1836-1917]
    Burial Non-Cemetery Burial, Family homestead, Johnson Should beJohnston] Co., Oklahoma
    Created by MillieBelle Sep 20, 2008
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #29951336,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=29951336

    The area where Daugherty lived and was buried is now part of JohnstonCounty, Oklahoma, which is in the current Choctaw Nation.  TheChickasaws were originally part of the Choctaw Nation, and the areawas part of the Chickasaw settlement area. in Indian Territory.Johnston County was established in 1907 at the founding of the stateof Oklahoma, created from a merger of the Indian Territory with theOklahoma Territory and parts of Texas and other land.  The county wasnamed for Douglas H. Johnston, a governor of the Chickasaw Nation. Itseems odd that a former governor of the Chickasaw Nation was living inChoctaw Nation at the time of his death.

    Johnston County, Oklahoma
    Website:  www.johnstoncountyok.org

    Johnston County is a county located in the U.S. state of Oklahoma. Asof 2010, the population was 10,957. Its county seat is Tishomingo. Itwas established at statehood on November 16, 1907 and named forDouglas H. Johnston, a governor of the Chickasaw Nation.

    In 1820, the U.S. government granted the land now known as JohnstonCounty to the Choctaw tribe. Many of the Choctaws began moving to thenew land in Indian Territory in 1830. The rest followed the Chickasawtribe, who were closely related to the Choctaw , formally separatedfrom the Choctaw Nation in the late 1830s, relocating to the westernpart of the Choctaw Nation. The Chickasaw Nation named the town ofTishomingo as its capital and built a brick capitol building there in1856.

    Several educational institutions were established in the ChickasawNation before the Civil War. The Pleasant Grove Mission School and theChickasaw Academy were founded by the Methodist Episcopal Church in1844. The Presbyterians, in partnership with the Chickasaw Nation,opened the Wapanucka Female Manual Labour School in 1852.

    The Chickasaw government joined the Confederate States of Americaafter the outbreak of the Civil War. The Union army ordered its troopsto evacuate Fort Washita, Fort Cobb and Fort Arbuckle. WhenConfederate troops occupied the area, they used the stone building atWapanucka as a hospital and a prison.
    --  "Johnston County, Oklahoma," Wikipedia,https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnston_County,_Oklahoma

    The following collection of quotes from history sources provideimportant information for understanding Daughert's genetic and socialidentify.

    RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: FAMILY TIES
    accessed at Ancestry.com,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/7660732/person/5049511149/storyx/1?pg=32817&pgpl=pid&ftm=1

    Winchester's will was probated in Pontotoc Co., Chickasaw Nation, IT,17 F EB 1897.

    From Kerry Armstrong's site:
    "Daugherty (Winchester) Colbert although listed as a son of the largefamily of Levi Colbert, and although he was reared as a member of thatfamily, a verification impels the conclusion that he was not, in fact,a son of Levi Colbert. He is reputed to be the natural son of anitinerant, adventurous white man by the name of Darrity. His motherwas a Chickasaw woman. He was received by adoption in to the family ofLevi Colbert.

    "He was invested with the family name of Colbert, his own father'sname being employed as his first name. But Darrity Colbert soon becameDaugherty Colbert, occasioned not only by a similarity in the namesbut also probably influenced by the fact that a near relative of LeviColbert bore the name of Daugherty Colbert. The name WinchesterColbert was adopted by the young man some years later and so throughlife he sometimes was recognized as Daugherty Colbert and at othertimes as Winchester Colbert." (Memserve, John Bartlett, Chronicals ofOklahoma, "Governor Daugherty (Winchester) Colbert", vol.XVIII,p.348).

    Recent "Colbert" Scholars believe that he was the son of Samuel andNancy (Frazier) Colbert, (a younger son of James Logan Colbert), andupon Samuel's early death, he was adopted by Levi Colbert. (See,Martini "Chickasaw Empire").

    He removed to Indian Territory in 1837 and settled with his familynear where Canadian, Oklahoma is located today. The Colbert home wason the south side of the Canadian River near North Fork, a communityof the Creek Nation. Later in life he moved to Pontotoc Co., IndianTerritory. In August of 1858, he became the second Governor of theChickasaw Indian Nation. He was re-elected in August of 1862, andagain in August of 1864. He was the Chickasaw Governor during theperiod of the Civil War.

    Death: 1880 in Atoka, Atoka County, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory

    Name: Winchester (Daugherty) Colbert


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