John MULLINAX6,7,8,9,2,10,11,12,13,14,15,16

also known as Jonathon MULLINIX1

17374 - 18005

Life History

about 1735

Born in Virginia or Maryland

(less likely)


Born in Camden, York, South Carolina.1,2

(most likely)


Born in Rockingham County, North Carolina.4

(less likely)


Married Sarah DONNALLY in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.1,14


Birth of son John S MULLINAX in Spartanburg District, South Carolina.17


Birth of son William MULLINAX in York District, South Carolina.17


Birth of daughter Elizabeth MULLINAX in South Carolina.4,14


Birth of son Isaac MULLINAX in York District, South Carolina.4,18


Birth of daughter Sarah MULLINAX.14


Birth of son Thomas MULLINAX in Kings Creek, York, South Carolina.14


Birth of son Hezekiah R MULLINAX in Cravens, York, South Carolina.19,20,21,22,23


Birth of daughter Rachel MULLINAX.14


Resident in York, South Carolina.3


Died in Jumping Branch, Kings Creek, York, South Carolina.1,2

(most likely)

before 1810

Died in Cravens District, York County, South Carolina.5

(less likely)

Other facts


Birth of daughter Mary MULLINAX in South Carolina.17


  • One or more sources have confused one child from another family withthe family of Jonathan Mullinax and Sarah Donnally.  The childGreenberry Mullinax is the son of parents Jonathan Mullinix andSusannah Greenberry in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.  I am in theprocess of clarifying his family, hoping to find their connection tothis Mullinix/Mullinax line of our family.

    There are two different places given as birthplace for John Mullinax(b 1737), son of Jonathan Mullinax:  Camden, York, South Carolina, andRockingham County, North Carolina.  Dates also vary, with 1735 or 1737most common.  I have no way yet to determine the basis of thisdifference.  The source from also reports the death yearas 1810, rather than 1800, which I have allowed.  Other seeminglycredible sources with good details also support the Camden place ofbirth.

    I have followed a source that gives the year of death as 1800.  Somesources report John Mullinax dying in the 1870s.  Deed books show himstill conducting business in January 1799.  Note that the followingdeed is dated Oct 3, 1798, but witnessed January 1799.

    1793-1800   (Books 17, 18, 19) #999
    Oct. 3, 1798
    Book 19, p. 87.
    John Sloan (Spartanburg County, SC) to Henry Ettres (Lincoln County);for 50# sold 200 ac on a branch of Kings Creek near the "South" line;part of 400 ac granted to John Mullinax who sold to John West who soldto Dan Smith who sold to John Sloan. Signed John Sloan. Witness SamEspey & Elizabeth Espey. Wit. oath Jan 1799 by Sam Espey. Book 19, p.87.

    At the following URL, you can view the picturesquely named site ofJumping Branch on King's Creek:

    Following from George Moss, Ancestry World Tree, edited

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    John was born about 1735-1740 (Note: Camden, York County, Census,1790) and his wife Sarah was born about the same time. (York CountyCensus 1810).

    All indications are that John and his family migrated to NorthwesternSouth Carolina along the border with NC some time prior to 1769. Theyeither came via the Wilderness Road or on the Indian Trail near thecoast of Virginia & North Carolina.  (Note: A search of Savanah, GA &Charlestown, SC failed to show any Mullinaxes in that era. However,there were Mullinaxes at that time & before in PA, MD, VA, & NC.)

    On July 26, 1769, John bought around 200 acres for 10 pounds onJumping Branch on Kings Creek from Joseph Hardin. (Note: LincolnCounty Deeds Book 1, pp. 60-61. This land was described as about onemile above John Hardin & joined John McKilmorry's land.)  It waswitnessed by Peter Johnson & George Potts and sworn to in open courtbefore Ezekiel Polk, County Clerk.

    On July 22, 1773, John and wife Sarah Mullenaux conveyed 400 acres on"a branch of Kings Creek" to James Patterson for fifty pounds.

    Lincoln Co, NC, Deeds Book 2, p. 39-40.  In this deed, John & Sarahdescribed themselves as residing in Cravens Co, SC, and JamesPatterson is shown as being in Tryon County, NC.  This was the area ofdispute between North and South Carolina, and was finally surveyed andsettled in 1782.  Cravens County at the time embraced most of thenorthern half of South Carolina, including the areas in disputebetween NC & SC.   This area went from the Saluda River eastward tothe coast and included all of present day Spartanburg, Cherokee,Union, and York Counties, plus other counties.  Likewise, TryonCounty, NC claimed most of this area, and since Cravens County neverhad a courthouse, most of the records from this area of dispute arefound in North Carolina courthouses.

    Jumping Branch Creek's headwater is in Whittaker Mountain in SC. Theland is about two miles southwest of Antioch Baptist Church and Eastof Kings Creek in SC. However, because of the factors mentioned above,the deed was recorded in Lincoln County, NC. This error was a commonone, it seems.  Lincoln Co, NC was formed from Tryon County, NC.Tryon County was in turn formed from Mecklenburg County, NC in April1769. The border between NC & SC was not extended beyond the CatawbaRiver until June 4,1772. So NC & SC had been granting land in thissame area since 1752.

    The land sale was witnessed by Robert McAfee & John Logan and provedin July 1774 in open court by Ira Neil, County Clerk.  John was shownas signing his name, but Sarah made her mark.

    John Mullinax was found on the petit jury list for "New Acquisitions "in Camden District, SC, in 1778-1779.  (Note: "The Jury Lists of SouthCarolina, 1778-1779" compiled by Hendrix and Lindsey, p. 56. "NewAcquisitions" lay east of Broad River and south of NC near Kings what is now Cherokee County, SC.)

    On October 7, 1780, when the Battle of Kings Mountain was fought inthe Revolutionary War, Sarah & Thomas, her son, among others of thefamily, were living about two miles from Kings Mountain. John was notat home and his son Thomas accompanied a neighbor woman to themountains, where she found her dead Tory son. (Note: "Kings Mountainand its Heroes" by Lyman C. Draper, LLD, pp. 313-314.)

    According to the Camden (York) County census (p. 29), John was marriedand had four sons and four daughters. Two boys were over 16 and twowere under 16. (Note: This census does not give the ages of thefemales, it only divides the males as older or younger than 16.) Thustwo boys were born before 1770 and two after. Also there was anotherperson in the house, unidentified. Their son William and his wifeMartha lived with their own family next door (p. 30). Older son Johnhad moved to Pendleton District. Daughter Elizabeth may have movedthere with him.

    John and Sarah were not in York County for the 1800 census, but wereliving across the Broad River.  They were noted as being over 45 andliving alone. By the 1810 census, John was not listed (probably dead)but Sarah was the head of the household (age 45+).  She had with hertwo boys (16-26) and two girls (10-16).

    (Note: Why were Sarah and John alone in 1800, but then have Sarah witha house full of children in 1810?  Did a couple of daughters & spousesmove in?)  The younger children were probably her grandchildren.Hezekiah Mullinax, James and another John Mullinax were householdersnear by. (Note: York census film for 1810 shows Sarah in house 655/273and the others in houses 663/269, 659/271, 884/269, and 663/269respectively.)

    On Feb, 12, 1811, Sarah purchased 204 acres on Burrell's Branch (Note:Now called Mullinax Branch, says Ola Pruitt of Grover, NC, who playedthere as a youth), from her parents James and Martha Donnally, for 30pounds.  Note: James Donnally, in his July 10, 1818 will, left Sarah$2. If Sarah's husband John had still been alive at the time, herfather would probably have left him money also, since he left money toJames Kincaid, Sr, the husband of another daughter.  [Dates of birthand death are somewhat uncertain, but it is thought that John Mullinaxdied about 1800.]  This was recorded in York County Probate, case 17,file 699.  James Donnally was listed in Camden (York) District in1790, with three boys under 16, two daughters and one slave in thehouse.

    Sarah was living on the land at the time. (Note: York County Deeds,book G, p. 323. This land was originally granted to James Winn, saysthe description.  James Donale was granted 216 acres on Burrell's andPhillip's Branches of King's Creek by Gov. Charles Pinckney.  It wasbounded on the northeast and southeast by Winn's land.)

    It was witnessed by Robert Caldwell, William Caldwell and JamesMullenax. William swore to it before Jonathon Newman, Justice of thePeace, on June 8, 1811.

    This individual was found on GenCircles at:


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